[Spoilers] Specific to future Arcane Traitstones in Glory Packs

I only mention this because it specifically relates to arcane purchasing strategies, but keep a close eye on your Runic stones as well. You get virtually none (of any useful color) of these a week if you primarily play PvP. Even if you are constantly actively opening your glory and gem keys, the small amount of runics cannot keep up by the time you start buying approximately 16+ arcanes a week from glory packs and you are going to be bottlenecked anyways. This applies even more if you primarily use your gems on VIP chests, where you get zero runics, and still have a lot of stuff left to trait. What I thought was a massive stockpile has severely dwindled since the guild patch.

For reference and colors notwithstanding, you need 4 times as many runics as arcanes for commons (four runics to one arcane, all limited to one color), 4 times as many for rares and ultra-rares (2 times as many of both runic colors - 4/4:2 and 6/6:3, respectively), 2 times as many for Guardians (all one color, 60 runics vs 30 arcanes), 1.33 times as many for Epics (8 of both color vs 12 arcane), 1.25 times as many for most legendaries (10 of both colors vs 16 arcanes), 0.56 times as many for Imps/mono color classes (10 runics of one color, 18 mono arcanes), and 0.38 times as many for Mythic (16 runics of one color, 22 of two different arcanes).

Even if you can get the mono-blue arcanes next week, it is likely to severely hit your supply of blue Runics, especially if they are already dwindling since recently we have seen several blue arcane types. Also keep in mind that mono color arcanes are essentially useless after you have traited their respective commons, guardian (some of them being not desirable to begin with when looking at costs), and class (and Imp, if you really really like them). Plan accordingly!


Decided to put the data in a different format:


I’ve simply come to the conclusion that a certain amount of Explores a week will be necessary, no matter what. I need the Runics worse than Arcanes most of the time.


You forgot one Red/Brown though

01/02 Karakoth: Red/Purple Ultra-Rare and Red/Brown Epic
01/30 Blighted Lands: Red/Purple Ultra-Rare and Red/Brown Legendary

You have that stash because of the weapon bundle I believe. And we also got the same stone next week for 400 price so it was still a value deal.

Except that Legendaries are never available in Glory Bundles and thus aren’t a source of Arcane traitstones.


They are, from time to time, coming in a 500 glory bundle.
When they are not in those bundles, they tend to come as a third new card through the week.

I doubt we will see new legendary troops for 500 glory bundles.

I specifically left them (Red/Brown on 1/30 and Green/Brown on 2/20) off since we don’t know if they will be available or not for glory packs. If they are I’d imagine most would plan on buying at least 6 to reach mythic, or 8 if they want to trait it. Also if you are in need of Red/Brown, Jan 2nd will be cheaper too (400 for 2 vs 500 for 2).

Keep in mind as well this is over a month away and highly subject to change and clarification as we get closer.

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You don’t think those legendary troops will be exclusiv to event chests and not a part of glory packs? Because that’s how we have been getting new legendary troops for quite some time.


That is most likely, but it has always been when we had 2 standard troops as well and each of these come with just 1 non-legendary troop. Also, Spooky Imp was 500 glory for troop + 2 arcanes

That’s because it was imp, imps are not in event chests. . I want to be wrong, but I doubt it.


Feel free to join us over here:

As the console version gets closer and closer to synchronizing with the PC/Mobile version, you can see the ever shortening list of troops that will be released on console in the near future. They haven’t said much about how the next phase will unfold, but we have a clear list of troops to expect.

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There seems to be a lag before new troops show up in gold chests. I believe it was shorter for cards in a new city. Seems like about a month, but just wanted to see if there was a convention on it.

I ask because I have almost all the common/rare troops in gold chests and plan to stockpile gold keys and then spam gold chests once a month or two to get the new cards.

So how long after the new city will the common/rares from the new city show up in gold chests?

when entire new kingdom is added - all its cards go instantly to the chests

when a card is added through event and has its event glory bundles then it waits (i think 2 weeks?) till it is added to regular chests.
so you either buy it off the event glory bundle (or open event chests for it depending on rarity) or wait 2 weeks.

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It’s 4 weeks actually. Otherwise it’s exactly as you wrote, although in case of Commons and Rares the only options are to buy the packs or wait, they can’t be obtained from Event chests.


You can check Updated "Not in chests" list to see what troops aren’t in chests and when they are slated to be added.


Removed today’s Yellow/Yellow and Green/Red from the graphic. If you can’t afford all the Green/Red you need this week, you’ll get another chance on the 16th.


Monday we get a Red/Purple and a Red/Brown. Wonder if either will use red minors… We haven’t had one in ages while they try to balance usage.

Neither is red minor.