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Streaming Gems of War with Santandrix (Ps4)

Pvp and more. .

Back at it!! Come join me.

Thank you everyone who stopped by a watched. See you on the next one.

Last hunt for gnomes this week. No mic tonight.

Going live for a bit. Doing daily tasks and pvp.

Great news.

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Pet hunting and bounty

Going live now for a bit.

Doing some pvp with the warden hero!!

Sunday stream for a bit!

Doing some pvp. Come and join now!

Iā€™m live on Twitch - Watch me at twitch.tv/santandrix

Top 50 push.

Fun with magnus :smiling_imp:!!

Saturday stream for a bit. 75 victories task.

Invasions and pvp

Back at the grind!

Push for top 100 after tasks

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Tasks and then fun with wrath

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Pvp bashing for a bit

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Daily tasks and more.

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