[Spoilers] Some calcs about getting to 8 Stars

Unless the devs change their plans1, Adana will be the first Kingdom able to get to 8 Stars in around 2 months’ time.

So as I am wont to do, I did some calcs about how many traits and/or ascensions would be needed (assuming souls are not a problem for end-gamers):

  • If you have all 14 troops ascended to Mythic and level 20, you need only 35 Traits (i.e. can be missing up to 7 Traits).
  • If you have all 14 troops fully traited (42 traits), you need only 245 Levels (i.e. can be missing 35 levels or 2.5 levels per troop).
  • As a third likely option, if you have the currently available 11 troops Mythic and fully traited, then you only need the 3 new troops fully leveled at their base rarity and 4 out of 9 traits.

So it turns out that getting to 8 stars isn’t like getting to 5 stars with 8 troops or 7 stars with 10 troops. 8 stars is impossible at 13 troops but not that hard at 14 troops (for end-gamers with most Kingdoms seven starred).

1 Which they have every right to do - people that read spoilers and then whinge when they don’t come true disappoint me no end.


hmm i need to calculate how many traits ill need if i keep all units at legendary (still not ascending to mythics the stuff i dont use often, as i use organise by rarity a lot)

38 traits.

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thanks, i guess ill just skip it for a while…
Triple Tribute Chanceedit: got it all messed up i guess its just 150gold but Adana is heavy on red arcanes while its tribute not the best…

Actually Khaziel should be able to get to 8 stars first, as its Mythic supposedly comes 3 days before Adana’s event :slight_smile:


when will anything more glorious be possible to 8*? (in theory) :sweat_smile:

It makes sense comparing bonuses at 5 and 7 stars to the bonus at 8 (150 Gold/day - I guess anyone with enough resources to get there won’t notice the difference). We’ll see how it works with 9th and 10th star :slight_smile:

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Good point - I missed that Khaziel’s planned to have a glory troop and a Mythic before Adana’s week.

Assuming you’re lucky enough to get the Mythic, the calcs above still apply, except that if you have the 12 current troops fully traited and levelled, then you only need the new troops fully leveled at their base rarity and untraited to get to 8 stars.


Here you can see some calculations:

Is it possible there will be another dropoff point, where things count as less? Currently the number of points generated by each troop, level, and/or trait drops off after a certain number. Could there be another cutoff, making troops 14+ help even less?

Also, do we know if 8 stars is “a thing” yet? I mean, the UI has a banner over the 8-10 stars that says “coming soon,” not “reachable soon.” Is it possible we could hit the 8 star point level and not receive that 150 gold per day?

I need that 150 gold desperately! To put under a wobbly table leg.

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There might be another cutoff at some point, but it would require client-side changes for that to happen. As it currently stands, I don’t believe the client supports more cutoffs.

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im guessing it will come with Guild Wars !

The cutoff happens after 10 troops.
each card 50 points for 1-10, then 10 for 11+
each level 10 points for 1-200 (20th level for 10 cards), then 2 for 201+
traits 25 each for 1-10, then 10 for 11+.

So the first 10 are 325 each.
The rest are 80 each with the current system.
Updated totals with MakoSlipper’s corrections. My most traits is 29, so it makes sense they drop in value after 30.

8 cards max 2600 (2600 5*)
9 cards max 2925 (2900 6*)
10 cards max 3250 (3200 7*)
11 cards max 3330
12 cards max 3410
13 cards max 3490
14 cards max 3570 (3500 8*)
15 cards max 3650

Astender shows 3500 for my cities as the end range after level 7.

None of the Above

It’s not true that each card after 11 will give you 125 points. You forget that, after 30 traits, traits start giving you 10 points instead of 25.

If you check the spreadsheet I posted a few comments above, you’ll see the actual max points and power level for each number of troops. :wink:

A lot of people won’t notice your spreadsheet (like me). Updated my post with your numbers.

Soon I’ll experience the joys of 31 traits in a city. Right now I max at 29. I’m almost done getting my cities to their max level. 4 more cities not at max level.

Same for me: Mist of Scales, Grosh’Nak, Dragon’s Claw and Drifting Sands are the 4 I can still can one more star.

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broken spire is 25 points from 7 stars
dragon’s claw 60 points from 6 stars
forest of thorns 17 points from 7 stars
mist of scales 300 points from 7 stars
I really love astender so much.
I expect to be done with that by the end of the month.


I doubt I will. Dragon’s Claw is doable (only 35 points away from 1 blue)

Drifting Sands is 75 points away from 2 blue. Grosh’Nak and Mist of Scales are 100 points away.

Forest of Thorns is the only kingdom I have where all troops are level 20 Mythics with all 3 traits unlocked.

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2 down, 2 to go.