Looking for a casual, active guild

Hi - I’m looking for a causal, active guild. The guild I was in kind of fizzled out and I would like to find an active one.

I’m level 403, I play almost every day on PC/Steam and I donate all of my gold I earn during the week to guild tasks (weekends are for my kingdoms :slight_smile:) For example, this week, I’ve donated 215k to guild tasks. Typically it was around 150k, but with the 4x speed, well, I can get more done!

My invite code is LANNY_9

Thank you.

Lanny, would you be able to consistently do your 5 Guild Wars battles ever day? That is our only req, and as long as you communicate any absence in chat everything else is gravy. I We do 20K seals weekly and have no gold req

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Hi Berothius -

I can’t guarantee GW every day due to my work schedule (that’s why I say I play almost every day). I understand your requirement and I may not be a good fit.

Thank you though!

No Problem Lanny, let me know if you change your mind, our GM and guild is understanding of not being able to do the 5 matches daily due to IRL, as long as its communicated in chat and not a regular miss week after week :smiley:

Below is link to the recruitment post, currently only have 1 slot, again just PM me or look for me and papa in game if you change your mind

I joined a guild. Thanks for all the responses!