Thanks, but... how does this help me?

I’m pretty sure what’s happening here is that your programmers put a function in that checks to see if a kingdom has ANY tasks that can be completed, and then it offers troops as a daily deal. Never mind that the deal literally does nothing to help me toward level 25. Let’s see… upgrade 34 troops? Can’t do that, there are only 33 troops released. It even says “Not achievable yet” for a reason. Then we have upgrade 10 troops to Elite Level Silver? Okay, that would involve medals, so not a problem of not having the troops… so why does this offer say “Help Ghulvania towards Power Level 25” when it in fact does not help me toward power level 25. If it wanted to help me, it should be trying to sell me medals.



Its the Elite Level Silver task that is generating this offer, same as pre 5.7, still broken in the same way.

The “more medals and deeds offers” from the patch notes are referencing the fact that if you don’t get a kingdom track offer in the middle slot, you will (almost?) always get a medals or deeds offer there. However, sometimes even if you still need kingdom track offers, you’ll just get random medals or deeds in the middle slot instead (its been observed at about 20-30% so far where you’ll just get random medal or deed offer instead of getting a kingdom helper, regardless of how progressed your account is, so people bottlenecked on pets now get fewer pets).

Every completely nonsense kingdom track offer (troops when you need medals, event key when you need deeds, ingots when you need scrolls or a weapon) that existed from pre 5.7 still exists now, you’ll simply see them slightly less because of the change made where everyone can randomly get a non-kingdom track offer in the middle slot. However, if you have no “eligible” kingdom track offers (including the errant ones like this), every middle slot offer (including, it looks like, any arena offer that would have been a middle slot offer) are still deeds or medals now rather than just “any random offer”. Thus, the offers are slightly less “purgatory” and slightly more “cursed” - because you now have this offer in your pool, you will get less medals or deeds offers.

I reported the off track offers day 1 after the patch, and errant troop/event key offers still being there was discovered within two days. There has, as of yet, not been any response from devs.


I agree. It is still broken. Medals are annoying, but troops? :woozy_face:

Hey, i buy them! :sunglasses:

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Documentation for anyone who wants further reading on the subject.

Personally, I don’t think this will actually be fixed unless everyone files a bug report for errant offers every time they receive one.

Not as spam, but literally as a bite-size, digestible bug to tackle.

They don’t seem able to fix the entire system when we collate all the issues, as the big swing-and-a-MISS! on the last patch demonstrates.

Maybe they don’t understand the actual underlaying issues? Or any one issue by itself — ie, they don’t get why people dislike these offers in particular, and just decided to give a different distribution of offers in general so we’d get the ones we “don’t like” less often and the ones we “want” more often (as if deeds/medals are inherently more desirable, all else being lesser in the abstract, despite the fact that anyone interested in progression actually cares the most about whatever their limiting reagents are — whatever can progress them).

But maybe if bug reports all explaining why “Kingdom Helper* The Task is stupid/unhelpful, they’d fix that single offer.

Maybe if people filed reports about “Help get x # of troops to y Elite Level,” they’d fix that one.

And so on and so forth :man_shrugging:

(Alternatively, this could just be depressing by flooding the forum with a half dozen bug reports a day that never get any dev attention :frowning:)


Until I see different, I’m not going to give them enough credit to suggest that something so straightforward and simple would actually work.

(Not saying it sounds like a plausible or a good idea … just that it wouldn’t work either!)

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When the 5.7 change to daily offers was first introduced in beta, I submitted feedback asking them to remove or rework the weapon and kingdom level personalized offers for this reason, but did not get a response.


Decided to spend 300,000 souls to avoid those deals. I hope the AI sees that I don’t have an issue with that task.

In my experience that does indeed stop the errant offers, so you’ll be good.

This is the reason why I think it is currently more in players’ interest to get 10 troops to Elite Silver in every kingdom rather than pursue the Geoff achievement — assuming 3 medals are used for achieving the Gold Elite rank, 100 Gold Elite troops = 300 medals = 100 additional Silver Elite troops instead, but the second path prevents bad daily deals in 3.33 kingdoms whereas the other only awards a bauble.