Team Score lowered

My Team Score has diminished by around 1000 points and I cannot find the reason. All troops are at max level and everything is like it was yesterday.
Also Spirit Staff damage has been reduced from 12 to 10 but I cannot find it in the Patch Notes? What am I missing?

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Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I’ve read that but apparently didn’t understand. I’m new to the game and have just joined a guild a week ago or so.

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No worries! There’s a lot to learn. Does it all make sense now?

  • Completing a guild task gives a stat bonus to the guild for 7 days (usually).

  • Last week, the new patch was released which had some new guild tasks in it.

  • As it says above, the new tasks were marked as completed last week for all guilds, so everyone in a guild received a little automatic stat boost.

  • This week, those tasks (and their associated stat boosts) have been reset.


Thank you so much! You’re a life saver <3

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