[Switch] No Mana No Cry are recruiting. Space for 3 players

Bumpity bump…

Bumping, still after players, come join the party…

Bumping again, we’ve fought our way into Bracket 1 & are now looking for new guildies (preferably level 200+), at least 3, possibly more after this week as I have a couple of people who appear to have gone missing this week so I’m guessing we’ll be bracket 2 or 3 next time :upside_down_face:
No silly reqs, just be active & do all gw battles, preferably use all free sigils on other events & donate what gold you can once all your kingdoms are at level 10 - if you’re interested please let me know either on here, PSN Casper1875 or on discord @Casper1875#7144

Bumping, looking for people to drive our dysfunctional family forward :crazy_face:

Bumping again, room for 3 - level isn’t important, participation is

Fresh week, fresh chance to join us :+1:t2:

Bumpity bump bump - 2 spaces left

Make that 3 spaces :wink:

Bumping yet again, I have 5 spaces available after clearing out inactives - I can make another 2 or 3 if you happen to be in a small guild & want to merge :+1:t2: