Stellarix/Wand Counters

They exist guys. And it isn’t “nerf it” Drop your guides here.

Ill start. Brown day. Sure you can still lose but ive found it quite easy to fill my wand or bog first. Then you pop their wand if stellarix isnt full.

Gray king is a bigger threat on brown day and you should kill him first if able


Red day. Really no surprise here. Your wand fills first you pop their wand with zuul. Often their stellarix will be frozen. Easy

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Honestly you dont want to mirror match stellarix. Its more powerful than yours and its got spell armor.


Gray King
Essence of evil
Trick or treat


I can make at least 5 teams
I’m not even counting the triple dragon teams on colour kingdoms.

Also the new doomed weapons are amazing on colour restriction

Doomed weapon
2 other same colour troops.

Hey let’s keep it constructive, this is a thread for people to come for help.
I’ve edited your post.


A common sight with this team. Some matches take 30 seconds. The only way you lose is a bad opening board where their generators get going. And even then they might uss rhe wrong one

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Oooh interesting teams

Memories of stone weapon

A counter to any team

I like team building.

Nice teams! Thanks for sharing. :ok_hand:

Bork is an awesome troop, I often forget about it.

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Very welcome

Yep all my own work.

Utilizing very unused weapons.

It’s FUN


I hope we soon see more troops like Bork, Marilith and Thrall. Troops with similar spells but with other mana colors combinations and single colored troops like Thrall.

Captain skullbeard
The green bush one :rofl::rofl:. (Tanglebush :grin:)

We’ve already a couple.

The thing I never see people complain about us the most OP troop in game.

Thrall a common, that’s used endgame.

I want a Mrs leprechaun that uses yellow,blue :grin:

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That is a great idea, I think someone suggested something similar a long time ago. A lady leprechaun, I can see it coming. Perhaps she will have empowered, but explode yellow gems?

Maybe by 2030 we have a whole Leprechaun family lol

I see we arent helping this thread, which is to promote helpful teams. Bed is coming as well.

Have a good one!

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Ooh, you team build a bit differently to me, I’m always trying to avoid putting mythic troops near the front, I’ll have to try some of these out to see how they work for me.

I have a great Lord of Slaughter team with him at the front though, found it really fun to play with.

I’ll be back with some teams to post “soon TM” (very busy at work so holding off for a bit)


Arachnaean Weaver or Spider Throne can be handy as heck and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Why are you not saying more? It may not be obvious to everyone, just saying. :sweat_smile:

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