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The 4th Fantasy Series will be themed & TAKING APPLICATIONS!

The 4th Series will be the first themed Series. This is something we have discussed in the past. A themed Series differs in that there will be aspects and Guidelines in place that you will not find in Gems of War. They should make for some heightened excitement and present new challenges for the competitors!

Without giving away any details (I will release 2 previews), it will be called:

#Clone Wars: 4th in the Fantasy Series

I question if this has anything to due with the tavern brawl aptly named clone ball in hearthstone.

I never touched a thing related to WoW or Hearthstone.

HINT: There will be ways to draft Troops already chosen and ways to prevent Troops from being drafted

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Here’s a little news for the next Series:

Every competitor will have a single “DNA Token”. This can be used before, during or after YOUR pick.

A “DNA Token” allows a competitor to either “clone” a Troop (making another copy available to choose) or “destroy” a Troop (unchosen Troop, unavailable to be pick thereafter).

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I am now taking applications for the 4th Series.

Apply here in a response or PM me!


Will you be able to clone a troop as you choose it?
Essentially drafting 2 identical troops at once?

I can’t imagine the other drafters actually allowing a cloned troop to make it a whole round to get back to the cloner, if it’s not chosen by another drafter then it will deffinatly be destroyed, if you can’t draft 2 copies of the same troop at once I feel like everyone will use their token to simply “hate destory” other troops, I think we’ll see very littl cloning


I think I simply Misread, you can clone troops that have already been chosen can’t you, so you simply clone the troop you already have or from someone else

Sounds interesting. I’m in.

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Exactly, you would wait until your turn to clone a duplicate. However, a Token can be used to “wipe” the DNA of a Troop out, preventing any more copies to be made.

The rules aren’t fleshed out yet, I just gave a preview. I will be posting more in the coming days. There will be more new aspects than DNA Tokens, so stay tuned!

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I think I’m too new here, I have no idea what this is… LOL

It’s a game we play, based on Arena.

Everyone wins Arcane Traitstones :wink:

I’m familiar with fantasy football drafts and the alike, folks pick players, can trade players, etc… however, then when the real league is played, that’s how you know if your team is doing well or not, based on how the players do in the real league.

So I’m wondering, say you have 16 people here who ‘draft?’ cards from whatever pool that’s used… how do you resolve games to see what your particular card’s stats are for the fantasy league… or, am I not even in the ball park for how you resolve the battles and league progression?

Thanks for response in advance, sounds interesting though.

I’m keen for another series.

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@Tactica Check out any of the 3rd Fantasy Series threads to see how the public vote system allows for the games play out

@TaliaParks I am certainly interested in participating. Thanks

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@TaliaParks I am of course intrested in playing, I have the 2nd-5th off next month which give me plunty of time for the draft

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Okay, so battles are fought by public vote / poll of which would win? I’ll try to dig into those to get a feel for the process.

It sounds like the ‘draft’ is the longest part of the process then?

How long does it typically take you guys to draft if all done through forum or private message or whatever?

Let’s do this.
I’m In.


Mesh…spark…sizzle…sizzle…BOOM! (count me in!)


@TaliaParks - whats the time frame? (im tenatively interested)