Summer Gems Sale

That’s right, adventurers, our Summer Gem Sale is back!

Make sure to check out the shop store tonight when it goes live at reset. You have three days to grab some goodies and hoarde your treasure. :gem::gem::gem:

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Decided not to name the sale after an American Holiday? I can’t imagine why. :wink:

Just SUUUN time

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better SUNA than later


I can’t wait to see how many gems I can get! All of the sales thus far have been stellar and superb. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend 100 bucks on 2000 gems to then donate them right back because of any event and receive absolutely nothing in return for their investment?


Deathknight armor sale pls.


Anyone can farm tribute every hour, thats so 100gems a day

Can we start flagging thread necros? Would that annoy the mods any more than feeling like I’m in a constant time warp does me?