Suggestion on PVP points distribution

A couple of comments were made in another thread so instead of derailing that one I thought I would put my thoughts into a new thread.

I was commenting on not understanding the reasoning behind losing points for a loss whether it be player controlled or AI controlled. A reply I got was it was to prevent inflation of a players points that plays constantly like DHJL or Sister or a few other hardcore players. They also said if you can come up with a better way fly at it. So here is me flying at it.

Flat base of +20 points for a win (-10 points for the opponent) or -10 points for a loss (+20 for the opponent).

If you are controlling the play and you lose then you lose the 10 points and the opponent gets the 20 points. If the AI is controlling the play (defending) and loses then on the revenge battle you would get a chance to win your lost 10 points back providing you win the revenge battle. The opponent would lose 10 points in this case (out of the 20 they won). If you lose the revenge or decide to ignore it then the points are lost and unrecoverable.

This evens out the points gained and lost depending on how well you play your defends. It is still a system that can reward the hardcore players but the defend battles are not as lopsided in the scoring considering it’s the AI controlling your team.

It promotes the need for good strong defend teams and the need to complete your revenges to get that chance of winning what you lost back. It still gives players of all levels a chance to place well on the leaderboard by basing things more on how they play compared to how many games they play. Any system is going to gather more points the more you play but I think this evens things out.

Bring on the barrage . . . . . What do you think?

The problem with this point system is that we can lose a lot of battles at once and only win one at a given time, let’s say ten minutes, the loss of points due to A.I’s dumbness is little to nothing right now and adding fixed values giving a 50% loss of points for any battle the A.I loses would have a huge impact on the scores…

This seems to make losing a defence battle even worse than it is now… Which even further incentivises people to put out a broken Maw defence (if they can) as at higher levels it’s the only way the AI can win…

I have lost more than I have gained in the time it took to finish 1 long battle with multiple losses… this whole new PvP system is junk… the AI controls my deck terribly. I do not want to spend my souls and traitstones on cards the AI plays better but reduces my fun in the game.

This really needs re-thought because I’m losing my interest in this game quickly and others are most likely in the same boat as me.

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What is your current level? I ask in the sense that if you and others are in a zone where players are being attacked a lot the devs could maybe think about a solution to lessen the impact of multiple losses. Also any help/advice we may give would work better if we know your current status.

The fact that your defend team can be placed against many opponents while you’re invading is why I considered the ability to recoup the points lost when you do the revenge battle.

This is just an idea. How do we make it better?

Yeah, but for every revenge we may lose more battles, so the losses would just increase over and over. Aside from that i don’t have any valuable input, for now.

I am level 338, I am also VIP 5 and have supported this game. I have always reached rank 1 PvP until 2.0 and ever since, I just do not have the amount of time required to win 30, lose 20, win 30, lose 20… rinse and repeat 1900 is VERY far away. This new system punishes me for not having the META best cards the AI can play, along with all the traits required. I can beat 85-90% of every deck out there except for the Maw Mercy crap, and Queen Mab decks.

This game is going in the wrong direction for a player like me. I do not have 100s of hours to grind per week. maybe 4-6 hours per week on average.


I see, for the ammount of time you have each week the current PVP is not ideal.

AI defense losses should give zero point loss. There is no way to target a certain player anyway. Defense wins give next to no points already, anyways, and the defend losses top players sustained are far FAR outstripped by the points they gain by winning. I would say that ladder position should determine how many points are won and loss if not for two important reasons:

  1. Weekly resets and payouts would mean that player a’s time at the end of the week would mean far more than player b’s time at the beginning of the week and that the time just before the reset happens is the most valuable.
  2. Tiers and ladder are linked. “Tier one and done” players have themselves a harder time advancing AND they are forced on the PvP ladder treadmill of needing to battle more to increase tiers.

Either way, the leaderboard is for the players that have time to play for a good portion of the day, every day, and nothing is ever going to change that. Everyone else is either only hurt by AI point loss as they are currently climbing tiers, or is somewhere in between “at least 100-200 points past Tier 1” and “not even close to Rank 1000” in which case it doesn’t matter at all. I don’t really see the benefit there.

I’m fine-tuning some of the points allocations today, now that we have lots of excellent data to work with, particularly the following:

  • Higher levelled players should get about 25% more points from wins on average to offset the fact that they are generally closer in team-score to their opponents

  • Currently, you can not get attacked within 5 minutes of a defensive loss, we’re going to move that up to 10 minutes to try and help out players who report getting attacked too frequently… the data tells us this is functioning pretty well already for 95% of people though… so 10 minutes might be a little too much… we’ll see.

  • A few other experiments I will run on the data… we’ll see what shows up.



Does this also going to solve the differences between high level players?

How does that integrate into the three picks you get offered for PvP? Suppose you get a defensive loss, after the grace period, will there be just one player in whose list you show up? Or could you get queued by several players, who then might all proceed to beat you up almost simultaneously? Just wondering, haven’t ever received a notification that I can’t attack a player offered in my list yet, so that’s probably not how it works.

If that happens, then the game simply neither records nor penalizes the extra loss.

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Before version 2.0 you could only have 3 defensive losses without having played a revenge game and cleared one of those losses. Bringing that back might be a good way to limit the defensive losses in the short time.

I had 7 defensive losses (as well as two wins) between when I stopped play last night and when I started this evening. That’s about 20 hours. Each one took 6-10 points.