Terrible Gems Pickup Lines

Hey girl, are you a mana surge? Because I only have a 23% chance of getting you.


Hey pretty lady, are you a keeper of souls? Because I’d like to be upgraded into your world.

Hey boy, buy me 2000000 Diamonds and i might think about it.

You cant see my cards till you put 50 gold on it.

Hey Baby. … I’M in the VIP club

Hey boy, is life getting you down? Because I am the one who will protect and replenish your life.

  • Dryad

I hope you don’t have Agile cos I’ll take a True Shot at you.


If I complete your challenge, can I unlock your casket of souls?

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If you weren’t so Impervious to my Charm, I’ll make you Burn for me.


Don’t worry baby, I was sure to bring Barrier.


I don’t get the punchline for the second part. To be in synch with Keeper of Soul’s in-game dialog, a “better” terrible pickup line would be…

“Hey pretty lady, are you a Keeper of Souls? Because I’ve got a Minion here that would rise up for you!”

… Ok, yea, that was bad.


Hey, you’re in the @sirrian fan club too?

I really don’t know why they call you Ol’ Swamp-ass…

So where exactly is your Celestasia tattoo?

Hey babe, I’m the Imp of Luurve…

Someone needs a Cleanse…

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girl, you just transformed my board to red!

Dang baby, I’d love to match red with you til I explode!

Harsh @ctu1208. Maybe I should have tried better words but was going with the levelling up of troops with souls theme. I mean I’m no english teacher. But to be singled out and corrected and by my own guild leader. Harsh man. Harsh.

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Divine type in the streets, daemon type in the sheets…

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Daemon type in bed… you mean like Webspinner with all the green goo and toxins…? yeuch…

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Hey man, I don’t judge what people like…

True, sorry… I’m being prejudiced and chauvinistic… I’m sure there are loads of guys who’d find the whole spider daemon look, dripping poison and devouring human sacrifices a real turn-on…

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I’m… sure there are. I’m going to refrain from googling that. :no_mouth:

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