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Spoilers... Coming to GoW

I heared a Guild war system is in development :slight_smile:

If you look closely you can see ash lvl 12 get a Mythic Famine lol


Edited title to be a little less blatant in it’s spoilers.

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Ty @Zelfore :slight_smile:

We get another most requested feature guild wars!

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“Coming Soon™”

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Well, I’m not sure since Sirrian said 2.1 will only “pave the way” to that. So I’m afraid
"Coming in a foreseeable future™"
is more like it…

But of course it all depends on how you define “soon” :wink:


Heres one coming soon tm in a new kingom :sunglasses:

and here it is from an old game i play sometimes called titanquest…behold the Manticore! :heart_eyes:


Always nice to see a fellow Titan Quest fan! :grin:
That manticore looks awesome, wonder what its spell will look like… Maybe some poison+damage to all enemies or gem creation. Stunning a random enemy on every 4 match?

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Target create brown from gem of choice? any thoughts on what it could be?

wish they would put typhon in the game xD

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Now he looks like a brown maker for brown town and a giant.

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Mana colors were removed from most of the unreleased troops.

Ultra-Rare Monster
Endless Song (8 Unknown)
Stun an enemy and drain their Mana. Gain [Magic + 1] Attack, boosted by Mana drained. [2:1]
(Monster Bond, Impervious, Empowered)
Let me sing you the song of my people.


I can not wait to have that! That sounds amazing and fun. That third trait is also wonderful. The flavour text is mwaa.

Another Mercy counter!

You kn that is not completely fair, it is another empower counter. However it is fair to say this will counter mercy. I feel that there is a theme for the counters. Like what if the angels are fighting monsters and spirits but are losing because their energy or magic is being drained from them.

True, it’s a generic Empowered counter. It’s just that Mercy is almost synonymous with that trait, is all.

looks at own flair


You, you are not wrong. (rwby reference)
Makes me wonder if there are any other troops with such synonymousness to traits as mercy.

That thorns aura on Typhoon though… Bye, bye, brigands! I’d rather have the Bone dragon from Titan Quest, oh wait… :grin:

On topic:
Manticore is only ultra rare? It looked awesome enough to be a legendary to me. Nice spell effect, though, stun, empowered, mana drain… Spirit Fox and Manticore as hard Mercy counters… While Maw is the real problem… :expressionless:

The Great maw is synonymus with Hunger… :grinning: Jk, Maw is the only one with that trait in the first place.
Knight Coronet and Treant for Stone skin?

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Not just that, but looks to be a very effective Maw+Mercy counter.

Also, a decently powerful self attack buff. So many of those were either heavily nerfed or changed to something else entirely in 2.0. I’m kind of excited!