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Steam Deck may be the most P2W way to play Gems of War

Putting this under off topic, though it is technically Gems of War related.

Valve announced earlier today their Steam Deck:

1:54 time stamp or so goes over the P2W aspect specifically.

Among many features, it has a 1:1 region allocating capability for mouse inputs, essentially allowing the mouse to consistently snap to any part of the screen with a click of a button with multiple being able to be set. This is currently a bannable offence in Gems of War when using 3rd party software to do this, but this would be a Steam integrated feature that shouldn’t trigger it since it is official hardware and software done via Steam.

It would have a combination of everything needed to play the game as quick as possible between touch screen, button input, 1:1 button pressing mouse commands, and specs competent to a slightly above average PC.

That’s nothing, when I play on my phone, I can use both of my thumbs to play.


This sounds awesome for anyone with limited mobility. Being accessible is not P2W.

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It is quicker to play with button inputs and mouse snapping due to the instantaneousness of buttons. Same reason why PC optimally does controller + mouse. 1:1 button inputs to screen region is basically touch screen with 100% consistency combined with the speed that instance controller button inputs have on the game.

Very true! I mostly meant P2W in the sense that it would effectively allow playing the game more efficiently, allowing for resource accumulation rates to be higher.

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This is also true for people who are better at twitch movement, or have better internet and faster PCs right now during gnomeaplooza. I don’t see this as cheating, but just taking advantage. Sometimes that boundary line is confusing.

This reminds me of the old days of WoW which allowed macros and keyboard binding. Instead of constantly spamming the main spell I just bound it to my scrollwheel and let it spun freely. :sweat_smile:

I dont think the Steam Deck would be bannable since it isnt an unknown third party.

I am super curious how this will turn out. I play most computer games on a TV and hook up a controller to it. Sometimes I need third party software to do custom binding since not all games are made with this setup in mind.

Okay well I don’t use most of the resources I get with a simple mouse, so if someone wants to pay a crapton of money for a new device to accumulate even more resources, that’s their mistake…?


I’m having my doubts that whatever is issuing these bans will be able to distinguish. This just seems to be some hardware instead of some software emulating mouse click, it will both show up as botting.

Idk, I can use Bluestacks on my computer and do the same thing and Devs wouldnt be the wiser. That or writing an AHK with a click randomizer. People are going to look for ways to take advantage of the game no matter what platform they are playing it on. Only difference this steam deck might be easier to detect as an out of the box macro would click on the same pixel every time you hit the button. BTW i dont use these methods to play GoW, im just an engineer whose been around the block a few times

Its nice to see the gaming world catching up, making games more accessible for people with disabilities.

OT here

Used that on hunter alt sometimes. Until i pulled High King Maulgar while raid was getting ready… just wanted to scroll to see better :cold_sweat:

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The real irony is that each model has it’s own release window, one quarter apart, so by the time the big one is out (with the 512 gig drive), it’s already a year late?

Also: Valve. Can’t even wishlist let alone preorder if not living in USA, Canada, EU or UK. So everybody else in the world is locked out, including people in non-EU european countries (like me on Iceland).
PS: Still can’t order their VR headset, because not available in my country. Same as with their Steam Link and gamepad back then.

You’d think it would be easier to buy stuff in this day & age, but it seems Valve is still stuck in the dinosaur age.

Will the Steam deck be more fast than the Switch? I play on Switch because of the touchscreen and it has less players than other systems so there’s less competition. We also didn’t get Ironhawk yet, so the first couple Gnomapalooza days for the Switch wasn’t taken advantage of as much as PC and consoles that already have Ironhawk.