[Spoilers] Arcane Traitstones in Glory Packs Feb-Mar 2017

You can also bookmark http://tinyurl.com/GoWEvents , I keep it updated with information in spoiler threads and try to consolidate it so you don’t need to scan the entire thread.

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look for me, i keep the link to it in my profile so its never lost :wink:

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Are we ready for Goblin Week!!

No! I don’t like Goblins. I have specifically Built Gob Chomper to deal with them next week

Is Bone Dragon a goblin? There’s your answer.

New Kingdom will be delayed until after Guild Wars so this thread will be updated once we know the impact on the Arcane schedule. Guess I’ll have to wait for all those Arcane Blades I need…


Question: Are the PC players getting all the upcoming event information ahead of time from data mining the game files?

Sometimes I wish we knew this information on console, then I read posts about hackers and can make due with a “closed” system, and not know.

Assuming the console server works anything like the PC one, it would be pretty easy to cheat if someone wanted to. Data mining shouldn’t be a problem either, though I don’t see much of a point currently, as the PC version itself serves as a spoiler of sorts to the console versions - you can see future console troops and events i past news posts on the forum and on Lyya’s site.

The events defiantly DON’T match. We’ve had Leonis Empire, followed by Khetar.

Even if the order does not match, you still know the details of future troops, with more certainty compared to PC spoilers. Not to mention that the order of our spoilered events is subject to change too, and have changed in the past - sometimes at the last minute.

You won’t have to wait that long. Arcane blades are also slated for two weeks after (early April).

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Sorry, I guess should have bolded, italicized, and capitalized the word ‘event’ my initial post to get across what I was interesting in. Thanks for getting back to me!

If by “event” you mean the rest of the event details (what drops sontstones, which troops are boosted etc.), then we don’t have that info either. Or if you mean something else, then all the bolds and italics in the world won’t help me understand when you just use a single word that could mean 10 different things, and don’t explain properly - or at all.

Console should be getting the same troops, in the same order. Because the events are based on the kingdom that is getting new troops, they will be getting completely different events. Not sure when there will be an overlap, but they still probably are planning for console to catch up to PC, and then we will probably start getting the same events.

New schedule uploaded to game files…

Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Are you done yet?


Calm down. The only noteworthy changes (regarding this thread) are that Blackhawk and Suncrest switched dates again, and the almost-epic from Sword’s Edge is now properly set as epic.


So the planned date for the kingdom release is now 15 April? That’s a bit of a delay, but I was thinking the update would be early April.

Can You put a fully updated list of how the kingdoms are going to receive troops?

Top post updated in line with yonizaf’s comment above.

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Just noticed that with the change, we get Blue/Yellow on both April 10th (Adana) and April 17th (Suncrest) and May 1st (Glacial Peaks). I predict a lot of grumbling from people heh.

http://tinyurl.com/GoWEvents updated