[Switch] No Mana No Cry are recruiting. Space for 3 players

I’m looking for some active players after cutting some who weren’t playing today - I have set reqs within the guild, but they are not strict, in terms of mandatory reqs I only ask that all free sigils are used in events as a minimum, plus participating in Guild Wars, we’re currently in B3 (after I had some who didn’t do their B1 fights) but were top by a distance last time, so I’m looking to push on in anticipation of being in with the real big boys next time.
Quite a few of you may remember me as I used to be very active on here, I’m still playing on PS4 (just not hardcore anymore) so I do have a pretty extensive knowledge of the game.
So if you want a guild that helps you grow & doesn’t set silly reqs please reply here, PM me (or message me on PSN if you play on PS4) - I have the guild set at invite only but I can bypass the joining reqs for the right people :+1:t2:
I have a discord channel set up too which is starting to get more members & it would be good to have some more join…

We really should put our actives together in one guild - being invincible then! :smiley:
See this as a ping to my guildmaster who reads the forums, too. I have no idea how to manage this and if it’s an option or not.

It’s been done before, usually the highest ranking guild takes the others on

We’re 62 - you’re 64. :yum:
As I said: I don’t even know if it’s an option for us. We have to think / talk about it. It’s nothing that will happen today or so. But we might keep this in mind.

No worries :+1:t2:

I’m interested if you still have room. Still working on leveling all level 10 kingdoms but I can hit max seals, participate in events, and can hit any PVP req’s. Looking for a guild that will also do some event work.

You’re more than welcome, just send me your invite code & I’ll get you straight in :+1:t2:

Bumping, active loyal players welcome :grin:

Hi Casper.

Discovered GOW when it came out on the Switch.

Currently at level 280, lvl 10 kingdoms halfway done.
My 1-man guild (me) can hit the weekly 1500 seals target, but cannot go beyond. Not fun.
Therefore I’d like to step up my guild activities.

Please invite me to your guild, if you think i can fit in.

Many thanks,

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Sent you a pm, I’m sure you’ll fit right in :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your quick (and positive🙂) response.


And my guild has been disbanded.

BR, Peter

Just logging in, invite incoming

Nice to be part of a real guild !

Thank you.

BR, Peter

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Bumping again, still spaces available - nice & easy reqs that grow with the guild, you only need to be active & do your best in gw :+1:t2:

Another bump to the thread - looks like I’ll be letting a couple go tomorrow so there will be spaces available. All I currently ask is to do all gw battles & whatever else you can throw into tasks, not much but it appears too much for some…

Bumping, 4 spaces available - we will be in bracket 5 or higher next few as we’ve smashed our bracket this week!

Hey! My toddler accidentally made me leave! I want to come back but I can’t find it when I search!

No worries buddy, I’ll get you back in, I’ve sent you a guild invite :+1:t2:

Bumping, I’ve let 3 inactives go so I’m looking for replacements. I think we’re due to be fighting in B3 next week so gw experience preferable but not ideal, happy to catch people if needed :+1:t2:

Confirmed we are in bracket 3 for gw, now’s your chance people :+1:t2: