Tastes like Chicken

Originally published at: Tastes like Chicken – Gems of War
It’s a double course on the menu!

New Troop: Dragon Cruncher

We ALL know that Ogres like to eat things, so there’s no surprises what Dragon Cruncher’s favorite meal is. He is the Gordon Ramsay of Draconic Dinners, the Jamie Oliver of Lizardly Lunches, and the Ronald McDonald of Drake-away food.

Now, you might say that there aren’t any Dragons IN the Drifting Sands, and you’d be right! But there used to be a lot before Dragon Cruncher got there. So now he’s looking for a new dragon-infested home, and maybe YOU can help him find it.

New Troop: Mad Prophet

The Mad Prophets are holy men who have wandered into the Drifting Sands from the Leonis Empire, seeking inspiration and guidance from their god, Anu. It’s uncertain if any of them ever find it there, but they certainly DO manage to find madness, thirst, blisters, and a lot of hungry monsters who like snacking on crazy old holy men.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Glad to see it’s another double troop week, if only the first guy had empowered like gobchomper :stuck_out_tongue:

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so looks like we are getting red/green arcane here

40% is a real killer 4 dragons


I still have some leftover from Marilith. OK by ‘some’ I mean ‘a lot’.

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so dump your glory right now, or save it for another week? UR troop will be a week from now, so only 1 arcane per 300 glory

Next week’s troops will conveniently be Famine-colored. (For those who care…)

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But not Epic :sob:

Though I’m guessing we get Arcane Death’s from Mad Prophet’s pack? (at 300 glory each)

Seeing mad prophet is a common, is it safe to bet we will get 3 of him like the last common? Also going to need a list of mono purple troops asap.

There is one.
DEATH - Purple(4) - Karakoth
Skeleton 1
Quasit 1
Thrall 1
Zombie 1

Compliments of @Eika


So i need to throw, 1800 glory down for this event as well as more for the hero classes. How many do i need for each hero class?

16 mono colored…i believe

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For the Sorcerer’s class I believe it took 18 Death stones, but that classes third trait is awesome if ya like to use purple mana weapons :slight_smile:

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Cool, i am only going to buy 1 dragon cruncher for his stone and i need to get those death stones so badly.

Or: Troops - Gems of War Database

Or: Troop Table - Gems of War Database

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It is a short list.

Sorry @Lyya :frowning: I completely forgot about your lists. I will bookmark them now for future use.


It’s all good! @Eika’s is easier to remember and more convenient; my site is only useful if you want more details.


:newspaper: Now for the main course of crazy, it’s the Weekly Feedback Report! :gem::gem::gem:

There’s trouble cooking up in the Drifting Sands, a master tenderizer if winged-lizard meat, a true connoisseur of the scaly fire-breathers. Drag-Chomp- err… I mean Dragon Cruncher!

Not exactly new to the table of spells, this Giant ogre’s favorite flavor is the taste of Dragon’s, as is reflected in both Spell and Traits, he also isn’t too fond of Elementals. He’s got an immunity to whatever dirty tricks said reptiles may pull thanks to Impervious! Never know what those things will breath, never peppermint I can tell you that much.

And what’s a desert without a couple of delusional madmen? Introducing the Mad Prophet!

He needs an insane amount of Mana for a common, how fitting! His one time effect gives all allies 3+ halved Mana and a crazy amount of 5 Magic, absolutely absurd! Trait wise he’s nothing too spectacular, but he’s got other charming quirks, like his paired Arcane Traitstone!

This week’s Traitstones drifting in are Arcane Beast and Arcane Death! Tack on more skull damage to the powerful Marilith. Or channel the darkness faster with the Sorcerer Class! We all know the inevitable Purple Imp will make it’s way onto the scene eventually, what better way to prep for the occasion?

:newspaper: Not impressed? You will be! Soon, very soon indeed. - *Maniacal Laughter* :sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

#Match you next time!
Patched Feedback Report, later this week!