Sycoorax second trait..impervious

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**Describe your issue:**During last guildwars it was noticed by myself and my guildmates that second trait on Sycorax seemed not to be working…Troop was continuously frozen or entangled…isnt this troop impervious…never had this issue with troop before

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was not cursed

Then you might try to provide more background information - what were the enemy teams? What were your teams that got affected (though, this one shouldn’t matter)?

Recreate them yourselves and see what happens, others could recreate them as well and also see what happens.

Definitely was cursed lol. :smile:

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Oh, you might have to unlock the 2nd trait aswell.

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Trait is unlocked,been at this game for years,have everything…Sycorax is impervious says its immune to all status effects as is zuul but can be cursed…leonis tower and kuranda also immune to all status effects as well but cannot…one says impervious other is invunerable but both say immune to all status effects…guess i didnt read between invisable lines lol…live and learn i guess

Would be easy for them to add ‘except Curse’ to the Impervious trait text :bulb:

Invulnerable troops (all six Dooms, Leonis Tower, Enraged Kurandara) are immune to Curse (and Lethal Damage). Impervious troops are not immune to Curse.

The definitions can be worded better, but the rule has been rather consistent since Invulernable has been implemented.

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Also: If you read the attached text for “Curse” in-game – something that you can reference from any troop that has Curse in their spell or as part of their Traits (such as Kurandara) – there’s an explicit statement in there that it can apply to Impervious troops. Among all the other verbiage as to what Cursed does.

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It was definitely cursed.