Streaming Gems of War with Santandrix (Ps4)


Thanks for watching.

Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!

Nice team but too slow for my style :slight_smile:


What do you recommend?


Against that team i like



Exept monkey, they all are immune to mana drain, you just need to feed monkey

When liang is full you cast on red or green gems and yao do the rest :slight_smile:


Thank you. Testing now.


Lol it’s better against mana drain team but you did well :slight_smile:

Also when you match red it take 6 health on first troop


That’s it :slight_smile:


Back at it for a little bit, is casual pvp better the ranked? I’ll be testing this week. Thanks for watching!!!


Daily tasks, 75 wins, again!


Bounty hunting!


Completing the bounty hunter event, reward 20. After daily tasks.


Live stream up, I don’t use a mic or camera, but I can reply in the chat.


I watched a Raid battle. Close game, It could have gone either way. Good luck with the rest of them.


That shows you what one wrong move can do. Just one, is all it takes.


Raid boss. So I ended up buying a 7 again, oh well.


Live action.


Gnome Hunting today for a bit.


Yay!!! :rabbit:


I’ll be streaming for a bit.


Some early morning raids,bounties and pvp. No mic.