Stoned in the Spire

Yep, think I spent the most time playing Asheron’s call collecting motes. Could not find another MMo that was as fun as Asheron’s call.

Oh god, motes… I remember those from a totally different game…


Yea, that number 7 is associated with all kinds of funniness.



Nope. And first correct guess gets a virtual invisible cookie. Choc-chip.

Except, UM, that’s not at all on-topic.

What I was thinking is that this legendary won’t work at all on defense since resources aren’t properly tracked (i.e. Void Portal doesn’t find souls and fails).

Yep - bug fix coming for that in the next update


Game of Thrones?

Will that track them for the match but still not give them to the defending player?

(Makes sense to me, just thinking… I mean, we don’t need every defense to be Valkyrie + Alchemist)

I could easily get behind the Beer Golem. I can use that and stop some people from irritating me. And if we have the weed Golem it will need munchies too

That’s exactly how it works

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With my previous comment, I just realized the title of this thread too, this is too much. :sweat_smile::laughing::joy:


Destiny? crosses fingers

You reeeally want that cookie… still wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

I can be on topic… oh, the image has been fixed to actually show the traits now, good. Yes. I am on topic.

I can mention Stoned in the Spire and that The Weed Golem is - 420 Life Points but susceptible to burning and I can still be on topic too :stuck_out_tongue::wink:

I can’t believe the Devs actually did that on purpose. :sweat_smile::smile::laughing::joy:

No… no… I can’t let that go :grin::smile::sweat_smile::laughing::laughing:

(I’m actually dying of laughter over here)

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I mean, there’s a “one time at band camp” reference in the game, too. Collectively we acknowledge the existence and importance of the high road as we jet-ski through the gutters of the low one. :slight_smile:


Recreational weed for adults over 21 is legal where I live. Just sayin

Maybe the defender should get what their team earns, if they win.

As an incentive to not have troll single troop defence teams, because there is no reason to have a decent defend team.

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Indeed… .for every Shakespearian quotation there should be an equal and opposite joke on flatulation.


Isn’t that one of Newton’s laws? I might be misremembering my high-school physics, but if farts are wrong then I don’t want to be right.


You all are speaking my language!

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