[Spoilers] Specific to future Arcane Traitstones in Glory Packs

Was wondering have there been any additional troop to next week? So far we know only 1 was coming out, did that got changed and are we going to get 2 troops like we did in the past?

I’ve noticed that there are no Rare or Common troops listed. Maybe they’ll fill those gaps.

May be a weapon? There is the Desert Dagger TBD.

No change there yet.

Weeks when we only have one card come in handy so that I can upgrade the new card to mythic with glory only and stockpile a couple hundred event keys for when the new city hits.

I quite spending glory and gold keys a while ago, so that I can spend them all after the new city hits and instantly finish ascending the commons and rares from the new city. I should have 12k or so keys by then. I hope it’s enough.

Is anyone else hoarding to maximize progress on the new city?

There are 51 commons (not counting guardians).
You need 191 to reach mythic.
Gold keys give a common troop 55% of the time (the rest are minors, rares, majors, gold, etc).

51 * 191 * 1/.55 = 17,710 gold keys to get, on average, 191 of each common.

Good luck!

So as posted we only getting one troop/trait per wk?

Well that would be fun too :smiley:
But I think that the weapon will be a part of soon to come hero class :slight_smile:
Or with the soon to come new kingdom (both class and kingdom have a weapon coming with them, like it was the case in the past)

Yes, always.

So what are the stones next week?

I think I see purple/brown on the chart up there, any others?

That’s it so far.

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Do we even know E/UR/C anything? Why is your crystal ball not working?

Devs give us the all-seeing eye again!

I know what the troop is:

Ultra-Rare Drifting Sands Elemental
Earthquake (12 Purple/Brown)
Destroy a row and column. Deal [Magic + 4] damage randomly split among enemies, boosted by Brown Gems destroyed. [3x]
(Elemental Bond, Alert, Stoneskin)
MAX Attack:13 Life:19 Armor:29 Magic:9
They built this spirit on rock and soil.

What I don’t know is if there’s another troop coming or not.


He could be fun with some rock worms

I don’t think there will be. I mean, they scheduled exactly one troop for every week months in advance, and there is no trace of the supposed second troop for any of these weeks, not artwork, not name, nothing. It only makes sense if they moved to 1 troop a week for the time being.

As for why, that’s anyone’s guess. Maybe they are planning to offer old event weapons for glory again, or maybe they are just slowing down so it would be easier for console to catch up.

The latter would be my guess. I think the cadence with console is such that they must produce a lot of troops ahead of time to keep the buffer full (since console updates are few and far between), and they just can’t do that with the existing output pace.

But we haven’t heard anything official, and I try not to speak definitively about things I don’t know.


im not sure which one of those are correct? can anyone give me colors+rarity of the incoming next week troops? :slight_smile: any sight of incoming more then just one troop bundle?

What do you mean which one? They all say the same thing.

Kingdom: Drifting Sands
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Colors: Purple/Brown

It looks like there’s only one. Since we (steam) already got update today, I doubt it will change.


ok, thanks

Single troops for the future confirmed with the new event release.