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Tell me the ai it's not rigged!

There’s no way in hell they didn’t touch the ai “luck” I swear… I had 3 more troops alive against the raid boss when he started geting cascade after each f*** turn! This thing got 4 extra turns at one point, not to mention the billion skulls always droping at the right spot. So not only you give him insane stats and 1 shot skill but he’s also verry “lucky” apparently. This is frustrating

It’s not rigged.


Verry funny…:expressionless:

The ai it’s not rigged

I doubt it, would be fair for them to just say that.

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The problem is that the events include enemies with 304903980490483 HP and 1 shot kill potential.

Unless the AI gets extra turn after extra turn, it is possible to get your own bs going and defeat them. In events, unless you chain every move and the AI gets 0, you will lose often because of the idiotic stat buffs the AI characters have.


Finally someone with some intelligence and no sarcastic reply, ok then apparently we need teams that can loop forever because the ai it’s fu up…

After waging this war (and losing) for at least a year. My advice is any time you feel like it’s “rigged” stop playing for a hour or two. After then the difficulty scale should be different and give you at least a chance to win.

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Idk man, when its not your fault and they have 6 times your stats and also seems to go i their favour is rough…

That’s intended by the devs.

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This is what I mean! Then you get sarcastic answers by people happy to remain in their ignorance.

Honestly it’s quite tiresome how many times in the past, and recently, we had to see and answer such claims. It requires a lot of goodwill to get out of your way and explain something that seems obvious to you, just imagine yourself doing that for at least a year and you’ll have an “Oh, now i understand the feeling!” moment.


Thank you for telling me that I am an idiot because I disagree with you.

Psst, no ablest language please.


Cognitive bias is a thing. It’s hard for anyone to make a counterclaim when all that is presented is anecdotal evidence. As usual, the burden of proof is on the claimant; especially so when you need to convince not the forumgoers but the developers, as our sympathy won’t change your luck, or perception thereof.


What I actually want is for the devs to give lower players a chance so they can help the guild they’re in and be part of the events. But when you not only have really strong monsters and they can easily 1 shot you even with a skull, not counting the skills they have, to maybe slow down a bit on this ridiculous ai. Might be fun for veterans but it’s frustraiting for all others. After you read half of your guild complaining how bull*** and frustraiting that is maybe we should improve.

Sadly, the reality is the devs are in the business of making money, not friends. They’ve already stated time and time again that the AI allegedly cheats in YOUR favor, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, but they’re never going to budge on their position, because making it easier for us would make it harder for them to actually sell us crap we don’t need.


Objective citation needed. The plural of “anecdote” is not “data.”


I guess…but at least don’t lie about it saying that they help the player is obviously not true

And this is why they will keep doing it because is something you can’t prove.

Not proveable, though reducible to absurdly low tolerances given enough evidence — but certainly a lot more effort than lighting some torches and shouldering a pitchfork.