[Fixed] Guild Activity Not working for my Guild

ERROR occurs on any device from ASUS computer (Windows 11) and iPhone

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I am the Guild Master and I cannot access the Guild Activity, Guild Admin, Guild Wars section. Other guild members have also reported the same issue. They are unable to access the Guild activity to contribute to tasks and claim their guild seals. Any time a Guild member tries to select the GUILD section an ERROR code comes up and the game is frozen and we have to force quit the game and come back into the game to continue. Each time the GUILD section is selected a new ERROR code is given and the game is frozen again and we have to force quit out.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This started happening this week around 4 days ago. It continues to happen every time Guild members try to access the Guild activity.

Steps to make it happen again
If I select anything in the GUILD section of the game to try to look at Guild Activity, Guild ADMIN, Guild WARS, etc. the error comes up. Each time the error code is different.

Could you please help us with this bug?

You should file a support ticket by following the link below.
Good luck getting the issue solved!


Hello Dust_Angel, I did file a support ticket a few days back.

I also put a BUG Report here as well, just in case there are others that might be having a similar issue.
Thanks : )

Hey, sorry about this. I let the team know first thing this morning.
I will update you once we have more news.

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Any other Guilds having this issue? I hope it is resolved soon.

This should be fixed as of last night

Thank you Kafka, it is working now. Appreciate all the help you gave us. : )

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