The 3rd GoW Forum Fantasy Series: Rules, Information, and Draft Thread

These are the guidelines and some helpful links for participants of Series 3. This post was started so the information can be edited into the first post as well as have an easy to find public place. I will be making several edits to this post until it is complete.

Series 3 Draft Order Spreadsheet
This is the list of the current draft order along with picks already chosen.

New Kingdoms!
Series 3 introduces all the troops from 5 new kingdoms that haven’t been allowed before. The following links will let you see the troops from them so you can decide if they will work on your team. (Wild Plains is included here as well. Even though those troops were allowed, it still hasn’t been released on console so it’s included for completeness.)

Wild Plains
Drifting Sands
Blighted Lands
Glacial Peaks

Most of this is coming from the recruitment thread, but repeated here for clarity and ease of locating.

  1. The format for this series will be single elimination.

  2. Each person will have 16 points to spend on their troops. They must pick 4 troops.

  3. With the inclusion of Mythic Troops, the following costs are assigned per troop picked and what their max level will be:

6 - Mythic (Level 20)
5 - Legendary (Level 19)
4 - Epic (Level 18)
3 - Ultra Rare (Level 17)
2 - Rare (Level 16)
1 - Common (Level 15)

New to Series 3 is the ability to Ascend your troops at the time you pick them. The point cost will be based on the rarity you want. So if you want a Legendary Goblin, say just that and it will cost 5 points. An Ultra Rare Valkyrie? 3 points. That Mythic Rock Worm? 6 points.

You must specify the rarity of the troop when you pick the troop otherwise it will default to the base rarity for that troop. Please do not forget because once the pick is made, it cannot be changed.

Regardless of their level and rarity, all troops will still be fully traited.

Troops with summons will function like they do in the game, complete with traits and bonuses. So yes, Dokkalfar is useful and Infernal King can come back more than once.

  1. There will be no Banner round for this series. When you pick your last troop, include the banner / color scheme you want. There are no restrictions and multiple people can pick the same banner if they wish. Any banner can be used.

Example: Hag (Ultra Rare), Orc Banner (Red/Brown).

  1. Trades. Trades will be allowed. If your pick is coming up and you’re still trying to work on a deal, please let me (@Shiratori) know so everyone else won’t feel like anyone is stalling. All trades must be approved so again when a deal is complete, send me a message with the proposed deal.

Points are tradeable as long as your point total remains between 14-18 (this includes the spent value of any troops you picked along with unspent points you may still have.)

  1. Currently the Draft will begin Wed, June 1 once the draft thread goes live, hopefully around Noon Central Time, but while that’s the target, don’t hold it in stone. Real life after all tends to have a way of rearing its head at the most inconvenient of times.

The draft order is as follows for rounds 1 and 3. It is reversed for rounds 2 and 4.


After your pick, please tag the next person with the @ function so they know their pick is up.

Because only 15 people signed up at the time admissions were closed, I am entering as the 16th participant. However I have a few restrictions placed on me since I am running things this time around as well.

a) I have the last 4 picks in the draft (61-64). This is so I don’t interfere with the contestants and just have the leftovers.
b) I cannot be an active part of any trade.
c) If all 4 of these troops are available, my picks will default to @Machiknight’s Name a Team contest winner: Meet the In-laws (Orion, Cthyryzyx, Nobend Brothers, Hag) all at default levels. Why them? Why not.
d) I am the 16th Seed when seedings are determined.

Upon reviewing things, this covers the draft information as well, this thread will be used for the draft. Thanks and good luck all.

Wait, you’re playing too? How does that work? Aren’t you the deputy whatchacallit?

Long version will be in the rules listed above once I finish the edits.

Short version, I’m very nerfed and am only in it to have 16 people. You can check the spreadsheet to get an idea about how nerfed I’m talking about.

Apcolypse is going to be allowed? Wat will the mechanics behind him be?

how to play? I wan to join!!

Same as any other troop. 6 points to get him and he’s treated as a fully traited level 20.

At this point wait for the Series 4 announcement which should occur toward the end of June and you can get in then.

Apocalypse is listed, but not Glacial Peaks? how come?

Was in the middle of the edit. :wink:

Who the Heck is apocalypse?

Apocalypse is the Kingdom that War belongs to.

war lives in apocalypse

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thank you!

I thought seeing as we are 15 strong and you have to join to round it out to 16 let him join where your picks should be.

Because I had already made and posted the Draft order, no further changes could be allowed and still be fair to everyone else. Not to mention, as listed above, my picks are 61-64 which means anyone else taking this spot is in the worst spot possible.

So at this point, it was just better to suggest he sign up for the next one.

I somewhat disagree with that statement.

There are almost 200 troops in the game now, so even if 60 are taken, you should still be able to create plenty potentially strong builds. But you have an advantage that none of the other participants have - you can select all troops together, so they have the best synergy, while the rest have to choose each troop without knowing what they will have left in the next choice, so they may be stuck with troops that don’t work well together.

You have a point in that 4 in a row is strong, but I will also say that most of the truly synergistic (and useful) troops will all have been picked by that end point.

But 2 other things here too. 1) I outright stated what my team will be if all 4 survive and will likely just fill in a gap if 1 or 2 is picked prior so no I don’t really have any inherent advantage anymore. This was done deliberately especially since I’m just rounding out the participants. 2) I had posted in a couple of places trying to get things to 16 in the days prior along with needing to set a deadline so I could get everything going. I had 3 spots, 2 got filled. If someone had come along a little earlier or even today before I made the draft order then great. As it is, once that was posted, changing it at this point would have not been fair to the rest. You should have seen how happy @PowerPlay was.

So, yeah, executive call at this point. There will be one next month, and I hope @xuyuu89 will be a part of it. As for now, I just felt having an “easy” target was better than an outright bye.

I was not questioning you decision and authority, I merely pointed out that if someone was to replace you in the draft, they would actually have an unfair advantage, rather than a disadvantage as you stated.

Other than that, you seem to be handling things pretty well, and I tip my hat to you. :tophat:

Fair enough and my apologies on the misunderstanding and thanks. Keeping track of things isn’t as simple as it looks.

Why is the draft order done today and not tomorrow with the picks? Seems a bit early for drafting.