A new (fake) mini game - killing bandits!

Well @BelethS are you full on this game or still part time at the other one?

Hard to kill a stealth hero before the bandits join the party unless he is p4 (very rare) and you get a megavore lucky kill for example. So how do you suggest we eliminate the hero exactly?


I think there should be a bonus like in Treasure Hunt. For every 20th troop you kill in the same match, you get an Orb of Power.

Since it obviously never happens, it won’t break the economy, so there’s no harm in it at all.


Not new, been around ages.




I forget how many there were, but this is the highest exp I’ve ever gotten from one battle.

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@Chuckles full time here, yes.

@Thevc Bulette is a way, 2 knocks and the hero is exposed in slot 1.
Lust teams is another way, let then kill themselves with charms.
Skeleton key teams are yet another way, 2 fires and is over.
Trickster teams are a way too, switching first and last hero, killing the new first, the next switch will bring hero first.
Speedkilling all 3 other troops, once there’s 3 bandits out, the hero loses its stealth, works too.

One I had this week.

I suppose it is 46 more souls than the normal 12. If it gives 3 souls per kill, then it’s about 15. There must be some unaccounted fractions adding cumulatively as otherwise it would be 57 souls for 15 extra kills.

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Skeleton key gold team is probably the best option but dragon eye is generally in p2 or p3 which means there’s a good chance you get bandits popping up (which is what this thread is trying to counter). The rest are random which may do the job. In my experience the best counter is a fast board control loop team with firepower. But I don’t have have that for daily wars teams in general. Esp the dreaded blue day lol.


16 bandits


@Thevc @BelethS Off-topic, but a looping team with Khorvash works (or anything with non-targeted stuns, I guess).

What do I win when the following happens in one match?

  • Lust transforms my troop (one cast)
  • Thief dodges my skulls that would of killed it (one chance, 2nd skull damage)
  • During a Doom skull storm 15 gems were taken off the board from explosions resulting in 1 Doom skull dropping in the cascade.
  • Bandit Spawned 6 times. (First troop was a fire Bomb)

Why even have percentages? Just replace all the text with “could”.

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  1. I had to kill 28 of those stupid bandits. I took a screenshot on my PS4 while still in the battle. I got 1 soul per kill in that battle and when I was about to win, I took the screenshot.

The screenshot showed I had earned 30 souls (and he had two guys left)

I didn’t take a shot of the victory screen (though I wish I did).

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Troops that stun are an effective but slow counter to this team composition. And Stealthy (on Thief) will make it harder to land the stun.

Easier thing to do is just use a very durable team so that the charms won’t be a problem. Dawnbringer barriers help. Aurora, Divinia, giant team with Hyndla/s, that sort of thing.

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Yes stun helps but stun only affects traits, not perks on the class tree such as bandit spawn and stealth. So basically there is no nailed on strategy for bandit counter other than looping board control with big firepower which doesnt target directly. Gards avatar, infernus are obvious candidates, and of course the mighty yao.

Stun affects talent trees. The devs ninja changed it sometime after class talents came out. After I pointed out to them that there wasn’t a counter to the talent trees originally.

By August or September, talent trees became able to be stunned.

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Also, with Lust, it appears that the 3rd traits multiply per ally death. So if you face double Lust, and you kill 2 opponents with say Infernus in one turn, it appears you could receive 4 charms against you. It is kind of insane for a passive trait.

I don’t have cold, hard data to talk about the feasibility of keeping a stun team around, and it made me think of something more interesting to me that isn’t new but isn’t in this thread yet.

Some people would like a game where they have to rotate between 5 or 6 PvP teams to get anything done. Other people would like to grind at PvP and win 90%-95% of their matches without adjustments. It’s possible to make a game that’s fun for either of these groups, but not both.

Most of GoW seems geared towards the “one team” people. The meta teams can win in 2-4 turns on average.

Backup and/or Lust is geared towards the “many teams” people. The teams that grind up everything else get gummed up by it. My suspicion is a stun team isn’t anywhere near as fast as the meta teams, but the stun team likely makes mincemeat of these opponents.

I’m more of the “one team” kind of person, I like to veg out to match-3 games. So I don’t like Backup/Lust and avoid those matches. But the people who don’t want to veg out aren’t “wrong”, and Backup/Lust are good for them.

Only the devs can say which game they want GoW to be, but I don’t think it can be both unless there are separate modes with different rules.

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Thanks for the heads up. Never noticed, probably because the description of stun next to a troop refers only to traits being affected; no reference to trees at all. The devs really need to

  1. make bigger efforts to announce game/troop changes. A repeated announcement in global perhaps.

  2. adjust troop/spell descriptions accordingly.

Constant changes due to complaints from unhappy players needs to stop. The knock on effect is that many of us dont even know what our troops do anymore. Thats absurd.

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Did you transform spam? :stuck_out_tongue:

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