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I want to believe! Imagine the possibilities - this much extra gold could allow me to buy an entire legendary task in under three years. By myself!

Or I could refresh casual PVP a leisurely twenty times per day! The mind boggles.


Whoa, slow down there speed demon!

Are you trying to get this nerfed? :stuck_out_tongue:


It is, power level 15 increases the gold per day bonus of the kingdom from +600 to +1000, so an extra 400 gold.


There ya go…killing the mood :smile:


They buffed Queen of Sin: Blue, Green, Yellow so it doesn’t full block Wrath or Lust, 20 mana cost, more damage, and an upgraded 3rd trait.

That’s better… It might actually be good now?


New troop changes came out with the release of the Pan’s Vale rework! Very exciting changes, several new troops along with several reworks.

  • Stonesong Eyrie’s troops are now added! No trait information yet. I really like this faction, the mechanic seems interesting, highly synergistic with troops like Umberwolf and Skadi. I especially like Harpy Mage for Brwon teams, and Bladewing for the high-level faction teams. I’m wondering about Xochi’s trait too.
  • New Troop: Harpy (Green/Brown from Stonesong Eyrie, No Date) Give [Magic + 1] Life to all Allies; if there is a Storm, drain 4 Mana from all enemies and clear the Storm.
  • New Troop: Bladewing (Blue/Brown from Stonesong Eyrie, No Date) Deal [Magic + 4] Damage to a target. If there is a storm, there is a 15% chance to instantly kill them, then clear the storm.
  • New Troop: Harpy Mage (Red/Yellow Legendary from Stonesong Eyrie, No Date) Conjure (this is a new word?) a Dustorm, then explode [Magic + 1] Gems of an ally’s mana color.
  • New Troop: Queen Xochi (Yellow/Brown Legendary from Stonesong Eyrie, No Date) Deal [Magic + 1] damage to all enemies. If there is a Storm, explode 5 Gems, then clear the storm. Since she has no unique trait yet, I assume it uses a new mechanic.

Several other troops have been added as well.

  • New Troop: Carlson Marshall (Yellow/Brown Epic from Adana, May 27). Godslayer with a 3:1 boost ratio on Yellow Gems. You can’t even give us a 1:1 ratio on Gem count?
  • New Troop: Corpse Mare (Blue/Yellow Rare from Ghulvania, May 24). Bountyhunter with Water Link and the spell: Destroy a row. Steal [Magic + 1] Life from the first enemy, boosted by Skulls destroyed. This will be the third Blue/Yellow Bounty troop in the game, which is a pain. Why don’t they make some better Green Bounty troops?
  • New Troop: Daughter of Ice (Purple/Brown Epic from Glacial Peaks, Jul 01). Empowered converter with “Convert Red Gems to Blue. Conjure an Icestorm.” Although this is an AMAZING troop that I definitely think will see use (a Storm on an Empowered converter? Yes please!), after Drowned Sailor comes out we will have 3 Blue creators and NO GREEN ONES! Also this will be the first converter that will work on Brown Guild War days.
  • New Troop: Frostfeather (Blue/Green Legendary from Glacial Peaks, Jul 01). Deal [Magic + 2] damage to all Enemies; if there is an Icestorm, Curse all Enemies. Although the spell is cool, the Maraj Queen will be a more consistent Curse applier, and it starts with 50% Mana. At least it synergizes well with Daughter of Ice. Also, the unique trait Freezes all enemies when it dies (like Deathknight hero class) so I’d expect to see some people try to use it with Elspeth or Vash’Dagon or something.
  • New Troop: Rover-300 (Blue/Red Ultra-Rare from Adana, May 27). Explode a Gem, create 4 Yellow Gems boosted by Skulls destroyed [3x]. A Yellow Turtle Cannon!
  • New Troop: Sanguina (Yellow/Purple Epic from Ghulvania, May 20). Steal [Magic + 1] Life from an Enemy, boosted by Purple allies and Enemies.

There were a couple other Troop changes.

  • The upcoming Mythic troop Yggdrasil from Forest of Thorns has now been replaced with Champion of Gaard from Sword’s Edge. It is a Green/Red/Yellow troop. No release date is known.

  • The upcoming Mythic Shade of Zorn has changed from Blue/Red/Purple to Green/Yellow/Brown. Literally opposite colors?

  • The upcoming Mythic troop Queen of Sin has been buffed; its base AoE True damage has changed from +1 to +8, its mana cost has been lowered from 24 to 20, and its Trait changed from draining 2 Skill points when an ally casts to draining 4 Skill points.

  • There are a couple of minor naming changes to some troops, that don’t seem important enough to mention here.


Here are the pet changes:

  • New Pet: Bin Chicken from Stormsong Eyrie
  • New Pet: Cactnid Kid from City of Thieves
  • New Pet: Frog Prince from Amanithrax

Here are the kingdom changes:

  • Silver Necropolis: The High Elven Tombs. Linked with Silverglade. Description added: “The haunted tomb of Archmage Vanya Soulmourn was thought lost for thousands of years.”
  • Sunken Fleet: Wreckage of the Maraji Fleet. Linked with Bright Forest. Description added: “In ages past, the Summer Queen defeated the fleet of Al-Maraj, banishing them to the Underworld.”.
  • I can’t tell but I think some banners got added. Silver Necropolis is +2 Purple/+1 Brown/-1 Blue, Sunken Fleet is +2 Blue/+1 Red/-1 Green, Amanithrax is +2 Green/+1 Brown/-1 Red, City of Thieves is +2 Purple/+1 Blue/-1 Yellow, Stonesong Eyrie is +2 Brown/+1 Yellow/-1 Purple.

There were no class changes, and haven’t been since December 28th.

The only weapon changes were several weapon name switches.


Not gonna lie - I love it when the devs sneak some Aussie slang into Krystara… :smiley:

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For those not aware: https://junkee.com/bin-chicken-finally-gets-credit-deserves-great-david-attenborough-parody/99676

(It’s a mockumentary on bin chickens.)


Lol, that was good :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Here’s a song about Bin Chickens that contains a lot of swearing - perhaps part of the reason for the movement to redeem them:

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Could someone explain to me how the MVP system works (what is this?). I did not understand.


Isn’t it like the way the Victory screen works now?
Though I may be wrong :woman_shrugging:


I did not understand some items on this menu. Could you explain the “Spellmaster” (is it a title?) And the “Tha was fun” button?
That camera next to the Continue button would be for instant prints?


Any updates for the art of Queen of sin

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This will answer all your questions


Thank you.


Any idea when 4.3 will go live?


Anyone know about 15 new Delve rooms yet? I’m so excited about it, hope it come with 4.3 update!

Excluding new Factions' Start/Boss rooms, Here's the list

Legendary/Treasure - Dark King’s Hoard (Death Touch)
Legendary - Ice Cave
Epic/Treasure - Dark Magus’s Secrets (Arcane)
Epic - Dark Cabal
Epic - Fell Nest
Ultra-Rare/Treasure - Dwarven Ale-Vault (Grudge)
Ultra-Rare/Treasure - Thieve’s Hideout (Agile)
Ultra-Rare - Chimera Cave
Ultra-Rare - Dark Wave Pool
Ultra-Rare - Spider Nest (Slippery)
Ultra-Rare - The Bone Plie (Chill Touch)
Rare/Treasure - Pot o’ Gold (Greedy)
Rare - Hidden Nests
Rare - Smugggler’s Den
Common - Deep Hive

Fun Fact :

Dark King’s Hoard mark the first Legendary Treasure Room, with first second base-Mythic troop (after Xethanos) in the team : Flesh Golem/Werewolf/Hellcat/Draakulis

You can look up for more detail here

4.3 Update (Patch Notes)

Xathenos already exists in Liche’s Crypt, though?


Welp, completely forget about Xathenos. :sweat_smile:

First Mythic from visible kingdom then. Lol. (Just kidding, fixed it)


“All allied troops gain Death Touch at the start of future battles”

What! Lol.