[REPORTED] Ironhawk's Artillery Support on submerged enemies leads to multiple submerge shifts, leaving tile incorrectly to the right

Steam - Windows 10 Home

Ironhawk’s Artillery Support on submerged enemies while casting a spell that affects all enemies leads to multiple submergings at once. However the graphics are not correct after resolving all submerges.
This screenshot shows after a spell has resolved:

It is possible for an enemy tile to be so far over to the right that you can not see it any more.
Even if submerge works twice on one cast of something, the tiles should re-resolve back to the proper space afterwards.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This probably started happening with the release of Ironhawk, as their trait procs on ally casting a spell. You need to cast a spell that affects all enemies, while having a fully traited Ironhawk. My preference is Queen Beetrix, as she can lead to a second cast, further exacerbating the issue.

Steps to make it happen again
Have at least one troop that has a spell that affects all enemies or scatter or dmg. Have fully traited Ironhawk.
While battling submerged troops (Merlantis explore?), cast a spell that affects all troops.
The submerge animations happen multiple times, but the troop tiles do not always reshift back to their proper space.

Passed this on. If anyone else is experiencing it please weigh in.

Attaching a video:

This bug is still not resolved. Had the same thing happen during a brown day GW battle (was not aware of issue) Game froze up once submerged enemies were left and they could not be targeted with hero weapon. Eventually had to restart app and take the zero point loss which is devastating in Bracket 1.
Running IOS with an iPad Pro (older model)