(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


I am afraid the game will become even more pay to win if potions are available for purchase


I wouldnt call those potions pay to win tbh (if are in delve) but more a waste your gems/money for nothing.

Other maybe the potion of power (and 7 to all isnt such a great buff either) hardly those potions will make much difference on last lvls of delve, even more on faction runs ones.

Let’s just hope they arent for GW lol.


According to weapons following factions are tied to:
Amanithrax - Zaejin
City of Thieves - Leonis Empire
Stonesong Eyrie - Suncrest
Sunken Fleet - Bright Forest


New spoiler updates today:

  • A bunch of spoiled troops, like the Amanithrax, got information about their spell colors, spell costs, and traits stripped. Guess that information was arbitrary/TBD.
  • Several future troops got release dates, extending as far as July and August.
  • This one was subtle so I’m glad I noticed it: the three new Mythics got their colors confirmed
  • Obsidius is Red/Purple/Brown (Elemaugrim and Gargantuar colors), and uses Lava and Skull Traitstones.
  • Shade of Zorn is Red/Purple/Blue (Zuul’Goth and Death colors) and uses Blood and Dark Traitstones.
  • Yggdrasil is Blue/Green/Yellow (Euryali colors) and uses Swamp and Light Traitstones. In case anyone is unaware, Yggdrasil is an immense mythical tree that plays a central role in Norse cosmology, where it connects the Nine Worlds.


  • As Neritar mentions above, we have kingdoms for the 4 factions now, due to the addition of their weapons. Looks like Eyrie does in fact have Stryx/Harpies. Would never have guessed Sunken Fleet or City of Thieves though. The weapons themselves have colors but no spells.


  • New pets this spoiler update! No art for any of them yet.
  • Bonicorn: Silver Necropolis Faction Pet
  • PlayfulDragonkitty: Odd name, cosmetic pet from Dragon’s Claw. Probably TBD
  • ReveredDragonkitty: Odd name, cosmetic pet from Dragon’s Claw. Probably TBD


Sunken Fleet / Bright Forest actually show up before in place of Silver Necropolis, then it got replaced. Glad it’s back again though!

Still a bit confused that it’s doesn’t belong to Blackhawk. But as Fang Moor have taught us, sometimes the connection is the hidden lore, and it might not be obvious.

I’m very interested in the Legendary troop, The Maraji Queen. With the Fey War between Suna and Scorpius, maybe she is his wife. I’m excited to learn more about this story line.

Also, I’m so glad Yggdrasil is the new Forest of Thorns’s Mythic. It would be undeserving to be least than that! I even write about it back when the data is just available. :grin:


2nd mythic? Forest of Thorns has Yasmine Chosen already.


The next few mythics are the last few kingdoms without a mythic already and the devs have stated briefly on multiple occasions in dev streams that they had interest in having 2 mythics per kingdom. They even turned down the idea of adding mythics to factions.


Be careful with that statement.

Just because there won’t be mythic troops in factions, doesn’t necessarily there won’t be Doomed-weapon style “alternate” mythic-like troops in factions at some point.

The devs love issuing statements like this, where they can concretely say that they told the truth (there are no mythics in the Underworld) and avoid breaking this premise with a simple rename of troop type (see, they aren’t mythic troops, they are XXXXX troops).

I’d fathom that it is a very safe bet that some kind of mythic-like troops end up in the Underworld eventually.


“We will never introduce an energy system”



I don’t believe this was never actually said. I believe you may be referring to this:

Or maybe this:

Or maybe some subtle jabs at monetized energy systems, especially in competitive settings, such as when Guild Wars was released with our first iteration of what is, technically, an energy system (about a third of the way down here)

Which, yeah, heavily implies that energy systems (especially monetized ones in a competitive setting) are against their core design philosophy and that they not only wouldn’t be implementing them anywhere in the game but also paints them in a negative light. I’ve seen people interpret this as “well, he meant for the main game (PvP, quests, explore), which still doesn’t have energy systems”, which, nah, I think it is pretty cut and dry from just these posts where Sirrian’s stance on energy systems in general was (is?).

However, in fitting with what @Lyrian stated, they never actually (to my knowledge) ever said “we will never introduce an energy system”. Heavily implied, yes, but also based on the current circumstances, which apparently changed, judging by the ample evidence available in game today. So when they gradually snuck them into the game, even though they felt more and more out of place and felt like kind of a betrayal of the ideals of which the game was founded on at the time (and honestly, still do a bit), they technically never said they wouldn’t do it.

So, attempting to bring this back on topic: As far as the future goes, even if they have expressed disdain for a particular idea, don’t ever count it out completely. They very rarely will commit to saying something will or won’t happen unless they qualify it (eg., “at this time”, “no plans”, etc.), but even if they do, anything and everything is subject to change for a wide array of reasons.

With the next few mythics out of the way, we could very well be entering an era where we continue to get more mythics through “alternate” sources and the previous rules of Mythic acquisition no longer apply. At that point all we could do is hope that any new acquisition method isn’t so overtly obnoxious that it becomes a deal breaker for our individual will to keep playing (which is going to vary person to person). I hope I’m wrong here.


Looks like we got an update on February 10th:

Troop release dates!

Crab Man : May 17, 2019
Drowned Sailor: May 17, 2019
Obsidius: Jun 07, 2019
The Maraji Queen: May 17, 2019
Water Elemental: May 17, 2019

One of the factions now has a release date of May 17th. It’s pretty obvious now that Maraj Queen/Water Elemental/Crab Man/Drowned Sailor is a faction.

Guppy: Jul 10, 2019
Lil’ Kerby: Aug 07, 2019
Minnow: May 17, 2019 (Guessing this is the faction pet)
Ninja Cat: Aug 14, 2019
Owlbunny: May 08, 2019
Weenie Wyvern: Jun 12, 2019

No class or weapon changes.


I can now confirm that a bunch of text changes did happen on February 13th. Here’s a complete list:

The new update 4.3.0 seems like it will be a revamp to the social systems, and include features like Emojis, Portraits, Titles, a Report system and an Honor system for chat, and more. There will also be an “MVP” system, the mechanisms and usage of which I have not been able to determine. The update will come with new achievements:

  • It’s Been an Honor: Give Honor for the first time
  • Real Housewives of Krystara: Get a total of 100 Social Items (Emoji Packs, Portraits, or Titles)
  • The Real MVP: Receive the highest level MVP award
    Apparently the Social Update will include an event where players will gain additional trophies from PvP:
  • Social Update: Additional trophies for the Social Update
    Emojis will be unlocked in various ways:
  • Join a Guild: Also unlocks new modes of play and these emojis: :redmana: :bluemana: :managreen:"
    Looks like they’re adding an automatic banner suggestor (like the troop suggestor), which will automatically choose the most appropriate banner for the given team. If this system is reliable it could be very useful.
  • Suggest Banners
    4.3.0 may also be the update that adds Potions, which provides various buffs when used. Hopefully this doesn’t make things P2W.

One of the new factions is now confirmed to be named Sunken Fleet. It is unknown what kingdom it is tied to.

Unreleased Troop and Weapon Changes:

  • A new troop, Raven Tower, has been added. Its spell reads “Gain 8 Life, Armor and also Barrier. Destroy all Gems of a chosen Color . There’s a 30% chance to teleport away.” Presumably this is a revamp to the current system of Valravens in Invasion, where Towers just randomly drop Sigils.*
  • Easter Tower has also been added. Its spell reads “Gain 8 Life, Armor and also Barrier. Deal [Magic + 5] damage to an enemy. Summon Dragon Eggs.”
  • Several troops got renamed:
  • “Gluttony Beast” -> “Glutmaw”
  • “Racoon Pirate” -> “Quickpaw Jack”
  • “Salty Wench” -> “Red Charlotte”
  • “Dogbot” -> “Rover-300”
  • “Steampunk Gunner” -> “Carlson Marshall”
  • “Ice Phoenix” -> “Frostfeather”
  • “Cursed Treasure” -> “Cursed Effigy”
  • “Dwarven Cannon” -> “Dragon Cannon”
  • “Anu’s Priest” -> “Priest of Anu” (Good call, that one was pushing the line a little too much.)
  • Several troops got their spell descriptions stripped: Amanithrax 1, Amanithrax 2, Amanithrax 3, Amanithrax Legendary, City of Thieves 1, Stonesong Eyrie 1, Stonesong Eyrie 2, Stonesong Eyrie 3, Stonesong Eyrie Legendary. These all seemed to be related to pending reworks of existing troops anyway (City of Thieves 1 looked like a WIP rework of Imp of Love)
  • Essence of Evil got a grammar change and a nerf, increasing its mana cost to 15. I thought it was good where it was, this is sad.
  • New weapon name: Sunken Fleet Weapon -> Last Harbor
  • New weapon name: Stonesong Eyrie Weapon -> Feather Hammer

Spell Wording Changes:
Over 200 spells got wording changes, all for existing troops and weapons. These are just capitalization and grammar changes, Imp of Love is the only troop that got a rework.
The 149 troops that were changed were:
Hippogryph, Musketeer, Flame Cannon, Acolyte, Warlock, Ancient Horror, Reaver, Night Terror, Centaur Scout, Star Gazer, Pegasus, Herdmaster, Scale Guard, Poison Master, Mist Stalker, Lamia, Glade Warden, Dryad, Treant, Priestess, Paladin, Archon Statue, Sacred Guardian, Satyr, Siren, Wight, Revenant, Dwarven Miner, Bombardier, Deep Borer, Blast Cannon, Goblin, Goblin Shaman, Boar Rider, Black Beast, Pride Hunter, Sabertooth Lion, Rex Warrior, Chimera, Zombie, Vampire Lord, Wolf Knight, Griffon Knight, Knight Coronet, Frost Giant, Berserker, Serpent, Ogre, Stone Giant, The Silent One, Goblin King, Raven, Alastair, Avina, Dire Wolf, Elf-Eater, Sunweaver, Hag, Roc, Dust Devil, Marid, The Great Maw, Ghiralee, Gob-Chomper, Twisted Hero, Venbarak, Tassarion, Queen Mab, Winter Wolf, Spirit Fox, Anubite Warrior, Dragon Cruncher, Mad Prophet, Khopeshi, Amira, Dragonette, Dragonmoth, Thorn Knight, Penitent, Royal Engineer, Queen Ysabelle, Fel’Dras, Justice, Loyalty, Courage, Humility, Sacrifice, Honor, Giant Toadstool, Frostling, Giant Toad, Gard’s Avatar, Minogor, Shadowblade, Lady Ironbeard, Obsidian Golem, Gog and Gud, Archdruid, Elven Bard, Princess Elspeth, Krystenax, Jotnar Stormshield, Chupacabra, Tezca, Stonehammer, Orc Veteran, Totem Guardian, Domovoi, Parrot, Rift Lynx, Valraven, Nax, Falconer, Snow-Hunter, Princess Fizzbang, Hammerhead, Leviathan, Eternal Gard’s Avatar, Ser Cygnea, Monster Muncher, Scylla, Mammoth, Skadi, Sol’Zara, Sand Scuttler, King Abhorath, Treasure Gnome, Cedric Sparklesack, Frost Archer, Queen’s Herald, War Cleric, Sister Superior, The Wild Queen, Crossbow Tower, Ice Wraith, Arcanus, Zuul’Goth, Sir Wulfric, Dire Boar, Mantis Shrimp, Crimson Arrow, Taloca, Urska Dragoon, Fallen Valdis, The Possessed King, Sacred Treasure, Half-Mane, Sibyl of Lust
The 45 weapons that were changed were:
Knight’s Sword, Scout’s Bow, Warrior’s Axe, Hunter’s Spear, Icy Glaive, Guardian Halberd, Glaive of Storms, Halberd of Might, Shadowbringer, Frozen Soul, Lion’s Claw, Holy Avenger, Eagle Eye, Gard’s Wall, Crude Club, Frost Reaver, Skullblade, Farsight Orb, Eggsplosion, Bear Totem, Eye of Xathenos, Bone Shield, Dawnbringer, Lion and Tiger, Merchant’s Blade, Creeping Death, Serpentine Dagger, Dragon Fire, Baat Jaam Dao, Titania’s Fan, Heart of Xathenos, Beastly Bow, Glacial Crystal, Mecha Axe, Elemental Bow, The Edged Blade, Divine Protector, Hook Sword, Orb of Winter, Writhing Staff, Volcanic Shield, Axe of the Spire, Nimbus Bow, Primal Axe, Cobra’s Curse


There was another change on February 13th, which I wanted to dedicate a paragraph to, because I think it speaks volumes about what the faction of Amanithrax will be.

  • Amanithrax Weapon -> Mushroom Tome

I also accidentally discovered something: Amanita is a genus of mushrooms! Here’s Amanita muscaria

From these two tidbits, we can expect the Amanithrax to be a race of mushroom men, like Myconids from Dungeons and Dragons:

Very cool, can’t wait for this new faction.


There are two shroom troops today, Fey Cap - Bright Forest and Giant Toadstool - Zaejin.
So it’s probably the faction to one of them.


I rarely comment on unreleased content, but I really don’t think that it’s a good idea to release empowered skull converters into the game. I have been fearing that this would eventually happen after the empowered trait came to be.
I guess that I would be ok with it as long as the devs do not place them in delves, raids, invasions or ToD events. In my opinion it’s enough of a challenge to be color/race/kingdom restricted, but to have half our team taken out on turn one because of favorable alignments for the AI just seems like a recipe for disaster to me.


I agree it’s scary and it’s only green and yellow converter so i guess we will see blue, red, purple and brown also


And we don’t even have an empowered Green converter yet…


Can Sunken Fleet be bound not to Bright Forest?


Are we really having brown again in the next ToD? Even though we still haven’t had yellow or green yet?


Hope not. This would be a reason to insta-quit for me and as VIP15 I´m generally willing to spend money.