The 2nd GoW Forum Fantasy Series: First Place Match


  • EVERYONE is welcome to vote, polls are located at the bottom of each matchup
  • Vote according to your own rules. Is it a best-of-whatever? Is it player vs. player or AI vs. AI? You choose, however always assume a fair fight
  • ALL Troops are fully-Traited, please keep this in mind
  • Each Troop is linked to @Lyya’s beautifully-created Troop List, which contains information like stats and traits
  • We are using base rarities and the maximum level of any Troop is of it’s base rarity (Legendary = 19, Epic = 18, Ultra Rare = 17, Rare = 16, Common = 15)

#FIRST PLACE MATCH: Machiknight vs. DonBoba

User: @Machiknight


Troops & Position:
Deep Borer
Rock Worm

Team Bonus:

King of Stone: All Troops gain 6 Life and 4 Armor for having 4 unique Khaziel Troops


User: @DonBoba


Troops & Position:

Team Bonus:

Lord of Devas: All Troops gain 2 Armor for having 2 unique Whitehelm Troops

  • Machiknight

  • DonBoba

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Poll will close Sunday, May 22nd at 1pm Central

Third Place Match

Gorgotha smash!

'Nuff said.

Huh, why is Bobomb eternal loop team not in the final? :confused:

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Cause he was outvoted by 1 vote.

So let’s start as usually - positive/negative sides.
-celestasia = gorgotha
-other 3 troops in my team > other 3 troops in enemy team
-rock worm is a prime target, and it will take paladin 2 shots to take it down.
-except for weak rock worm opponent has no spell damage, and we all know what celestasia has to prevent skull damage :wink:
-rock worm is mana blocked. Not just blocked, but heavy mana blocked.
-being in no imminent danger my team has enough time to strike down any opponent troop as I see fit

How will things go down? I’ll focus on filling paladin, and no matter what opposite team fills (either gorgotha or deep borer) I will have 2 shots with paladin before he gets a chance to fire of worm. A chance he has is to not use gorgotha and try to overfill Brown to worm, but it’s still a long shot, and worm has a decent chance to set gems perfectly for celestasia to gain barrier. After paladin takes down worm (in 2 shots) I’ll focus on destroying emperina. Why? To get the match finished faster. Otherwise it doesn’t matter if he somehow manages to fill her too (despite her being completely blocked), and strengths gorgotha attack. Gorgotha might as well have 1000 attack, but barrier doesn’t reduce damage, it nullifies it. After striking down emperina 2 troops are remaining and opponent still has nothing except skull damaged that hit into a wall of celestasias barrier. Meanwhile runesmith will boost paladin making him even deadlier and stuff will just go fast towards opponents inevitable end.


That’s all that I will be debating, obligations won’t let me for more, so good luck to my opponent, congratulations on entering the finals.
Also thanks for everyone who voted so far and who will vote in this round, and the third place match.
It was a lovely experience and I suggest everyone to take part in series, you’ll see you won’t regret.
Also thanks to @TaliaParks for organising all of this.


I’m claiming grudge match!

Just because it works doesn’t mean it sells, especially when people vote on units without bothering to read :disappointed:


Try facing a Gorgotha team, then get back to me!

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I sense a Gorgotha Grudge Match in the works.

No debate love here unlike the other thread. Then again Don already had his say and he’s done and really, all @Machiknight has to say as a response is “Gorgotha Smash!” :wink:

I’m at my brothers wedding!

Priorities man. It’s not like you’re the one getting married plus it’s not like you’ll be sniffing first again.

But hey I’m a nice guy. I’ll do the debate for you.

Gorgotha Smash!

I’m done. Cheers to your brother.

I am at my dad’ funeral and i am playing gems and typing this while in the bathroom (terrible joke aside and i know it is mega morbid but i had 3 dads and one mother. you get used to the deaths)

Just to bump, we got buried down xD

Ok, wedding over!

My opponent would have you believe that my tan is inferior to his. My opponent would have you believe that celestasia is on the same level as Gorgotha. My opponent would have you believe lies!

Celestasias barrier is worthless when explosions cause it to pop.

The dragon promptly gets squished to skull damage.

Emperina buffs and heals everyone causing the spell damage by Paladin to be turned to the gentle caresses of a midnight lover.

Remember, vote for truth, vote for me!


glances at this thread
glances at the novel being written in the other thread

When’s the fist-fight?

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Well how much of a book do you need when all you have to say is “Gorgotha Smash!”

Gorgotha smash sucks try harder.

Looks at Gorgotha’s track record in the series.

I rest my case.