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The 2nd GoW Forum Fantasy Series - Stone Round: 4 vs 5


  • EVERYONE is welcome to vote, polls are located at the bottom of each matchup
  • Vote according to your own rules. Is it a best-of-whatever? Is it player vs. player or AI vs. AI? You choose, however always assume a fair fight
  • ALL Troops are fully-Traited, please keep this in mind
  • Each Troop is linked to @Lyya’s beautifully-created Troop List, which contains information like stats and traits
  • We are using base rarities and the maximum level of any Troop is of it’s base rarity (Legendary = 19, Epic = 18, Ultra Rare = 17, Rare = 16, Common = 15)

#STONE ROUND: DonBoba vs. Bobomb

User: @DonBoba


Troops & Position:

Team Bonus:

Lord of Devas: All Troops gain 2 Armor for having 2 unique Whitehelm Troops


User: @Bobomb


Troops & Position:
Giant Spider
Green Seer
Boar Rider

Team Bonus:


  • DonBoba

  • Bobomb

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3 VS 7

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Let the battle begin :slight_smile:
Hello eveyone, and thanks for the support you gave me so far, I won’t disappoint you :slight_smile:
So let’s point our first positive and negative sides:

  • Celestasia > Hydra. :wink:
  • Positive side of the enemy team is he can roll around giant spider/green seer. That deals 0 ( :scream: ) damage. And it may fill boar rider it may not.
  • Boar rider? 18 hp total ( :scream: ) Paladin deals 17 damage without any buffs. If celestasia blessed hits armored or magic paladin will 1 hit K.O :dizzy_face: little goblin.
  • I have excelent target damage, and will beat down his team from the bottom up.
  • After boar is meat his combo of spider and seer will be utterly useless since they deal no damage and hydra doesn’t use stuff they create.

How will things go down?
There’s 2 way it will go :arrow_lower_right: and in both cases I’ll win on the end. First scenario:
Blessed gives hp or attack. :frowning: Doesnt give armor/magic. My paladin will have to hit boar rider twice to kill. It will take some times to do it twice, and celestasia might die in the proces. But in the proces runesmith could fill and boost paladin making boar rider dead faster then the speed of dying goblin. He has no damage afterwards. Yeah hydra deals some small split damage. We will just ignore hydra and kill spider next. Why spider not seer? Some people don’t like spiders so just for that reason, it’s irrelevant other then that. He will keep trying doing something with hydra, but my guys regain armor, and runesmith is cheaper then hydra (a lot cheaper) so I will regain more then he can deal damage, even with his every gem match resulting in mana surge. Hydra will die last, and by that point my guys (and a female tree, sorry I forgot your gender rowanne) will have so much armor opponent would probably alt+F4 by that point.
Next scenario is even simpler. Blessed results in magic or armor. Boar rider dies after 1 cast. Rest of enemy team goes to boar rider funeral since they can’t win without him. Reasons why they can’t win posted above in scenario 1. Then I try reaching 1000 armor and hp on all troops to show the dominance, while opponent keeps creating green and purple he can’t use. If he dies in the process we will blame celestasia for taking the dropping 3 skull matches.

EDIT(Since you added those lame screenshots in edit): Wow we got a badass here he managed to win against AL team in a challenge match (and against a very bad al team). Congrats mate, you proved everything. How many times did you try to beat Al? :slight_smile:
Also your team in the screen shot has all the kingdoms and asscensiom. All of which you don’t have in this match.
EDIT2: bobomb keeps adding screen shots of a team that’s much, much stronger then his team in our match. Stop playing against al and stop using stronger team then yours in this match, you aren’t proving anything, just a lame way of manipulating perception. .


May the best team win!

Don’t get tricked by my opponent’s explanation. He’ll say anything to win. Dont take my word for how strong this combo is, just look around the forum. There is no way his team would manage to kill even one of my troops. We both have Blessed, so in all likelihood they cancel out. He may charge up the Paladin once (but probably not even, since he’ll get locked out of the game earlier) but not a second time. He claims: [quote=“DonBoba, post:2, topic:6954”]
But in the proces runesmith could fill and boost paladin

Runesmith doesn’t fill anything. He’s clearly confused about how his troops work. If, somehow, he manages to one-shot the Boar Rider (which he can’t in most scenarios because if my Blessed hits life or armor, it cancels out his) the Hydra will repeatedly bite everything to death with chained skulls that “accidentally” fall into place while I’m endlessly spinning the Green Seer/Giant Spider. There’s no escape. Look:

EDIT: I’ve been combing PVP trying to find any team like yours to fight against, but I can’t even find any Celestasias lately, let alone one with a Paladin or Rowanne on the same team. I did run into this team made up of Gloom Leaf, Carnex, Gorgotha and Behemoth on Warlord III. At least this clearly shows how crazy my team is!

Hydra (Level 10, without trait 3 here) gets smacked by Gloom Leaf on skulls. Ow.

Guess how many turns the opponent had to play in total? 4. For the whole game.

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Hello again GoW forum voters!

What would you say are the strongest troops in GoW? Gorgotha? Bone Dragon? With full traits? How about both on the same team?

Even on Warlord III, they have no chance against this team, even without full traits and with only a level 10 Hydra!

Today, we have team Arm-R Luv-Rs vs team Giant Hug!

I’ll be defending the power of the endless combo created by Giant Spider, Green Seer and Boar Rider. The biggest strength of this team is that it gets the combo lock going after just 2 turns without mana surges, and after only a single turn with a mana surge! By the time Celestasia has a chance to fill up, she’ll be entangled and unable to respond. After spinning a few times without letting the opponent come up for air, Boar Rider will have turned Celestasia into Celes-ta-ta. Without his mana generator and healer, my opponent would try to fill up his power hitters, Paladin and Rowanne, but since he’ll have at best one turn to play here and there, and since Rowanne can’t get any green until Paladin is full (4 turns off green matches), it’ll be a slow slog as he sees one troop after the next get picked off by Boar Rider. Meanwhile, any chained skull matches created by my unstoppable combo will have a rampaging Hydra chomping down on the Gemsmith, Paladin and the highly chew-toy-able Rowanne.

Here’s a Screenshot view of the combo against a Celestasia challenge on Warlord III. Video will follow if I manage to figure out how it works before my flight (EDIT: I did not figure out how to make a video of the game play on my phone, so it’s screen captures all the way!):

My opponent could, if he ever managed to charge up his troops, potentially fire off his Paladin for 17 damage to one of my troops, which wouldn’t kill a single one of my troops straight off. It’s extremely unlikely he’ll get a second shot without Celestasia, since my combo controls the board and turns it all into Green and Purple. As a result, he won’t have any Yellow, and Green means a slower charge for him.

Meanwhile, of course, Hydra will be getting Huger and Huger, while Giant Spider will be getting Bigger and Bigger too. If he could snipe my Green Seer, he could break the combo. But it would take at least three hits from a Paladin at full armour to take her down. That’s just not going to happen since he never gets a turn to play.

Incidentally, the Boar Rider is not necessary to the combo (all you need is the Giant Spider and the Green Seer). While you cycle endlessly, you’ll get plenty of sets of 4-5 skulls. The Hydra, with 17 attack, will eat the opponents super fast.

Example 3:




And then there were none (check our the life on the Hydra AFTER it was down to 10 earlier).

In case you’re not familiar with how this combo works, here’s a re-cap:

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Based on early voting, the battle may have already concluded. :stuck_out_tongue:

I look forward to the arguments here. :slight_smile:

It’s only 6-3 so far. Kinda hard to call it already.

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True. And it is biased even more by @DonBoba not having his novel published yet on why he thinks his team is better.


Well it’s 8-3 now. Ok call it! :wink:

P.S. @TaliaParks. The link is broken here to go to the other match.

Dont call nothing yet, last 2 opponents had stronger teams, this team ain’t even threatening.



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DonBoba, as has happened in the past, presents a strong-looking one-sided argument. Except for the fact that:

Celestasia deals 0 damage. Scary stuff. Hydra gets Huge every time the combo gets 4 or 5 gem sets. Which is about 50 times before DonBoba gets a single turn. Meaning an additional 100 life. Oh, and if Hydra actually gets damaged, its spell takes into account its modified maximum life, not its original. So if it has a maximum of 140 (thanks to all those Huges), and is back down to 40, oh look! One shot kill of whatever is left of the opponent’s team. Which has no armour left, but also no life left. Just death. And ignominy.

If it’s a-rolling, it’s a-crushing. Boar rider fills up over, and over, and over. And kills everything in its path without ever wasting a turn. Meanwhile, every time they’re rolling, Hydra’s getting Huger, Giant Spider’s getting Bigger.

We both have blessed. Pretty much cancels out. And paladin can only kill if he manages to fill up his spell. But that just doesn’t happen, since Celestasia tries to fill up, falls behind Green Seer, then dies and is fed to the Boar. Meanwhile, Paladin’s like “Dammit, when’s it gonna be MY turn?” And Green Seer winks and whispers “Never…” On the plus side, Celestasia steak is very light, and the Boar’s still hungry.

Actually only one of your troops does target damage. And it takes 4 turns to fill up on Green (and can’t fill up on Yellow since the board will be all Green/Purple). You may get to fire it off ONCE. Which, as you say, doesn’t kill diddly. Too bad you’ll never get a second shot!

Hahahahaha sure :slight_smile: In your dream what happend nexy? :sleeping:

Here its my time I get to thank you for creating greens and hellping me fill out my troops :slight_smile:[quote=“Bobomb, post:12, topic:6954”]
since the board will be all Green/Purple).

Like you said board will be filled with green, you conter your own words that I won’t fill him :slight_smile:
And he fills as fast as any of your troops, even faster with links and banner. He can fill in a single 5 match, 2 match of 3 if 1 match is surge. So stop saying stupid stuff like 4 matches without any surge i get 12 mana from 3 3 green match.

All of your points are based on you getting lucky and keeping your turn. Even if you are lucky you’ll get 4-5 combos at most, less if you are not lucky. So while you try to win this fight based on luck, i will win based on power the team has. And no, hydras damage won’t go above 25, I won’t touch her until she is the only one left screaming "surrender now, don’t watch me suffer :frowning:"
No one is playing hydra on defense team because it’s to simple to get around her, and using it invade you’ll need a team thats build around her. You build your team around boar rieder that has 18 total combined hp/armor. Yeah you but boar on the back, my paadin doesn’t care about. And while you can’t kill my paladin since you don’t have target damage, he can kill you.

To be honest in both your previous matches I voted for your opponent, since your team is the weakest of all the 16 teams drafted. Boar rider is a 1 hit wonder and when he is dead you wouldn’t be able beat 4 common team. I don’t know how you won those fights, you probably tried selling your fairy tale of never ending turn and it passes. But what’s the point of chaining a couple turns when they don’t fill anyone and deal no damage. .

Your problem is you can look but not touch :smile: I make Green, get sets of 4-5, and play again. And again. And again.

You have a blue/yellow banner. Does not help if you’re matching Green. Meanwhile, I get all the Green sets of 4-5, since I turn whatever Gem makes the match INTO Green. Nothing random here!

Oh, you want to compare with surges then? Ok. My Green Seer charges up in just one surge of purple, with extra going to the Boar Rider. The board gets so full of Green and Purple that when I make a set of 4-5, I get extra chains and everything’s suddenly full (infcluding, eventually, the Hydra). It’s not stupid, it just works. Go try it, you’ll love it.

Actually, you’re describing your own strategy. I get to pick what I turn Green/Purple. No luck there. If you ever manage to use Celestasia, you better pray the gems she creates give you another turn, because if you end up hitting your Paladin, you might just be giving me a whole lot of Green to trample you with. Same goes for Yellow, which still charges up my Green Seer.

Of course, in a magical place where he never has to get any gems, and can just look my way and I die. Not in this game, where he can’t do a thing without Celestasia feeding him gems AFTER she’s filled herself. You’re looking at a minimum 3 turns for old Celestasia (without surges), and only THEN can you start on Mr. Paladin. Sure, he doesn’t care Boar Rider is at the back. Too bad he doesn’t get an extra turn when he attacks. As it is, he’s slooooow.

Have you ever actually played this combo? You get a 4-5 combo off single troops like Celestasia, Webspinner or Rock Worm. Here, the combo, with the Boar Rider adjusting the board, lasts forever. It’s just slow killing the opponent. But you don’t get a turn for ages. Then, when you do, you get ONE turn before it’s off to combo lock country again.

Oh, I get it. You have no idea how this works. I didn’t have to sell it very hard in the previous match-ups. Read about it on the forum, or try it yourself. It’s sick, and works like clockwork. It’s no accident it’s ranked one of the top 3 teams in the game.

Celestasia turns into marshmallows, Rowanne into sticks and the Gemsmith makes a fire in the Paladin’s helmet and we all have delicious roasted Celestasial marshmallows!

The best thing about this combo is it works with ANY lead unit. You want more souls? Put a Valkyrie instead of the Hydra. You want maps? Swap Tyri in. It works on pretty much all difficulty levels, just try not to play on Warlord IV, or be prepared to spend 45 minutes whittling away the opponent’s team one sliver at a time.

I won’t even use her spell. I have nothing to defend from, and no need to heal my back troops, you can’t even approach them.

[quote=“Bobomb, post:16, topic:6954”]
again. And again. And again.
[/quote] and again you dream of what isn’t going to happen.

Don’t know if YOU actually tried your team in practice, i did and it doesn’t work as much as you keep claiming, even with those troop on mythic/legend and all kingdoms on 10. It doesn’t work. I tried every team to see how everyone drafted. Yours couldn’t win almost nothing, it’s main synergy (spider seer) does nothing.

[quote=“Bobomb, post:16, topic:6954”]
It’s no accident it’s ranked one of the top 3 teams in the game.
[/quote] Bottom 3 surely :slight_smile:

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Like I pointed out in scenario 1 you might get lucky and kill celestasia. Since I’m against your team that looks like it does, I don’t plan to fire off celestasia spell even once. But as far as your luck goes that’s it. No endless turn scenario, don’t be fullish, 4 peasent could kill 4 mythic troops with endless turns, but doesn’t matter how hard you want it. Endless turn won’t happen. You will be happy to combo 4-5 casts (like I said on top)

I have nothing of value to add to this debate, but the above made me giggle.