[Spoilers] Some calcs about getting to 8 Stars

and all my cities are max level. Yeah and I still had a week left in the month.

None of the Above

Now I have only Dragon’s Claw at 5 stars (25 pts away, I need 7 Plains for Coatl), the rest is maxed :wink:

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We were right that 14 cards would be 8 stars.

Khetar today and then Stormheim at the end of the first guild war.

Now that we have in-game confirmation that 9 stars will require 3,800 points, we can do the same calcs for 9 stars, which need at least 17 Troops and for an easier road 18 Troops (so a long way off for all Kingdoms):

  • If you have all 17 troops ascended to Mythic and level 20, you need at least 50 Traits (i.e. can be missing only 1 Trait).
  • If you have all 17 troops fully traited (51 traits), you need 335 Levels (i.e. can be missing only 5 levels).

At 18 Troops it becomes much easier, needing only 45 Traits (missing 9) or 315 levels (missing 45 levels).


Yes. It was already on that link I had up there, but it seems that it expired. I’ve fixed it now.

Khetar will be off to a decent head start on 9* with 15th troop in three weeks, as well :smiley:


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