Taxaholic: Rank 245 - GW Tier 12 - 20K Seals - Currently Full

Good Day Fine People of GoW Community.

Taxaholic has 1-2 open slots currently recruiting.


20K Seals minimum weekly

All Tasks completed to minimum of 6/12. Most weeks
at least two are 11/12 or 12/12

Active yet friendly/casual environment: Laid Back Atmosphere with active guild chatter and a GM who communicates regularly

Guild Rank 245 and Climbing

Master V +280% Daily Gold Bonus

Competitive Guild Wars - Holding in Tier 12 currently (Rank 100-199 in GW Reward Tier) with 3-4 War wins per week.


Must be at least LVL 100

5/5 Guild Wars Battles on time Daily. If you will be away or cannot for some IRL reason notify us in Chat. As long as absence or inactivity are communicated they will be non issue.

No Gold Req. We want you to get all your kingdoms to 10 before you start donating gold. Gold Donations are typically a non issue, just no goose eggs once your kingdoms are max

No Minimum Seal Req. We have not had any issues with breaking 20K consistently, however Seal Minimums “may” be explored in the future. We always have a set handful hitting 1500 regularly, with another grouping of 750+. Typically lowest contribution is 250. You will hit over 200 just by daily login and 5 GW battles win or lose.

You can message me here or look for Berothius or Papa in game

Update to open slots