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Stopped playing for a long time and tried playing again

Wow, I wish I hadn’t. As far as I can tell, nothing has changed, at least not for the better. The AI seems to be substantially worse and the team composition is even less varied than it was months and months ago. To top it off, it’s also way more monetized.

I was playing before for far too long out of loyalty to my guild, but it’s gone from being a chore to being outright unenjoyable. It’s sad, because it was once a lot of fun.


Are you leaving us?

I’m putting it back down again. Like I said, nothing has really changed. The same complaints are on the board (maybe worse) about the same problems in the game (maybe worse).

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Give it a 3rd chance, I beg you…

Man, I was going to look for the Bye Bye Bye song, but you beat me to it

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I got some knowledge too when it comes to music, as you can see. :wink:

Excellent replies, chaps! These well thought out and insightful contributions have changed my mind! Why, my concerns are wholly unfounded, and I too shall become an ignorant sycophant absentmindedly posting songs since I have nothing of value to contribute.

May I add that the community has also deteriorated significantly?


Please dont use such big words! That is ableist against us dumb folks…


Disagreeing with the OP’s basis for complaint is fine, but the meme bombing is not. Please stay on topic, everyone, and respect the community guidelines.

Isnt “goodbye threads” against the community guidelines?


Isnt calling people “ignorant sycophant” also against the community guidelines?

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@Lyya maybe since every post in the thread is a violation of the rules this thread should be locked…

@Lyya I have deleted my memes now to clean this thread.

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As have i… Now all thats left is the dear john op and the name calling…


Maybe if people would not be sarcastic to posters they would not say thinga that violate the forum guideline. To many times i see people saying things to provoke a rise then start with you are violating forum rules.

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So what you are saying is if someone is sarcastic with me it is then ok for me to violate the community guidelines by engaging in name calling?

I think you are clearly mistaken my friend, there are rules against name calling but there are no rules about sarcasm.

Have a wonderful night

You missed the point altogether and by engaging with someone in any manner that will influence them to violate forum rules does no one any good. If you feel like engaging in that manner then expact to violate forum rules.

So sarcasm IS against forum rules?

Bottom line is my sarcastic response to someone does not give them the go ahead to call me names. And when they do it is their fault not mine.

I am glad tho that you think that breaking the rules is ok when someone makes you mad and it becomes their fault.