Submerge is taking enemy off-screen


When enemy invokes submerge, the bottom enemy is now disappearing off (to the “right”) of the screen. By mistakenly selecting a weapon that needs to “select enemy” I couldn’t then select that enamy as it was “off-screen”. As it was the final enemy the game was basically unfinishable.

Noticed this occurs in ToD dungeons - usually with merfolk enemies.

Not an ideal workaround, but is there an equivalent of ctrl-mousewheel to resize the screen?

Of course it shouldn’t be necessary in the first place… :roll_eyes:


This is a very strange graphical behaviour, this could be caused by the custom widow size I can see in the attached image being 1101x951. Have you noticed this glitch when using a supported window resolution?

I’ll mention this to the Dev Team but it shouldn’t happen if your using a supported window resolution in the game settings.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


This has actually happen t to me recently

on iOS

I’m pretty sure I sent a report in

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