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[Tech Issue - Solved] "Guild Activity" Broken

PC, Windows 10

When entering into Guild Activity on the Guild menu, the spinning coloured mana globes appear and it never completes. They go around spinning forever. I have to kill the game process to exit.

Started today, Monday 16th March. Is recreatable every time.

To make it happen, nothing complicated, just try to go into the Guild Activity information page.

Edit: I just noticed on my screen grab the actual activity does appear ghosted behind the foreground information. You can just about make out the text in the background just behind the guardian statue information. It never gets to the front, that just stays spinning on and on …


Also happens on iPad/iOS.


Does not work on Android as well.

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Same behavior, also iOS. Power cycling my connection often works to clear up stuck loading bars, but did not work for this.

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I second that: Guild Activity button is broken…
besides that GW Registration is also flipping around :grimacing:
and game is laggy as hell


:point_up_2: Exactly what is happening to me. All three points.

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Happening for me as well on PC

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android 9.0
exactly the same problem.

Also happening and asked in Keylimes discord atleast 2 other people it happens to as well. Have to close game and reopen (I’m on pc via steam) http://prntscr.com/rhblvx

I’m getting mixed signals. Broken on one iPad, not broken on the other.

Hey sorry, we had some game server issues last night which caused some requests to lag, it’s been fixed for some hours now, sorry I didn’t post here sooner.


Ty for fix, much appreciated! :+1: