(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]

I read this as ‘herpes’, glad I re-read your post. :rofl:


It’s true scatter damage, boosting off a stat that can grow very much faster than for Death. First cast will deal roughly 80 true damage, while significantly increasing all stats except magic. I’m also seeing an amazing set of traits that greatly increases overall survival. The boost ratio looks fine to me, increasing it would probably require balance changes to other parts, like changing Devour to Kill.

Nah looks like distortion in front of them disappearing. You can see the same effect on her knee.

It’s true scatter damage, boosting off a stat that can grow very much faster than for Death

Death’s boost ratio is based on its Life. Vash’Dagon’s boost ratio is based on its Life. They’re both 3:1. Both can be influenced by life gain troops and yet still do pathetic damage.

First cast will deal roughly 80 true damage, while significantly increasing all stats except magic.

You need to recheck your math on damage output, its not as valuable as it seems.

Currently, I gain 11 magic from Kingdom Bonuses, 2 magic from Guild Bonuses.
13 magic + 8 Vash base magic stat + 6 base spell damage = 27 true scatter damage +

71 life Sunbird + (26 kingdom power + 8 guild bonus + 2 renown bonus + 31 base life = 67) 67 base life = 138 at 3:1 boost ratio: 138/3 = 46 boost damage

27 true scatter damage + 46 boost damage = 73 true scatter damage divided by 4 enemies = 18.25 true damage to all targets, truncated to 18.

Yay. I swallowed up my player chosen troop for a random resummoned Daemon that could potentially mana block my team to do true AoE dmg that is less than a Draakulis cast which was never known for its damage.

At this rate, its the next The Possessed King that isn’t meant to be cast and only exists to be used as a 3rd trait.

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Vash’Dagon doesn’t need any life gain troops for support, unlike Death he buffs himself as part of dealing damage as secondary effect. The selling point of Death also wasn’t his damage, it was his Death Mark, which hasn’t really aged well the past years.

73 looks like roughly 80 to me. You are also neglecting additional event related buffs that might apply. I don’t think that Vash’Dagon will shine in Explore mode, he is best suited for game modes that require a bit more endurance.

Well, yes, it’s a tech troop, there are multiple ways to use it inefficiently.

It’s a troop that isn’t meant to be cast blindly whenever the spell is ready. Incidentally, The Possessed King is considered to be one of the most powerful mythic troops by quite a few players. I don’t see Vash’Dagon quite on par, he seems to be in a good spot for some less conventional team builds though. I’ll admit that I didn’t realize the true power of The Possessed King for a long time, so I might also be wrong here.

Can someone explain Vash’Dagon’s spell to me? “Devour an Ally. If an Ally is devoured…” How am I supposed to interpret those two sentences?

Maybe in case one tries to devour a troop in the team that’s immune to devour?

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It’s basically “Attempt to devour an ally. If successful, then…”.

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It’s just weird that “Devour” as a verb has the dual uses of “Remove a troop and gain stats” and “Attempt to do that first thing”. It makes sense upon hearing it, but man it’s a bizarre-looking construction.

I assume its a hedge against targeting devour-immune units. No spamming the spell, not devouring and still doing damage (even reduced).

Maybe I’m reading it incorrectly, doesn’t the spell do damage in any case? The conditional part just seems to prevent Vash’Dagon from getting abused as summoner?


why talk about spell of a troop thats been pushed back couple times at all?obv going to be changed again

Heads up Vash’Dagon is being pushed back again. Stay tuned!


i hope they start over from scratch with him. devourering an ally is never going to be an appealing spell affect (for me)…

I think devouring an ally could be cool if it also summons/creates effects in excess of what is sacrificed; i.e, replace the eaten troop with two others, or gain twice the amount of stats “lost”

that’s something i didn’t consider. let’s see if it happens haha.

I doubt it will, I’m just playing devil’s advocate XD

Devilman LoL

Is there anyway to see the future Titles? I’m curious about them… :thinking:

Shade of Zorn has its stats available. Any one with any comments? =

Interesting 3rd trait, but stealthy and immune to poison ruins half of the fun. I guess there’s bleed, but bleed isn’t common.

What’s the payoff for the 3rd trait?

Spell Description: Deal [Magic + 5] damage to an Enemy, boosted by Red Allies and Skulls. If the Enemy dies, summon 2 Fist of Zorns. [4x]

Uh… …? I mean, a lot of Orcs are Red, but that doesn’t cover every Orc. Also not a fan of boosting on skulls. Shade of Zorn isn’t red either, so its not boosted by itself… The damage can be okay, but its not like I like Doomclaw either. Its a better low level troop?..

Eh. Just eh.