Stupid Teams (that still win)

Hoping this will be a fun thread for people willing to share creative/stupid teams that seem really dumb but still win a lot. I make dumb teams when I get bored just to see what I can get away with :joy:

I’m not looking for your magical unicorn GW secret sauce team. This thread is for teams that make no sense, that got built on a dare or as a joke, but they accidentally worked

I’ll start: this Azura team is really dumb but surprisingly effective. The goal is try to NEVER match gems. Just explode the board every single turn. The only real damage is Azura debuffing (and sometimes sky skulls). It’s REALLY DUMB but wins a lot and isn’t as slow as it looks!

Who else has a soft spot for stupid teams? Post em!




This is an oldie but goodie. First, use Elspeth to kill the hero, hopefully filling Sacrifice. Cast Sacrifice on red or blue to fill Bat, and keep casting Sacrifice until he kills himself or Bat has enough magic to wipe everything.

When it works, it only takes a few seconds! Backfires with some frequency, though, so caveat emptor. Also not exactly recommended for delves.



Wait … that looks awesome!


Didn’t work out for me, but oh well.

I did accidentally use this team to win a D10 explore:

Hero/Soul Blade
Keeper of Souls

Kerberos basically eats everyone. Found it quite entertaining actually.

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Burn Baby Burn

This team is stupid because it’s high-risk with a guild guardian, a troop type notorious for backfiring and handing your opponent a bunch of 4+ matches.

+4 red (two from banner, one from hero, one from QA) means you can fill Courage with any two red matches. Don’t have QA, you can use any Fire Link troop, but you lose the other mana bonuses. Red storm from hero - you can probably see where this is going.

Strategy (such as it is): Match reds, cast Courage on doomskulls or skulls. Fireblade talent on hero means triple skull damage, and if you’ve cast Courage a couple of times with everyone burning, it’s triple a lot of damage.

Can easily be used for late stage pet rescues, etc. Enjoy!



High risk, but high reward! for the times it doesnt backfire, this sounds super fun! Could be a cool/chaotic change of pace for grinding the new explore …

Stupid team using Heirophant hero up front as a skull spam tank, with Orpheus Lute.

there’s a lot of Heirophant haters out there and I rarely see anyone use the Lute. But trust me this nonsense combo is usually good for a solid 3T run to PVP tier 1 with about 2 losses. Is it better than the rabbit rope dart team? No. Is it more fun to play? I think so. Cleanse all from the Lute helps clear L&D deathmarks, and once WQ steals enough attack it can brute force through a wall of spiders if you get some good cascades.

Lute has to be at least +9 so you can barrier yourself. Purification, Brilliant Aura and Healing Herb talents keep you cleansed and alive. Tons of green matches from wild queen add up, with +6 life on every green 4 match. Stun all and curse all means you usually bypass skull reduction traits. Enchant others with the Lute if mana stalls out

The random 25% status effect comes in handy sometimes, can’t plan for it but sometimes it just works out



Purplenator X

Stupid because who the hell actually uses Xathenos? Another team that takes advantage of mana link traits. Xathenos fills up pretty fast with +4 purple, +2 yellow, +1 brown. Purple storm from Umberwolf obviously helps, so never cast Umberwolf’s spell unless it’s the coup de grace.

Pretty easy to turn X into a 400+ health, 100+ life steal one-shot machine here. Not the fastest deck, but can swiftly cripple opponents that depend on one major damage dealer and then pick them off at leisure.


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Too Big To Fail

Last one for now - this team is stupid because it’s about your health growing faster than opponents can damage you. Especially if you are running a Nysha medal or three…

Again, +4 green to fill Loyalty with any two green matches is the key, so at least two troops need Nature or Rainbow Link. Dryad is a pretty good front troop and should barrier and heal herself in general. Loyalty fills herself, creates skulls or brown or whatever, and buffs everyone’s life a huge amount due to the entangles. YC’s entangle trait is key and her spell does more damage over time.

4th troop is pretty flexible. Swamplash’s triple damage to entangled is a nice finisher, though it does drop the turn. Queen Aurora buffs life even more, but then YC is your sole damage dealer. You can also choose a hero class with the Nature’s Will talent at level 70, like Priest or Tidecaller - recommended weapons include include Fire Ruby Staff, Doomed Glaive, Essence of Evil, etc. You could also use Trickster’s Shot or Yasmine’s Pride, but if you do, I would recommend putting hero in 3rd and YC in 4th.


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Always remember: a dumb idea that works isn’t a dumb idea!


4 Copycats: the AI will quit on you once it realizes that thing will keep looping indefinitely and popping more Copycats.



I have an explode team similar to jdk’s. Mountain Crusher, Azura, Divinia and The Dragon Soul. Surprisingly effective and fun to use for a change of pace.

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Iron Chef stupid team challenge! Today’s extremely stupid ingredients are:

  1. Knight class hero
  2. Knight gem mix weapon (cane sword)

Not only is this team stupid—you have to play it in a deliberately stupid way, including never cast Lady Morana (unless you’re super desperate). You want to just loop tons of red and blue with champ gaard and hero. When Ysabelle is full, cast on morana. If morana is entangled, cast on champ. Morana steals attack on 4/5 matches and everyone gains life on 4/5 also.

It’s slow to start (possible for turn 1 losses with bad board) but if you can cast the loop once you’re good, cast it twice or more and you’re pretty hard to kill and hitting like a truck. I’ve survived multiple Yao G and Titania casts while just slowly skulling down to slot 3.

It is not a FAST team by any means. Some might even say, painfully slow :expressionless: but it is a Knight class team that can win 3TPVP if you have patience. EDIT: also ran 2 lvl 12 explores, Shentang and Zul Kari (status effects is a weakness). Slow! but plenty tanky to get through both runs

I need to think of a stupid diabolist team next. What other classes does no one like?
Edit to add code. [6613,6745,6259,1216,3050,3,2,2,2,1,0,0,14001]


Oracle is always a pretty safe bet there


Yeah that’s true! How about this:

I really think Vanguard is underused as a mana generator. Even hitting just 2 blues usually gets a 4 match of yellow
no real need to cast Crypt weapon unless Artema dies
Tricksters shot, death Knell, staff of visions could all work in last slot too but I wanted a summon since Artema can be squishy

It would be a lot harder (stupider!) to build a non-centaur team with an Oracle hero… not much to work with for other types



Total Control

Stupid because it’s so slow, but stupid like a fox because of how one-sided it is. If you aren’t frozen, and you get rolling, you should basically never lose the turn. Always convert red or brown to green or purple first. Finley is a massively underrated troop because he’s so cheap to cast, can create any color, and removes skull danger from the board.

4th troop can really be just about anything that has an effect on 4+ matches. Megavore might be faster, but less satisfying. The truly sadistic might use Magnus or King Bloodwood here.



Fun stuff.

For a Cane Sword Knight team, I’d be curious how well a team with Lamashtu and Champion of Anu world work (with CoG in the front slot).

For Centaurs, I get the urge every now and then to try and make Artema work, she’s a cool troop with a lot of weird features. She just needs a little something more to be decent unfortunately. If a centaur team had access to lightstorm/duststorm, it would help her consistency lots. As it is, her traits are inconsistent, and her damage is too low.

Vanguard is pretty consistent for creating yellow mana, a better version of Deep Borer in that regard. A good troop for early-game players for sure.

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A fun 1 i am using is essence of evel,great maw,copycat & irongut,copycat on maw resets devour so it’s really funny stunning opposing team with weapon then spamming maw devours lol,if played right the team really is kind of cool.


Lamashtu would definitely accelerate the slow start! I didn’t even remember she is a Knight :see_no_evil: I think one of the Oracle talents can get a lightstorm at the start of battle only? But no other way to create a new storm once it expires or gets over written by another color

Both Oracle and Knight get the yellow storm at 20. Losing a Centaur or a Knight for Stormcaller might help. Granted no half start, but you do get Lightning Strike which might help running Artema for occasional explosion/resultant manipulation.

Knight and Oracle are quite possibly the worst classes we have. Knight however does have banishment, which is really handy vs the L&D stuff and also any team with humans (Holy St Astra). Handy vs the Wildfolk teams and anything with Dawnbringer. Also a counter to reflect now.

There’s a couple of Stryx Knights with yellow storms, Prince Azquila and Strygik, both castable. No mana acceleration from half start though. :slight_smile:



I finally found a Bloodwood team I really like. This team is stupid because it uses both Divine and Elemental mythics, without using Ishbaala or Maraji Queen to accelerate starting mana

That was the key—Not using a half-mana start freed up team slots for better things. This Team does use three mythics so I realize it’s probably out of reach for some people.

Lightning Strike + TPK explosions are the essential tools for filling a total of 44(!) unaccelerated mana between yasmine and Bloodwood. It seems improbable but it works and is way more consistent than everything else I tried. Also somehow way faster, despite no ishbaala/MQ. Dust storm talent can help keep the chains of matches and explosions going as well

Also it happens to be all green, so I’ll probably give it a whirl in GW this week too :+1: (I’m not in bracket 1 so I get to try stupid things :+1:+1: )

If anyone else tries this team for any reason I would love to hear your experiences, I initially thought Bloodwood was a more mid-game mythic but I rolled through a bunch of PVP pretty quick with this team today.

EDIT: i think the faerie Fire in particular from EoE makes a lot of the difference. Turns almost-lethal dmg into for real Lethal damage. EoE also removes Spell Armor traits. Maybe its still a bit much set up for something Ketras already does probably more easily and in more flexible circumstances, and without a hard cap on potential dmg boost. but this IS the stupid team thread after all… I like this one :grin: