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Streaming Time (Vote!)

Hello everyone! We want your opinions as to which time slot works the best for you all to watch our Streams. Of course, when daylight savings hits these times will change, but that is something to think about later. Without further ado, these are the times we are considering. Vote away!

  • 10 AM AEDT (6 PM EST)
  • 11 AM AEDT (7 PM EST)
  • 12 PM AEDT (8 PM EST)

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Do I want to get up at midnight, 1am or 2am? Tough choice, they’re all so bad for me!:cold_sweat: Timezones are dumbbutts.
You should stream at 8pm German time, that’s 6am for you, Salty!:smirk: You would actually have the best excuse for coffee this way!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pick up to three of three options. Hm.

Gonna go with 12, not a morning person.

Where the hell is None of the Above?
Because those are all shit times.

I may be American, but I don’t always agree with these ridiculous American-centric times.

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You guys should host two different groups, one for each side of the globe

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they could give tacet the answers to the questions and have him stream for the north america south america timezones :grin:


There is really no convenient time for me to watch a stream. It’d be much more convenient if a text transcript were provided afterwards.


please add a text version from the stream for all they are must working, living in europe, dont understand your slang or so

from the last stream i know nothing about written answers :thinking:

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Yeah, I guess I should’ve tacked it on to the last post, but it’s very frustrating to be in a discussion about game mechanics and hear a ton of, “Well the devs said in a stream one time…”

I’m not even sure if there’s a way to prove it, and even if there is the concept of scrubbing through some VODs to try and find a specific point is barf-inducing.

Or ask @lyya if we wanted her genius take on things rather than @tacet’s hilarious mispronunciation :smirk:

And perhaps @esslee and I could do a UK / Euro time zone version :grin:


Exactly that… Streamings seem to be meant for American players…

Exactly this is why I started watching the streams. Even though it means that I have to get up at freaking 2am in the morning.

Adding to this is that Salty said on the stream yesterday (yeah, I know… there it is again) that there is the possibility that the stream revamp will include some things/items/stuff that are going to be stream-exclusive. Basically, someone asked if things like the Lapina/Dwarf avatars would ever be given out through stream raffles. Salty said - if I remember correctly - that she would love to see it if all things ingame would be availble to everyone through time investment/saving up resources (like all hero weapons, even those currently only sometimes found in the event bundles), but the stream revamp might come with things only given away/available through stream.

I find that idea vastly horrifying. In fact, I already find the fact that the redeem codes can only be used by so many people horrid; it would be much better if they were time-limited so that people who aren’t online around the clock can enter them when it is daytime in their timezone or they come back from work and still get things. Right now, it’s usually just minor traitstones, 2k gold and 1 gem key, but if there will be real stream-exclusive things, I know I will flip a table. It’s one thing to give a small package to stream viewers. But the idea of punishing people for not living in Australia, not having a good enough computer to watch stream, not speak English/be deaf, having a job and not being able to be online at all time and so on… by making ingame content only available though an out-of-game service which cannot be used by everyone is… yeah.

They push to bring GoW to different countries and different languages, which is great. But then absolutely nothing should be kept from people of those countries - be it through timezones or language barriers. This starts at the fact that it’s us “normal” users who ended up writing stream summaries when it should be part of the dev’s jobs and ends at the sheer idea of stream-exclusive content which I hope will never, ever happen.

And as nice as it is to have a voting choice here, the fact that there’s one hour difference between each choice seems to make the whole poll kinda redundant. If the choices would be with three hours in between them, this would be way different. But like this, it’s a bit ridiculous in my eyes.

Whelp, that was a rant. Sorry about that.


I agree 100%. As far as I know, the only way they would have to push “stream exclusive content” out to players is redeem codes, which can’t be used by console players at all. Having exclusive content that is limited to people who play on one platform, who are awake at certain times and have the bandwith and time to watch an hour long stream of people playing the game very slowly and chatting, this does not seem like a good idea to me.


It used to be the case. Not anymore. The old weapons that we could acquire with glories when they were first released can now only be obtained with money.
It reflects how GoW has been evolving last year, but it is unfair for the new players.

A very pertinent rant then…


I forgot about all that. I suppose while right now they can justify it with console players having daily tasks and getting a bit more stuff there, stream-exclusive content would be a very different thing. Then again, we don’t know how the stream revamp will really be, what it really means and what else might change… but that would still leave the rest of the problems.

Ahh I see, I was unsure what Salty had meant. I suppose she meant then that she hopes that these things will be available through Glory again or something. I’m really sorry that my statements are sometimes so confusing; I am pretty good at reading English, but listening to someone talking English when I don’t hear it ever in real, everyday life and it also being 2am and me having crawled out of bed after three hours of sleep is making me… not just error-prone, but basically guaranteed to not get some things. :frowning: Salty does speak pretty clearly, but my brain needs time to translate things in my head and when people talk, that’s just too fast for my brain-translations. With text I have all time in the world.

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For someone that comments as often as you do about struggling with English, I think it is amazing that it isn’t your first language. The way you write (diction and grammar), use contractions, slang, etc., I would never guess that you’re not a native English speaker. Don’t ever apologize for your English. (Lack of sleep, maybe… :wink:)


:hearts:Thanks so much, I am really glad to hear that. I was actually really bad in English at school and then taught myself through video games later.:joy: Because of that, I never had any real feedback in form of grades how much I improved and what’s correct and what is not - I write purely by instinct, not by knowledge… and all my learning was done through text, not speech, which is why I cannot follow English movies at all. I lack that. It’s easier with youtube let’s plays or GoW streams since there’s just one person talking, but I can’t follow super-well and don’t even know how to pronounce half the words I write.:see_no_evil: Hence, yay for text and subtitles to all English videos!

A few points:

  1. Streaming Good- its another way for players to interact with devs! YAY!

  2. No Streaming Transcripts BAD- For so many players, devoting an hour to watching a stream is not an option, myself included and sometimes important info is disseminated via this outlet and then there is little to no way of finding said information except for hearsay, which is not the best.

  3. Streaming Exclusive Content BAD- just… no… :man_facepalming:

  4. @Sheba AWESOME- Thank you for being such a well voiced, coherent, considerate new forum member. We need more like you. :hugs:


You guys are all so sweet to me today!

I want to point out that I absolutely agree with this, even if my rant might have sounded otherwise. The streams are fun, I love seeing how the devs look in real life (because otherwise I always imagine everyone to look like their forum avatar and that’s weird). Talking to Salty is fun. It also seems really special to talk to or have your questions answered by someone who is part of creating something I really love. I never had that in any game I ever played before, so I am actually always pretty excited about the streams (and would otherwise not get up for them). The Q&A are, of course, extra-special and full of informations - even though I only watched one so far, but hey - but interacting with Salty, who really reads every comment in chat so that it’s really like talking to her, is also really fun and awesome. She’s a super-nice person!

But yeah, there is an unfairness to it all. I also noticed that in the last Q&A. Maybe one third of the questions the devs answered weren’t from the top 15 questions from the forum thread, but from the chat. Which is, on one hand, super-cool because more questions got in and the devs took extra time to answer them. On the other hand, it’s pretty crappy because questions who were just short of the likes needed to make it into the top 15 were not asked despite there obviously still being a huge community interest in them because the people who asked them weren’t in the stream for whatever reason.

Basically, the whole system is wonky. I understand that the devs can’t stream at odd hours or that meetings and other work might really not offer Salty more freedom in picking streaming times than the hours she listed in the poll.

But there are things that can make stream at least a bit “fairer”:

  • Redeem codes should be available for three days and not X numbers of people. They should also be posted here on the forum and the social media channels so that they are not exclusive to stream. While console players still miss out, at least more people have a chance to learn about them then.
  • There should always be transcripts. Those should be accessible ingame, if possible, or at least a mail ingame should tell people to check the forum for one. They should also be collected in a pinned, separate thread here in the forum instead of being lost in a thread somewhere.
  • There should never be stream-exclusive content. In case there will ever be raffles or whatever, they should be posted here on the forums and linked on social media and announced through ingame mail as well so that everyone has a chance to see them.

Hey team, I’m in bed on my phone so here are a few real quick answers.

  1. If we give away anything else on Stream it will also be available in game. There will never be anything that is completely exclusive to the stream, do please don’t worry.

  2. These are the best times for us to stream, and a majority of our playerbase is American. As such, these are the only options. Sorry everyone, no time is going to work for us all. :frowning:

  3. I’ll look into writing up transcripts or cliff notes. I may not have the time, but I will try to do it for the Dev Q and As. This isn’t a guarantee, but if I can fit it in I will. :slight_smile:

  4. Codes are pretty easily abused, which is why there is only a certain number of redeems, not a time period they are open for. They are also a priveledge and a gift, many times you have to be in the right place at the right time to get them. Codes have even been released at odd hours of the morning when devs are in chat. This is not likely to change anytime soon. (It’s also the reason our codes don’t give out troops or gems, we don’t want to give some players an unfair advantage.)

  5. I love how vocal our Stream is! Talking to you all makes my day. I hope you continue to come chat with me.