Spreadsheet With all Troops (updated 2015.10.16)


As a tool to select your best team I created a spreadsheet with all troops.

Link to Full Troop Spreadsheet

Currently you can filter on the following fields:

Class / From: Create a custom filter to select e.g. a kingdom or all legendary troops
Name: Name of The Troop
Level: Skill level of troop
Life: # of life for each level
Attack: # of Attack for each level
Armor: # of Armor for each level
Magic: # of Magic for each level
HP: # of Hitpoints for each level (Life+Armor=Hitpoints)
Cost: # How much it cost to release the Troop Skill (if you like fast teams filter only 6 - 9)
HP/COST: Will give you a ratio of how much it cost vs #HP (The higher the better)
Colors: Color filters to select e.g. only the troops who need red

There are some filters already added like Class, Kingdom and Skills (extra turn). Not all filters might work properly as I have not checked all of them but you can simply create your own custom filter by clicking on the filter icon on the top left corner.
The best way to start is to select only Level 15 and filter out the rest of the values.
Have fun and feel free to ask questions in case you are stuck.

Spreadsheet updated 2015.10.16

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Awesome to see this one come across, thanks @DJ_MAD! 15 Gems coming to you now!


Thanks for this great resource!

I put a filter for Level 15, then sorted descending by: Attack, Magic, Armor, Life.
Now I know where I want to spend my souls. :smiley:


The spreadsheet has been updated and it now contains also all troops from the new kingdom Wild Plains


This is a great resource, but it would be even better if the Class and Location fields were separated so that you could apply filters more easily.


Can you update the list to include notes of units that can be earned from completing areas. I am building a team but my map isn’t fully open yet so finding out where i can get some troops outside of keys will save me time and in-game money. Although i have to admit that your guide is very informational and for that i thank you.


Kingdom Domination compiled by Archnessa

Some of the info in the original post is outdated (** cough* * Sparkgrinder’s/Sunweaver’s spells ** cough* *) or has changed now (Mana Bonus = Banner, Stat Bonus = Lv10 Kingdom, etc.), granted, but it will still tell you what Epic Troops you’ll get from which kingdoms.


The problem is that the thread is too old to be edited. I made some addendums after the 1.0.7 update, but haven’t noted the more minimal changes like the card rebalances. I will probably need to redo all of the guides to have them updated on one page rather than just add new posts. But I’ll wait for the next update since it’s pretty certain the devs have a lot of new surprises in store. :smile:


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must say first, thank you for this! really appreciate the time youve spent on this

probably being completely thick here, how does this work? might be sleep deprivation from looking after a poorly baby but i cant get my head around this? if someone could explain i would be most grateful :smile: