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I see it at this:
Reroll is Option A - You get an easier task. And once you complete it you’ll get the rewards. The text is saying you won’t get the rewards when you hit reroll.

Option B - Is skipping the tasks for a fee but you still get the task rewards.



The old text was confusing, but the new one doesn’t say anything about no rewards, so I think it’s clearer that a re-roll is just what it sounds like: you get a new task to complete and when completing (or skipping) that one, you get the expected stars.

Wonder how much a reroll will cost. And how it will work. Imagine replacing a “complete 3 dungeons” with “complete 6 dungeons” :skull:


The crowd for re-rolling 3 dungeons is going to be really small. More like “Complete all tasks on the Adventure board x2” with “Complete 6 Dungeons”.

Ah right. I was reading the text in the before section. Whoops.

I would only reroll tasks that cannot be done in one day. And only if completing the replacement task would still award stars.

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Oh what’s that you don’t like 6 dungeon wins? Here have 3 adventure board clears instead.

I feel like we haven’t had the 6 Dungeon battles task 1 week out of the 9 during this Campaign.

That’s sure “some streakiness” when there’s only 4 Silver tasks a week. :roll_eyes:

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Don’t worry. We’ll get a 6-dungeon and 3day-AB on week 10 :wink:

Not sure if someone’s posted the graphics for future gem types before


meh, half of these are just skulls themes…

Very curious. So after Lycantropy we’ll see some “flask gems” and “wild cards”.

Good to see the sprite sheet for the upcoming new Heroic gem types.

These were discussed on the dev Q&A stream. The flask gems are Mana Potions and will be featured in Campaign 6 (the one after Lycanthropy). They act as a mass gem creator of the color of the flask when matched. This mechanic already exists in PQ3.

Wildcard gems are just that and should behave similar to their functionality in PQ1. They are scheduled to be released at some point after Mana Potions (always subject to change).

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No talk of the new mythics on Taransworld? It was bad enough when we were getting Legendaries with duplicate third traits, but now we’re getting a new mythic with World Breaker’s third trait AS ITS FIRST TRAIT, while still getting a unique (and totally useless) third trait.

I’m honestly more excited for the next delve Legendary, which is extremely easy to get, than I am any of the three new mythics revealed, which I probably will spend all my seals and keys on and not get anyway. What the hell.

And if Ullor is supposed to be the inverse to Vernalis, why does he do no damage? Instead of draining mana, he should eliminate Life

  • 50% mana start for Dragons finally coming Mon May 17th on troop Essencia. Unfortunately, the troop this is on is straight garbage. It summons 1-3 Dragon Spirits and explodes 10 gems IF you have a Dragon Spirit on your team (already, before the ability). It also summons a Lightstorm at the start of battle. I would much rather have a Firestorm, but a Lightstorm pairs quite well with Ishtara or Divinia. However, the ability itself is just awful. If you aren’t running Dragon Spirit, and you haven’t lost any troops, Essencia does nothing. LITERALLY. There aren’t many, if any, troops that literally do nothing when you cast their ability, but this is one of them, because the first part of the ability tries to summon troops (which you obviously don’t need to do unless you’ve lost troops), and the second part only explodes gems if you have that troop on your team. Not only that, but let’s say you start the game without Dragon Spirit, but with Essencia for the 50% mana start. You lose a troop. Now you cast Essencia. What happens? It summons a Dragon Spirit and explodes ZERO gems, because a Dragon Spirit wasn’t already on your team. Truly one of the worst troops I’ve ever seen and I’m going to go so far as to say that it’s worth just not even using this for the 50% mana start. You’re better off using a troop that actually does something.
  • Dragon Spirit itself isn’t anything special. It does basic Magic+8 scatter damage with a 75% chance to Enchant all Allies (similar to Demetraxia which deals Magic+9 scatter damage and 75% chance to burn all enemies, and Venbarak which deals Magic+3 damage to all enemies with a 75% chance to disease all enemies). There are many troops that enchant all allies: Mistralus on 4+ matches, Holy St. Astra enchants all humans, Medea enchants all Daemons, etc.
  • Lycanthropy starts showing up on troops: 50% chance to convert purple gem to a lycanthropy gem at start of turn. Because the trait is literally called Lycanthropy, I’m guessing we won’t see other traits with similar functions but different mana colors.
  • Lots of troops also with abilities that are boosted or have conditional effects based on number of lycantrophy gems.
  • Next Mythic, Vernalis, on June 4th entangles and Faerie Fires a random enemy when matching green gems. This is a straight up better version of mythic Yasmine’s Chosen’s trait which only entangles a random enemy when matching green gems. However, Yasmine’s Chosen deals scatter damage and can easily loop (creates 10 green gems). This upcoming mythic gives Magic+3 attack to first 2 allies, then Magic+3 life to the 2 weakest allies, then 10 Magic to the 2 strongest allies. So it doesn’t create any gems or do any damage. It’s a support troop, in the most accurate sense. In that case, I think it’s appropriate that its trait is better than Yasmine’s Chosen, because Yasmine’s Chosen creates the same color gem that she needs to activate her trait. If Yasmine’s Chosen also fairie fired enemies on green matches, she would be quite overpowered I believe.
  • Next Delve team is all about them skull matches. Two of the troops deal double skull damage to burning enemies. Two of them summon Hellstorms (red+purple I believe). One of them creates red/purple gems and curse/burn first enemy. The mlegendary deals damage to random enemies and curse/burn random enemy on 4+ gem matches. Now for the drawbacks… the troop with double skull damage to burning enemies is also the troop with immunity to burning. The other troop with double skull damage to burning enemies has Infernal Armor (reflects 25% skull damage). It gains Attack and Life with its ability. It isn’t immune to burning. So… of course we’d want to put this troop in first slot, because it can give itself more attack and heal a bit. However, it’s going to take the most damage from mirror comps because once it’s burning, it will take double skull damage. Conversely, we could use the other troop that deals double skull damage because it’s immune to burning, but it can’t gain attack/life. And then there’s yet another troop that has a 20% dodge chance. I never understood these. No one is going to put this one in front. It doesn’t do double damage to burning enemies. It can’t gain any attack/life. It isn’t immune to burning. So you basically have a 20% chance to survive a massive hit and otherwise you’re toast.
  • There’s a new Adana human troop coming out on June 14th that supports mechs. It gives Magic+1 Armor to the first 2 allies, then explodes 2 gems plus 1 more for each Ally and Enemy mech. Then there are her baffling traits. Trait #2 is Invention: Gain 2 Armor on 4+ Gem matches. Trait #3 (which costs more than Trait #2, as it is…), is Repair: Gain 1 Armor on 4+ gem matches. Uh, what? I’m pretty sure these should be the other way around. Invention gives twice as much armor on 4+ matches, but it’s the second talent instead of the third.
  • Sister of Nightmares is the next bounty troop and it actually looks like a fun one! She deals Magic+2 Damage to the last 2 enemies, then inflicts a random status to them, then poisons them. Of course it would suck if the random status was a poison, since poison doesn’t wear off and doesn’t stack. She has the Swift trait which starts her at 75% mana. She also has some firsts: she’s the first Rogue bounty troop and the first Darkstone bounty troop. She’s also the second Purple/Green bounty troop (after Agave, which no one uses). And she’s the 14th Striker bounty troop, woohoo! (We still have no Assassin or Mage bounty troops, and only 1 Warlock, 1 Warrior, and 2 Defenders… meanwhile 11 Generators and 13 Strikers, 4 Support, and 4 Warmaster.) I will definitely use her though (and not just because she’ll be the captain), because she deals damage to two enemies. No other bounty troops do that (the closest to double anything is Half-Mane which deals double damage if the enemy attack is higher).
  • Legendary Beast/Monster, The Werestag, comes out on June 21st, and has the trait “Moon Fever” which inflicts Lycanthropy on a random enemy on 4+ matches.
  • The next Mythic after the next one comes out on July 2nd: Mithrilion. It’s a Construct Defender. It explodes a 3x3 Block, then gains Magicx1.5 +1 Armor. Then it Barriers a random ally for every skull destroyed. It has the talent Insane Growth (5 to a random skill on 4+ matches) as its first talent (Insane Growth is the final talent on the mythic ‘The Worldbreaker’), 50% spell reduction on its second talent, and a NEW talent, Mithril Armor, as its third: Reflect 75% of Skull damage. Of course, it isn’t immune to stun, so it’s basically useless. Anything that inflicts Stun when attacking will bypass it. Other than that though, it’s pretty good. It can’t have Fortitude, even though it’s from Khaziel, because it isn’t a Dwarf. I would have greatly preferred to seen some kind of immunity to stun though instead of Insane Growth.
  • The next bounty troop after Sister of Nightmares is Ice Orca. It will be the first bounty troop from Glacial Peaks, but it will also be the third Green/Blue bounty troop, the 7th elemental, and the 17th Beast. Yes, the 17th Beast. It will also be the 15th Striker. It’s pretty interesting though. It deals Magic+2 Damage to the last enemy and freezes them, but if they’re already frozen, it has a 20% chance to devour them. The interesting part is that it has Ice Armor (65% Skull damage reduction). The existing bounty ‘tanks’ are Ogress and Crysturtle which have 50%.

Next up we have FIVE mythics to talk about. Hatir & Skroll (Jul 19th), Astral Mother (Aug 6th), Ullor (Sep 3rd), Hatir Ascendant (campaign?), and Skroll Reborn (campaign?)

  • Astral Mother removes all gems of a chosen color (one of my least favorites), then deals Magic+10 TRUE scatter damage, boosted by gems removed. Scatter damage is always lower than “damage all,” but this damage is true damage and it has a 4x boost for each gem removed. If you remove 10 gems, that’s 40 extra damage. The nice thing about scatter damage though is that it becomes more concentrated as enemies die, whereas damage to all enemies remains the same no matter how many enemies are alive. She gives Reflect to a random ally on yellow matches.

  • Ullor eliminates Magic+1 attack from the first two enemies, Magic+1 Magic from the last two enemies, then drains all mana from the strongest enemies. I don’t know what that means – it says “strongest enemies” implying multiple, but doesn’t say how many. Either it’s 2 strongest enemies, or it’s just the strongest enemy. I’m assuming it’s 2 strongest, and the typo will be corrected. Its trait Ancient Chill applies Freeze and Faerie Fire on a random enemy on blue matches. This one is kind of all over the place. It definitely will shut down enemy teams though, but I wonder if he has room to be included. I could see him being used though. He’s only immune to Frozen though. All the other mythics in this list are Impervious.

  • Hatir & Skroll is an Elemental/Beast from Maugrim Woods. He converts all green gems to lycanthropy and all yellow to doomskulls, then summons a winter wolf or warg. His trait Feral Inspiration gives 1 attack and magic to all beast allies at the start of his turn.

  • Hatir Ascendant creates 6 green gems, then converts all green gems to lycanthropy gems. Then he summons 1-3 Winter Wolves. I still have no idea what Lycanthropy gems actually do though. I don’t think we’ll see Lycanthropy gems until May 24th when when the next campaign starts and Werebat comes out (his third trait has the 50% chance to convert a purple gem to a lycanthropy gem at start of turn). He has a passive trait: Lunar Inspiration, which gives 2 Magic to all Beast allies when the turn starts. He IS a Beast himself, but he’s also a Boss. He’s also from Maugrim Woods and is NOT a Wargare (there seems to be a lot of design conflict between wargare and beasts when it comes to Maugrim Woods).

  • Skroll Reborn is also a beast/boss. He has Solar Inspiration which gives 5 attack to beasts at start of turn. He creates 6 yellow gems, then turns all yellow gems into doomskulls, then summons 1-3 Wargs.

Keep in mind with these last 3 Mythic Beasts from Maugrim Woods that we still have Wulfgarok from Maugrim Woods which gives 2 attack/magic to alllied wargare on 4+ matches. As of right now, there are 13 Wargare from Maugrim Woods but only 8 Beasts. (And 2 of them are both Wargare+Beast.) However, Forest Guardian starts all Beasts at 50% mana. There is no such 50% mana start for Wargare. That said, there is also no troop that gives 4 to all skills on 4+ matches to beasts, but there is one for Wargare (Persistence).


Mythic on July 2 has this as a first trait …
" Trait #1: Insane Growth
Gain 5 to a random Skill on 4 or 5 Gem matches."

Worldbreaker would like a word. Its other traits are reasonably powerful as it is, though its ability is not great. Overall needs to change a lot.

The Dark Court troops look like absolute garbage, we do not EVER need an entire team of mana drain. Censored because I just don’t want to see that.

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So lycanthropy gems are still considered to be purple gems. You match some purple gems, and one of them happens to be a lycanthropy gem because of a troop’s trait changing it (they’ll also have a 1 in 20 chance of dropping from the top (in place of a regular purple gem), but only during the campaign weeks that feature it), you get your 3 purple mana (plus banner/surge bonus) and the lycanthropy status is cast on a random enemy.