Tasks stuck on Buy from Shop?

Anyone else having the problem where they keep getting a the “make a purchase with gems” task? I’ve gotten it 5 times in a row post patch. I know occasionally you get the same task back to back, but 5 times in a row seems a bit much to not be a bug.

Sometimes Tasks rotate to themselves over and over.

Buy a Gem Key, costs 10 Gems, you get 5 back.

Yeah, I guess I just needed a break. I waited til the next day to try the task again and it changed. Just never got the same task like 5 times in a row.

Not true! You actually get 10 gems for using a gem key so if you keep getting that task over and over, infinite gem keys!

Well, you’ll break even. Won’t be infinite since a gem key costs 10 gems.

I can’t remember which is which off the top of my head, but there is a “Make a purchase with gems” task and a “Use a gem key” task. One rewards 10 gems, the other rewards 5 gems.

Sometimes you get make gem purchase followed by use gem key. Then you get 15 gems back for spending 10.
But yeah, a bunch of gem purchase ones is great because it is a free gem key.