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Thank you for the Merchant's Blade

Thank you for the Glory Pack containing the Merchant’s Blade, much appreciated. I really wish we could have this for other event weapons too, possibly on a monthly base.


yeah thanks. I bought 6 of them for the arcanes lol

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I had merchant blade before it was in the shop, still bought around 20 so far.


I really disagree with this STRONGLY. What about the players that bought some weapons for actual real cash. Why not just ask for the full Dragon Armor pack for 500 Glory while your at it?

They should re-list the old weapons packs for players to purchase every week like they do on Console.

@Sirrian any word on changing real cash purchases (Weapons) and making things available for Glory in the future?

What about them? They made the choice to purchase the weapon because they wanted it at that point. Did they care that many people got it in the past for glory? If not, why would they care if people get it for glory at some point in the future?

Most things in the game that are obtainable for cash are (or were) also obtainable through other methods. If you think this is wrong, does it mean they should remove gems from guild tasks and kingdom tributes? or remove from chests any legendary that was available for cash? What about all the weapons that you can unlock with color masteries but were also available for cash, should they not be obtainable from masteries anymore?


you’re 100% spot-on…

I don’t disagree with @yonizaf in principle, but I doubt they’ll bring the weapons back for Glory. Every time the developers make obtainable via “free” methods something that is ever exclusively available for cash, they risk the confidence of future sales. “Should I buy this now, or just wait to see if Someday In The Future the item becomes available for free?” If I were the one with Death Knight Armor in my cash shop, that’s not an internal conversation I’d want people to be having.


I disagree with yonizaf on principle alone. All day every day. It works out 50% of the time 100% of the time.

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They’ve made literally everything else, save DeathKnight armor, available for free at some point or another.

Furthermore, most of the missing weapons were obtainable via Glory previously, not cash.

Ah, but they’ve never made anything that was cash-shop only at some point, not cash-shop only.

Other than Deathknight armor, what has been cash-shop only? Obviously, Deathknight armor is the outlier since it’s literally been available for months and there’s no plans to remove it. The principles of Deathknight armor don’t apply to the missing weapons, all of which were either available for Glory at some point or available for real $$$ for a limited window of time.

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The aforementioned weapons have been, and now there are cosmetics too.

The aforementioned weapons are not still available, so they’re obviously not of the same “type” as Deathknight armor or the cosmetics.

My point here is that if they want to treat the missing weapons like they do the cash-only items, fine, make them available for real $$$ and leave them in the store indefinitely, just like the other cash-only items.

But the developers have repeatedly said they WANT to offer them via events in the future and that’s why they haven’t done it yet.


You both have no idea what you’re talking about.

I win.

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I want more dead fish, Cat.


I’ll get you some for your Xmas present :smirk:


I had the weapon before it was in shop too. Just haven’t used it yet.
I’ve bought many packs also for Queen Mab.

Nope, i’m no longer amused in this place. I’m out of this dump!


Is that Toonces?