The_ai is cheating!

I must say… I love GW but i would rather they discontinue it entirely and permanently than see the travesty of “suggestions” being called for…

Everyone wants more points for less achievement, do-overs, troop restrictions, and i dont even know what all…

Just ridiculous

I guess the Soft Club has a growing membership…


I know its not funny, but this still made me fall off the chair, thank you! :joy::rofl:

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Hey now!!! I’m not in that club, so its quite not “everyone”. I just posted what I thought would help in the thread, and will let the developers decide without personally arguing with other suggestions.


@strat i apologize brudda i wasnt talking about you in particular and tbh i didnt see a posy by you

Just a general statement

Edit: i just went looking for your post and i was wrong… I had seen it and i had givin it a like when i saw it earlier… I did so because it is one of the VERY few reasonable suggestions

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Sorry if I have a RL.
My point is that you are making fun of people who complain about the difficulty of GW. But obviously you don’t know what they and you are talking about.
It would be more interesting for everyone if you tried to understand before judging.
Especially since people are not just whining but trying to suggest constructive changes.


I see… So because im not in a top 10 guild i cant possibly know anything at all about difficult battles… Because i havent tested dozens of different mono color teams on 3 trophy pvp fights… Because i am a mere noob?

Also please Mr. Anonymous remind me what the reward is for 1st place in GW… Oh yeah 1500 gems… Thats is 15× the reward i get every week and i guarantee your GW battles arent 15× harder than mine.

Im judging ppl? How are you not judgimg me? Just because im not in the number 1 guild doesnt make you better than me.

Heh… I dont fight in bracket 1 so my opinions dont matter? Give me a break…

I guess i will go back to being a noob now and judging everyone since i am a loser with no life

Have a nice afternoon


Yeah, No worries. I could see how easy one or two posts would be to miss in the sea of bans, limits, lockdown, exclusive lists, only play things once, only this, not that. I wasn’t calling you out, just pointing out there are a few others not calling for Gems of Lockdown.

I hope the developers see people are just trying to encourage variety and balance the troops, Granted balancing troops with ban lists is an atrocious idea. And I hope Sirrian doesn’t just get a cliff notes book report but reads them as he has lots of game design sense and will easily see this.


Oh, you don’t like having the feeling to be looked down? So why are you doing it to others?
Sure your opinion matters, but it doesn’t matter more than the opinion of the people you are making fun of.
Your bracket will be difficult to some players. And compared to bracket 1, yes, it will just be vacations. We all have different experiences of the game. All the opinions are valids.
Some people like to have some challenge. Others just want a casual game. What matters is to have fun.
People who are not looking for the same things than you in the game don’t have less legitimacy.
You can say you disagree without making fun or despising people.

Ms Anonymous, if you don’t mind.


So you are saying that my opinion does matter but please dont voice it?

I just want a logical play my battles when i choose. All 30 on day 1 or all 30 on day 6. The current is just too restricting for people who have lives and dont eant to be harrassed by guildies cause they miss 1 day.
I would however like the defense to get pts if they use a that days color defense.


No. I am saying that your opinion matters just like everyone’s opinion. So please stop trying to prevent others from voicing it.

I have never told anyone to not voice their opinion and i’ll thank you to not accuse me of doing so

See here is a change i would support for sure!

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One of the best suggestions we had.

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Ya know what @Aelthwyn? I think i see your mind now… Because i am in a sub-top 100 guild i cant possibly know what i am talking about

Since you dont share my opinions and i have no problem voicing them and i am a bit confrontational while doing so that means i am trying to silence others

So since i am stupid and confrontational and i have no life then i should just shut up and go away

Sound about right?

But that wouod be a horrible way to approach it.
Im in a top 3 guild and a guild ranked 400.

The true problems persist and are the same for both imo.

You makes fun of others: you opened 2 different topics just for that, this one and this one.

It’s a question of how you answer to others. So yeah, you can open a topic to cry that nobody likes you on the forum but you’re the only one responsible for your acts (ie making fun of others). And if it’s your style, try to understand that not everyone share the same humour or appreciate your jokes/memes…


Who am i making fun of? It is called satire brudda

As for not everyone enjoying my humor/jokes/memes… I understand that and that is fine. I dont like sinfield. Its ok to enjoy different things.

Oh but one thing tho… I am not forcing ppl to read my posts or topics or look at my memes/gifs so i am confused as to why someone who doesnt like my style of humor would continually subject themselves to it… I dont watch sinfield to use my example from above. So if someone doesnt appreciate my comedy yet still seems to seek it out how is that my fault?

Or are you saying that because YOU dont enjoy my humor i should shut up and go away?


Of course @Aelthwyn would like your post…lol

So what have we learned today? In the opinion of @turintuor and @Aelthwyn i am an unfunny loser with no life and dumb as a brick. Furthermore i should stop posting on these forums unless i adjust my opinion to match the two of you because i am not in a top guild so i dont matter.


Does that about cover it? Or am i out of line for even expecting the privilege of a response from those who are so much better than me?

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You should stop acting like a victim as soon as someone makes a comment about your attitude on the forum. This someone surely did it so you could correct it.

Not in my dictionnary.
It’s a public forum so you cannot make fun freely like you want as it’s possible that someone can feel offense by your humour. “Your rights end where mine begin”.
I just remind that devs already told you that you want too far in your jokes (meme bombing at this time). And I also remind the community guidlines:

(believe me or not but some of your jokes are pure provocation)
… and also Lyya’s advice.

It’s not like most of your posts are liked by @Eika

Only us? Honestly, how many players already made comments about your attitude?