Switch player wishes

some ideas I wish would be implemented
ability to turn off weapon upgrades from maxed out weapons like selecting talents for classes have the ability to make it on or off the upgrade

new classes which use troops that don’t have classes like warfare, apoc, Imps.

classes with stone and fire tree and Shadow tree
classes that implement curse and bless and reflect
a class with fire tree and water tree and shadow tree?
there is no purple class w banishment…you got Knight for blue, sentinel for brown, warden for green, dragon guard for red, runepreist and mechanistic are brown pretty much. priest should have banishment for yellow or warpreist… purple banishment for diabloist or doomsayer?

pvp rewards like chaos orb since not many care to play it these days for any competition. f

revamp dungeon to allow weapon mode or non weapon mode and hero classes or even a fully traited troop variant

make treasure mode have better rewards

have the Devs remove inactive guilds full of players with zzzz… 30/30 that no one can take over or disband

revamp classes that are pretty much useless and give them better trees. warlord Knight oracle as prime examples. again warlord could use stone tree and fire tree to make it more useful. oracle could use nature tree so troops can use hunters mark and entangle. Knight maybe add shadow tree since many troops are also undead?

or at least make new troops or weapons that would make these classes USEFULL outside of just forced world events.

stop cramping 3 guild events in one week… it stresses out players and they give up playing…
ie tower of doom and guild wars same week then raid…

update the switch to current Gen updates…
make a deal with Nintendo to allow a big update like other games and get this done some day?

as a switch player who’s been playing since launch the player base has died off drastically and everyone has fled to other systems because of the updates…

also the ai needs fixed for troops like sycorax and grey king controlled by CPU. make sycorax pick the highest colour that is common on the teammates of the CPU or highest gem colour on the board. grey king should pick the gem that has the most enemy common mama colour not any random gem colour that no one uses.

just programming tweaks…
you have a great game here which everyone loves to play… make it better for us and the ones who spend or have spent hundreds of dollars into it and care to see it grow.

thank you for everything you have done Devs and I wish these things would be taken into consideration

also ps: would love to have a coffee emoji!
thank you

(long time switch gems of war vet)


forgot to add a few more things that would be good…
vault troops available in the forge per season so we can craft them
some kinda use for mythic ingots to craft since all mythic weapons are maxed and they are kinda useless… craft them into chaos shards or Scrolls or chaos runes? something at least…

5 mythic rotation and 5 legendary which includes one vault troop?
or put vault troops in seal chests or legendary tasks?


The next new Kingdom (after Hellcrag) will be called “Vulpacea” and is expected to heavily feature Wargare Troops and/or include a Wargare-typed Hero Class.

Almost certainly not happening due to active Campaigns, sorry. Especially when a Campaign does something significant like debut a new Kingdom.

(edit) Certain content IS synced between Switch and other platforms, like the 6.2 update (Hoard Mimic) and special holiday events (Kris Krinkle).

There’s also the fringe benefit that sometimes content that launched bugged on PC debuts fixed on Switch (e.g. Burning Ocularen released as – IIRC – Yellow/Brown making it incompatible with its own Faction, but launched on Switch with the fixed colors, Green/Yellow).

Maybe you’ve noticed how the cpu occasionally misses matching 4 or more gems? I suspect this was a change to the AI some time ago. Agreed that certain troops (e.g. Aziris) are almost completely useless in the hands of a cpu because of how much their utility depends on board layout, but I don’t see a need to fix this. For example, when running Clockwork Sphinx (which I do like 80% of the time) I don’t always pick an ideal Mana Color for my team – sometimes I’ll pick an off color when it will yield a match of 4 or more Gems, or simply to deny the cpu access to that color for a turn.

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also this should be implimented
That’s one of the things I wish you could lock in per team so that you don’t have to remember to switch things up everyday if you’re using the same class. Same with medals

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