(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]

Wow! That is significant. It is much higher than I would have expected. Thank you.

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… I hadn’t realized it was additive, myself. :thinking: … Yes, much more useful …

Good points (especially re: using the Turtle Cannon on defense)! Yeah, if you get a mix of doomskulls and the desired color, it could perform better than Forest Troll (by chipping in some damage too). I would expect there still to be some consistency issues with Turtle Cannon though, mainly due to needing skulls and the fact that its gem creation can be wasted on overwriting green gems on the board.

War Wolf’s traits are, like Rover-300, also pretty shabby, further restricting its use.

Oh it is hopeless on defence indeed.

I decided to wheel out Turtle Cannon for PvP T3 yesterday and today. It took me a while and a fair amount of losses, based on the fact that I’ve levelled everything useful herowise and am left with Oracle and Knight… I’ve also got Corsair still to make the last leg of it’s career path, but as the former two are only 15 or so levels between them from dust, I’ve soldiered on and I’ve teams for Corsair specifically.

Effectively, what you do with TC is go large and cater for overflow and take any skulls away from any green clusters. By using Doomed Glaive (or let’s say for maybe argument’s sake, Sylvanimora), you can explode with impunity most of the time, filling things with overflow, such as Weaver for example. Yes Doomskulls can be left and still blast through entangle, but the stoneskin generally sees you through a fail. As we know, a good alignment for a doomed weapon can often take out 2 troops, sometimes all, but this strategy requires you to avoid being killed first, In that regard, like anything that’s the issue.

I have tried it with King Gobtruffle and that is interesting, the brown refills the cannon - ala Forest Troll, and also fills Doomed Glaive. Unfortunately as I’m not using optimum classes, if I lose it’s because I lose the race to cast. I may try it with Fist of Zorn and Glaive (purely for the entangle) and see how it goes with the usual supporting cohorts.

TC is more resilient than War Wolf, as with all these teams with Webspinner up front and cleanse/bless empowered start, anything less than Stoneskin is more or less instant death (unless using Rock Solid). War wolf could have it’s uses, it’s stonger than the trolls that don’t have any skull negation, possibly could work with an Orc team to some extent, fill Orc maybe or Fel Dras. Refill with Gar Nok etc. Red Doomed weapon etc.

Shame no Orc class ofc…

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These are my two lowest as well, and the ones I’ve decided I’m just not even going to bother levelling any further for now (both in the 50s) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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Thanks for filling us in on the results of your experiments. I had thought Turtle Cannon would go well with the Gobtruffle team, as it would take care of any leftover doomskulls left from a doomed glaive/Maraji Queen cast and keep the loop going. If you have The Wild Queen, that’s another important troop I think TC would synergize effectively with (working similarly, say, to Forest Guardian). Fist of Zorn is an interesting idea too, I’m curious how that will work out.

War Wolf generates red, and Flame Troll is one of the trolls without skull negation traits, but 25% reduction as you said is not really enough to make a difference. It does take different colors from Flame Troll, avoiding the overlapping problem that TC/Forest Troll have. I’m still not sure that would create a niche for War Wolf though, given its poor traits.

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Not really a spoiler, but the Xbox One Achievements went live in the am hours today.

I don’t know how early they are with it (bout effing time if you ask me), but Patch is soontm-ish. Probably out before Guild Wars lol


It’s in Apple’s and Sony’s hands then.
That never happens… Lol

Well, if they have released the achievement list, its past the certification point and more on the scheduled to release portion.

I’m not saying your wrong. But not exactly. It just means Microsoft has approved the patch. Google is always the first to approve it because they don’t give a Google. But Sony and Apple still have to approve the patch before the devs will release it. (No idea how Amazon does it, I’m assuming they are more like Google though)

Do we know if the update is coming to the Switch at the same time?

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Although off topic slightly, classes like Oracle and Knight are way down the pecking order. Knight, because at 70 it gets banish, is tenable in certain teams for levelling in T3 PvP, purely really anti L&D or Dawnbringer etc. Oracle is imho the worst class for PVP. It’s best talent is probably Tree of Knowledge, also at 70, but no half start makes it extremely slow to play against optimum teams.

2 of the next three classes atm can get a half start, Slayer from King Highforge and Archmagus from Mana Source. Archmagus also won’t block Lightning strike with a good talent as the alternatives are Arcane Surge and Delirium. So that will be ala Frostmage with 50% start and Lightning Strike, but with access to Bonestorm for example.

Incomparable to Knight and Oracle. I mean Knight, surely that’s a class that protects, yet it has nothing to allow it to lead the line successfully…Vanguard I suppose, but that’s it. It could use Holy Armor for sure.


Next week is interesting for troop releases. We get the long-awaited empowered converter to green in Moonsinger, which will be a hit for one and all.

What do people think about the godslayer, Ulfr Huntsmaster? Will you use it outside of the raid boss event? Lower rarity first-slot troops aren’t terribly popular, but applying Hunter’s Mark and Stun on cast to the front troop, then doing double damage on skulls to Hunter’s Marked troops (meaning 4x damage on skull hits after cast, basically) will rack up some good damage (especially during the event!). On the downside, mono-Wargare typing hurts, and it’s spell and traits are pretty similar to Dire Wolf (who’s arguably a better troop all around, and still doesn’t see much high-end play).

not every troop needs to be good/10

LOL filler tier, duly noted.

It’s doubtful. On one of the recent streams, Salty said that the certification process for Nintendo platforms is far, far more thorough and time-intensive than on the other platforms. As such, to some degree because of this, the Switch will always be behind on patches no matter what.


I agree with you and I like to play the same way. I believe difficulty 3 will actually be like normal explore and 2 will be like the old challenge difficulty. Difficulty 1 must be like first quest battle difficulty.

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Major spoiler just released on stream.

– In 4.6, any troop that Kills or inflicts Lethal damage on another unit will now pierce barrier when inflicting the lethal damage.

In other words, Kill/Lethal damage by a player is being altered to match the behavior of the Boss version of Zuul’Goth.

Also, 4.6 will be sometime this week guaranteed, as next week’s troop requires this mechanic change to function correctly.


Here’s hoping 4.6 includes a text update to, e.g., Ubastet and Zuul’Goth. Searching for “lethal” does not bring them up because their spells currently say “Kill”. Of course, searching for that string brings up every troop that affects skill points in any way.


I know this was an issue with Ubastet before he was nerfed. It always felt like a bug to me. Glad they finally got it resolved.

Only took a year. Noice. :wink: