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The 2nd GoW Forum Fantasy Series - Stone Round: 3 vs 7


  • EVERYONE is welcome to vote, polls are located at the bottom of each matchup
  • Vote according to your own rules. Is it a best-of-whatever? Is it player vs. player or AI vs. AI? You choose, however always assume a fair fight
  • ALL Troops are fully-Traited, please keep this in mind
  • Each Troop is linked to @Lyya’s beautifully-created Troop List, which contains information like stats and traits
  • We are using base rarities and the maximum level of any Troop is of it’s base rarity (Legendary = 19, Epic = 18, Ultra Rare = 17, Rare = 16, Common = 15)

#STONE ROUND: Machiknight vs. Studs

User: @Machiknight


Troops & Position:
Deep Borer
Rock Worm

Team Bonus:

King of Stone: All Troops gain 6 Life and 4 Armor for having 4 unique Khaziel Troops


User: @Studs


Troops & Position:
Bone Dragon

Team Bonus:

Lord of Bones: All Troops gain 2 Armor for having 2 unique Khetar Troops

  • Machiknight

  • Studs

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4 VS 5

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TL;DR: My Offense + Defense > His Defense + Offense.

I know, he has Gorgotha and I have Bone Dragon… but this is the semi-finals so humor me and let’s look a little more closely:

First and most importantly, his team does tiny damage. He’s got Gorgotha’s basic attacks (with no skull generators) and Rock Worm’s 7 spell damage, with good Brown feeding. That’s it. How do I deal with that? My Bone Dragon + Behemoth. My Bone Dragon Freezes him when attacked, and his team is entirely dependent on making Brown matches. Which means if he ever attacks my Bone Dragon with his Gorgotha, his team becomes incredibly slow dealing very little damage very infrequently (since it affects Gorgotha, Rock Worm, & Emperina). His best bet is thus to keep his Gorgotha filled but not use its spell, not make skull matches, and then use Deep Borer + Rock Worm to create lots of Browns and chip away at me with Rock Worm. But I’ve got Behemoth in the back and Priestess (who is 100% safe) right behind it, so it’s going to take his single Rock Worm forever to take Behemoth down between its massive stats and Immense trait plus Priestess’ Armor and Barrier all versus his tiny damage. Literally one four gem match gives me almost as much life as RW does in damage, and Priestess gives more armor than RW does damage with a barrier to boot. It’s basically a stalemate in terms of my sustain vs his Rock Worm, and he has to devote all of his mana to the damage where as mine is relatively passive.

Which leads to the next critical piece: All that Brown he creates is incredibly useful to me. While he’s trying to chip away with Rock Worm his Browns are also filling both Bone Dragon and Behemoth. It’s unavoidable that some of those will benefit me. Yes, Bone Dragon won’t do a great deal of damage to Gorgotha, but he will steal all its Armor, and the Armor of all his troops, making them far less tanky and giving Bone Dragon a nice dose of extra Armor himself. So while Bone Dragon will only do a few damage at a time, it will start to add up. Then there’s Behemoth, which does very solid damage to all troops at once. One bad Deep Borer or Rock Worm spell on his part and I could fill BD & Behemoth in a single turn. Then there’s Wight stealing Life and creating Purples for Bone Dragon (which his team can’t use at all) to make Bone Dragon fill even faster and to dish out even more spell damage.

The combination of these two factors leads to what will be a losing scenario for him: I will both be slowly chipping away his Gorgotha while also hitting his back line with Behemoth and Wight. One Wight + Behemoth combo is almost enough to wipe out Rock Worm or Emperina after Bone Dragon has stolen their Armor. Any additional damage and they would fall. Deep Borer would fall with that combo alone. Yes, he has Emperina to heal, but this is going to lead to very difficult decisions for him. Gorgotha is being assaulted with Skulls from the front, all are taking damage from Behemoth, and then Wight is isolating Emperina/Rock Worm. He can’t heal all of them at once. And he needs Brown to do it, which means he has to keep Gorgotha and Rock Worm filled in order to fill Emperina. Which also means he only has Deep Borer to fill Emperina and thus if he’s healing he isn’t doing any damage whatsoever. His Emperina is actually of very limited use since it’s Brown blocked by two other troops and slows down his Rock Worm even more. It sounds scary on the surface, but actually slows down his slow team even more.

This is basically a war of attrition and the best defense is a good offense. He’s going to turtle up, absorb the onslaught, and try to slowly grind me down. Meanwhile I’m going to be lobbing shots at all angles. Eventually his defenses will crack and a shot will get past him. It’s easy to see how it will play out: He’ll use Emperina to heal a troop when it’s low, in turn exposing his Emperina or Rock Worm to being killed via a fortunate combo on my end. Sooner or later that critical heal won’t be here when he needs it and a troop will fall. Then another. Then another. Once his team is down to Gorgotha and Deep Borer it’s quite manageable. No spell damage, no ability to create skulls. It’s really just the Rock Worm and Emperina I have to worry about and I’ve got very good tools to get to them while being tanky enough to eliminate him before he can get past my troops.

All in all, I’m quite tanky while also doing great damage whereas he’s very tanky but has poor damage. Add to that the fact that his team is much easier to counter than mine: He has no tools to take out my Wight or Priestess and all those Browns he creates will be feeding my Bone Dragon and Behemoth while I wreck his back line.

I can’t vote here, like both of you guys the same :S

Like their team, not the person. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried but I can’t :frowning:

Both teams are very imposing. An arch-daemon with a dragon against a draco-lich with a side of walking crushing living mountain (aka Behemoth).

I see the argument made by @Studs, but why would Gorgotha never shoot off his spell? Wouldn’t that help fill up his team faster? And even if he got frozen by hitting BD with skulls, wouldn’t that still sting quite a lot? Plus, Emperina cleanses along with the healing and life+attack buff. So the frozen wouldn’t actually last too long, right?

Gorgotha wouldn’t shoot off his spell b/c he takes Browns from Rock Worm and Emperina, and a lot of em. They would fill slower as a result of him using Gorgotha since he isn’t good enough of a feeder to fill himself and then it spill over. In fact, he won’t even refill himself, much less Rock Worm or Emperina. So if he wants to do damage to me via spells, he can’t use Gorgotha. Machiknight even mentioned this himself in one of his previous strategy matches.

Similarly, Emperina is blocked by Gorgotha and Rock Worm on Browns, and by Deep Borer on Reds. Emperina will never get filled if he continuously uses Gorgotha. All the Browns go to Gorgotha, and what few Reds there are go to Deep Borer. There’s no way he fills Emperina to cleanse Gorgotha if he’s using Gorgotha.

That said, he definitely has the option of trying to blast me down with Gorgotha’s attacks. Yes, Emperina can cleanse in theory, but as stated above she’s really slow to fill as-is, and once Gorgotha is frozen she would be even slower to fill. Practically speak, there’s no way she cleanses him quickly. He also has no way to generate skulls, so Gorgotha’s attacks will be few and far between. Gorgotha hits for 13 (maybe less with Cursed), but Bone Dragon is going to have 49 base HP, maybe more with Blessed, plus whatever armor he steals, plus Priestess giving him 8 armor and Barrier. Realistically it’s going to take Gorgotha 7+ attacks to take down Bone Dragon, and the trade-off is that the attacks won’t happen that often and it will mean the rest of his team is pretty worthless due to the Frozen. As far as I can see, there’s very poor return for Gorgotha attacking.

Assuming Gorgotha does come after Bone Dragon anyway, I think it makes his situation even worse. It’s going to take him a long time to kill off Gorgotha while the rest of his team is pretty ineffective due to the Frozen. Meanwhile I’m still going to have Behemoth and Wight blasting his back line. I think it would be a really bad trade-off for him. He’d take down Bone Dragon eventually, but end up losing Emperina and Rock Worm in the process. Then I’ve still got Priestess, Wight, and Behemoth to his Gorgotha and Deep Borer. Which means it’s my team sending a ton of spell damage against his anti-skull damage team that does low damage. He’s basically of no threat, and his tankiness is irrelevant at that point. Deep Borer would fall very quickly, then I’d probably lose my Priestess. Then it would be a super-charged Wight (multiple +7 Life steals, plus multiple +4 Life from enemy deaths) and a Behemoth against his Gorgotha. No way he wins that.

Looks at tally so far.


Not even in it and still my fault. Oops.

Next time I’m on the pc I’ll come up with a better cheering section.

Yeah, there’s obviously a perception that Gorgotha is OP and can beat any team with Bone Dragon it. I think there’s a lot of people that see the first two troops and that’s all they need to lock in their vote, regardless.

I think there’s probably secondarily a lot of people that see the Rock Worm and remember them being strong early on, neglecting the fact that there’s only one of them and it’s blocked by Gorgotha.

Clearly an uphill battle to convince anyone otherwise. :disappointed:

Yeah, I’m feeling that in my own match-up.

Feeling what? O.o

If I spell it out, you’ll mis-quote me :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys, go fight in your own series, unless you have something nice to say about my team here :grin:

You have my word I won’t. I’m a honorable guy, won’t use dirty tricks to win, just a debate.

But but but :frowning:
He started it. And you 2 aren’t debating anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah guys, we’re just making this thread livelier! Ours is ready to a-splode.

Plus nuh-uh, I didn’t start anything :grin:


Hey, I was commiserating, not arguing.

NOW I’m arguing :laughing:

Ok, I will banish myself back to our own thread. You won’t read another peep out of me here. :innocent:

Again, you’re welcome to stick around and say nice things about my team all you’d like :wink:

Behemoth alone should truck those fools but also given the life boost from 1 Bone Dragon usage? You see how many 4-5 matches get made there. His life would skyrocket.

It’s not simply Bone Dragon v Gorgotha here.

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