The 2nd GoW Forum Fantasy Series: Third Place Match


  • EVERYONE is welcome to vote, polls are located at the bottom of each matchup
  • Vote according to your own rules. Is it a best-of-whatever? Is it player vs. player or AI vs. AI? You choose, however always assume a fair fight
  • ALL Troops are fully-Traited, please keep this in mind
  • Each Troop is linked to @Lyya’s beautifully-created Troop List, which contains information like stats and traits
  • We are using base rarities and the maximum level of any Troop is of it’s base rarity (Legendary = 19, Epic = 18, Ultra Rare = 17, Rare = 16, Common = 15)

#THIRD PLACE MATCH: Bobomb vs. Studs

User: @Bobomb


Troops & Position:
Giant Spider
Green Seer
Boar Rider

Team Bonus:



User: @Studs


Troops & Position:
Bone Dragon

Team Bonus:

Lord of Bones: All Troops gain 2 Armor for having 2 unique Khetar Troops

  • Bobomb

  • Studs

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Poll will close Sunday, May 22nd at 1pm Central

First Place Match

My approach is pretty straightforward:

His team is entirely focused on dealing damage via feeding Boar Rider. Hydra is up front to absorb damage and gain Life from his Huge trait via the matches generated while trying to feed Boar Rider. The trade-off, however, is that Hydra’s offensive threat is pretty minimal since his team has no skull gen and all of the mana generation is focused on Purple/Green to feed Boar Rider whereas Hydra is Blue/Red. Hydra costs 17 to boot, so he’s going to be super slow to fill. And when he does get filled his damage is spread out across all of my troops, which means it doesn’t deal that much damage to any one troop and I can absorb many shots, if necessary. It’s also his only way to deal damage to my back line, which means my team is going to be incredibly safe. He’s got to get through Behemoth before he can do anything to my Bone Dragon, Wight, or Priestess.

My team counters Boar Rider with Behemoth. Behemoth is an incredible tank (his Immense trait is twice as good as Hydra’s Huge) and he’s in the front to absorb the blows from Boar Rider (who can only hit the first troop). Boar Rider does 9 damage (assuming he doesn’t get Cursed by Wight out of the gates and drop to 7) and Behemoth has 50+ HP, not including his Immense Trait or the +8 Armor and Barrier from Priestess. Between those three, Behemoth can basically tank Boar Rider shots indefinitely. With Hydra being of minimal threat, his offense stalls out.

Meanwhile, I have a triple-threat team on offense and you do not want to give it time. In addition to Behemoth’s tankiness and the support from Priestess, Behemoth also does 8 damage to all troops. Wight does 7 true damage to a single troop. Any combo of 3 shots between these two troops and his Boar Rider is dead since it only has 18 total HP. With it dead, there’s nothing to fear from his team since the Giant Spider and Green Seer do very little to support his Hydra (and to the extent he uses them to feed its Huge he’s creating gems that the Hydra can’t match). And that’s not even counting Bone Dragon, the deadliest member of my team! Bone Dragon is fed by Wight, and his Skull matching is ridiculous. Both it and Behemoth do 13-15 Attack, so in addition to my spell damage ruining his offense he also has to fear my basic attacks chewing through his team.

All in all, my Behemoth + Priestess stalls out his offense while Behemoth + Bone Dragon + Wight destroy his team.

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Gorgotha smash… the link to the other matchup…

Oh look, stealth fix.



I’ll provide a fuller explanation once I have a chance to get to a computer, but images speak louder than words. Here, Gorgotha is a better version of Behemoth (More of a tank and better gem generation), and you’ve got Bone Dragon - useless, since the whole team is entangled. They get their teeth smashed in because they’re just too slow. Same applies to my opponent’s team. Boar Rider does 11, Hydra smashes with skulls for 17 and after about 20 plays it’s still my turn. Meanwhile the Behemoth just stares in disbelief as the puny flies shred it to bits. Bone Dragon, same problem. My team charges up on Green and Purple in an infinite loop. If Hydra gets frozen, it changes nothing since I never go for Red/Green.


He’s right. I don’t. So I won’t. Since my opponent doesn’t get many plays, he doesn’t get any time. No charging up those huge beasties, and if he charges up the priestess he wastes a couple of valuable turns not doing damage, while I just pop the barrier with old Boar Rider or skulls and keep merrily spinning my endless combo until I smack him to death.

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There are so many things wrong with this argument…

First, you beat the AI of a team that’s vaguely similar to mine, and in game where you’re using Legendaries and not the appropriate rarities. Not sure I see how that proves your team would win in a heads-up competition.

Second, Gorgotha isn’t a better tank in this context since he’s a tank against skull attacks, not spells. Behemoth’s Immense make him far better in this context.

Third, Behemoth has Impervious, meaning he’s immune to all status effects. No entangled for you! He’s got 15 attack, potentially 17 with Priestess’s Blessed, and I’m free to use Bone Dragon to my heart’s content.

Fourth, assuming you ever kill Behemoth with your one-trick offense, there’s very little guarantee that Bone Dragon will be entangled. It hits a troop at random, and there’s a cumulative chance that it will be cleansed. If you get lucky and it hits Bone Dragon, I can just wait a turn or two then use his spell. In the mean time, I still have Wight to kill whichever troop I like and Priestess to keep Bone Dragon up and running.


I will say this: Your team works very well when we’re talking about an All Mythic or All Legendary team and the benefit of maxed out Kingdoms, but that isn’t the case here. It’s much slower and weaker when we’re talking about base rarities with no kingdom bonuses. My two tanky Legendaries supported by two utterly safe troops that feed and buff them are superior in the context of the fantasy series.

If I may –

Both teams are quite formidable. I would mention that @Bobomb’s team doesn’t lose any effectiveness at lower levels, merely efficiency. Mana costs don’t change, nor do the base properties of spells. Once the gem converters are charged up, it is quite feasible (and in fact quite easy, with a bit of planning) to never once relinquish control. It would be death by a thousand cuts, but the speed of victory isn’t an issue if the opposing team has no change to react.

@Studs would have to immediately take and keep control of the board to prevent @Bobomb from charging up.

Of course, this argument assumes that the AI isn’t playing both teams. The AI prioritizes skull hits over transformation to keep chains going, so that would undo any control strategy (and is why you never see control teams on defense).


His team’s effectiveness is impacted in the sense that the differences between rarities are clearer when you don’t have all-mythic and max-kingdom bonuses added in. Those bonuses add up making the differences pretty marginal. Without them, rarities matter a lot more given what big stat divides they create.

The most obvious example of this is his Boar Rider, which has total HP of 18 vs my two legendaries which have a base of 44/45 without any of the additional bonuses. As I said in my first post, Behemoth and Wight could eliminate his Boar Rider in 2-3 shots from either of them or a combo of both. And once it’s gone, his team goes with it.

I agree it depends on who you assume is playing. He’s certainly lost if it’s two AI opponents. I always assume it’s two relatively decent players though. That’s why I stress the fragility of his Boar Rider and my ability to isolate it. Yes, his team can chain like crazy, but he will come up for air sometimes, and it takes a bit for it to get going so our teams will be relatively equally filled early on. If he’s unlucky, I could literally kill his Boar Rider before his team ever gets rolling and he’s done at that point. On the other hand, my team is much less vulnerable since he has to take each of my troops in turn.

Here’s another way to think about: If you’re playing the odds, you’d much rather have the team that has no clear vulnerabilities versus one that has a very large and apparent fatal flaw. It seems very unlikely that he kills Behemoth and Bone Dragon, with their combined HP pool of 100+ (and Priestess to boot) in 9-11 damage increments, before I can fire off 2 spells to kill Boar Rider with its 18 HP. That Boar Rider is going down and his team falls apart without it.

Is he going to make a lot of matches? Yes. But not enough before that squishy Boar Rider dies.

I’m not sure I agree, though that comes down to opinion, so it’s hard to argue succinctly on this point. I will say that, of all chaining combos in the game right now, Giant Spider/Green Seer/Boar Rider comes the closest to never relinquishing control once it has it. If anything, @Bobomb should have picked a red/brown first troop, to get the ball rolling even faster. In my experience, the first troop is along for the ride, and if it can get out of the way immediately by not causing color overlap, so much the better.

But you’re also talking about board control in a human vs AI match-up, which are the ideal circumstances for maintaining board control since you know exactly how to manipulate the AI into perpetuating your control. Add to that the fact that the AI is less likely to deny you important matches or to see how to continue the board control itself. Board control undoubtedly would be more difficult in a human vs human match up, which hurts his team far more than mine.

It’s also really brutal for him if he ever misses a Purple chain since it fills my Behemoth and Bone Dragon. One Behemoth spell does as much damage as 3+ of Boar Rider’s. One Bone Dragon spell is likely to do as much as 5+ of Boar Rider’s.

It’s also worth mentioning that their base costs are relatively high. Green Seer is the cheapest on his team at 10, and my Wight is also 10. His other feeder, Giant Spider, is 13. Behemoth and Bone Dragon are only 14. Which all means that they could get filled for the first time all around the same time. And, again, it only takes 2 shots of Wight to kill Boar Rider. If I get off one Wight blast before his combo gets going, I just don’t see it being reasonable that he can deal 100+ damage before I can get off one more Wight or Behemoth shot, especially if they’re already partially filled.

I get that his team can combo like crazy, but it’s gonna take it a minute to get going, and his Boar Rider is likely to be half dead by the time it does. I just don’t see him finishing off Behemoth and Bone Dragon before I can get off one more shot at Boar Rider.

That’s the crux of it, and I suppose where the coin-toss comes into play. I agree he’s definitely in trouble if even one match goes astray, once the board is full of green/purple. It’s just a question of: “Would it go astray?”

As to the mana costs, in practice it doesn’t seem to be a problem. With a green/purple banner, plus a bunch of 5-gem matches, plus the Magic Link from the spider, there’s plenty of mana to go around.

Yeah, I think in a human vs AI match the answer is no. In human vs human the answer is yes.

When I play board control teams it’s never an unending cascade until I win. There’s always a turn or two where I relinquish control. I try to make it strategically knowing I’ll get it right back, but sometimes it’s b/c even a crazy number of gems spawned doesn’t result in the combo you need. And I only need one of those windows to kill his Boar Rider, then his team is done.

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I understand the sentiment, though as I stated above, this particular team is incredibly effective at not relinquishing the board (I was skeptical until I tried it). On the other hand, you’ve rightly pointed out that the window for mistakes or bad luck grows as the team takes longer to kill, and I can’t assert that it could loop forever.

I’m going to step out of the way and stop putting words in @Bobomb’s mouth, though. I actually wasn’t trying to be as biased as I turned out to be.

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You’re free to also talk about how wonderful my team is :grin:

It has a Bone Dragon? Fully traited, he’d better hope that none of his endless cascades triggers his Hydra to smack your face, or else it’ll freeze blue, which will wreck his loop.

One more thing here: Bone Dragon’s Frozen.

In a situation where I have problems isolating his Boar Rider and have to focus on his front line with Attacks it’s easy to see him killing my Behemoth, then me killing his Hydra, at which point he is crippled in a whole different way. Frozen would grind his team to a halt as much as killing the Boar Rider.

Just goes to further show how I have multiple plausible win conditions whereas he has one troop that he’s putting all his bets on.

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Things are explosive for studs as he handles the bomb but can his bones handle all this pressure from the fallout? Will this turn into a nuclear winter with the bone dragon or will things turn into a meltdown with @Bobomb only time can tell!!

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Wow, a lot has been said while I was away. Thanks @Lyya for your very accurate explanations based on your own experience. One minor thing, you mention that if Hydra smacks Bone Dragon, and Blue/Red get frozen, it’ll wreck the loop. But the loop runs on Green/Purple, so isn’t affected.

I’m a little tired of my opponents making false claims about how my combo works, while inflating their own team’s value. Things really come down to speed and consistency in this match-up, not size or strength. I’ll try to be as unbiased as I can, so here goes:


Every time I match 3 purple, I get 6 (2 from the banner, 1 from the Giant Spider). With mana surge, I get 9.

When @Studs matches 3 purple, brown or blue, he gets 4. With mana surge, he gets 7.

To get my combo rolling, I need to charge up the Green Seer. She needs 10 Purple or Yellow (I go for purple if possible, as it’s faster). Then I turn gems of one other colour Green, generally choosing a color that will give me a set of 4/5. Often this makes several sets and Giant Spider is ready to go. From that point, Giant Spider makes something Purple, creating a set of 5, and immediately charging up Green Seer with extra sets charging Boar Rider.

@Studs’s team needs 14 (Blue/Brown) for the Behemoth, 14 (Brown/Purple) for the Bone Dragon and - according to his ideal scenario - 10 (Red/Blue) for the Wight. This means he needs 38 gems to get going!

My team can only damage the first opponent. I can entangle random troops, so if Green Seer cast several times, his entire team will end up entangled (except the Behemoth).

His team cannot focus damage. The Behemoth hits everything for 11 or more, Bone Dragon can remove armor and use skulls to attack the first troop, and Wight can target but does only 7 true damage. Bone Dragon removes armor, but Wight doesn’t care anyways.

The Behemoth will not get much bigger except if the Bone Dragon uses its ability, the rest relying completely on luck to get a random set of 4/5. So it won’t get much extra life during the match. If the combo is working (ie. human player), the Hydra and Giant Spider will systematically gain life turn after turn. The opponent only gets to play if there are no more sets of 4/5 on the board, so it’s unlikely they’ll get one on their turn.

@Studs’s main strength is that his first two troops are beefy. His main weakness is that they’re slow, and even more slow because the Behemoth takes Brown before the Bone Dragon, so BD has to wait his turn.

AI vs AI:

The combo will probably not work, as it will come down to a variety of automatic choices like skulls first, random-seeming targets and so forth. In that case,

Good points: the Hydra’s attack (17) and spell will play a big part. The fact that every time the Green Seer uses her spell, one of the opponent’s troops gets entangled will definitely matter, but it’s random and the Behemoth is immune. The Giant Spider may actually need to spawn a Spider Swarm as extra defense. Mainly, it’ll mean the Boar Rider and the Hydra will both focus their attacks on the first opponent until it’s dead, and go one by one. The Priestess may target any of her team, offering no relevant protection to any one troop. The Wight may target any of my troops, so will be very slow at killing anything - though it’ll get stronger in the process. And the Bone Dragon, which will charge up but a bit slowly since the Behemoth gets Brown first. If the Behemoth and Bone Dragon die, there’s a very low chance the Wight and Priestess will be able to come back. While if only the Green Seer and Boar Rider are left, they’ll still be able to do significant damage.

Bad: No combo, only occasional use of Green Seer or Giant Spider with minimal advantage. Realistically, the AI does not know how to work a combo so the sheer toughness of his first two troops will probably outlast mine.

Human vs Human:

This is where the combo shines. It’s so fast @Studs won’t have time to fill Behemoth. He can’t fill his Wight on Blue as the Behemoth takes it first, so will have to use Red, for which he gets no bonuses. Without mana surges, the Wight takes 4 turns to fill up on Red. 2 turns slower than the Green Seer. The Behemoth takes 4 turns to fill up on Blue/Brown, and the Bone Dragon takes 4 turns to fill up on Purple. No matter what he does, he’s at least 2 turns behind at this stage.

Once the Green Seer is active, the combo can get started. At which point, @Studs’s defenses crumble. His Behemoth doesn’t get bigger. It doesn’t get any turns, and doesn’t get sets of 4/5. You can’t counter the combo while it’s active.

If it stalls - as @Lyya said, this almost never happens - it takes only 1-2 turns to reactivate. That’s far too little time for @Studs to kill either the Boar Rider or the Green Seer, since only his Wight can target them and it can’t attack and recharge that fast. Even if, by some terrible luck (or bad player planning, but I know how to play the combo) the combo stalls a second time, @Studs will have lost half his team, so won’t be able to recover.

It really comes down to your preference. If you like big beefy Legendaries, or want this to be AI vs AI, vote for @Studs. If you think you can outsmart the opponent and lock them out with this practically perfect combo, vote @Bobomb!

Either way, come and vote (and hopefully read this message :stuck_out_tongue:)