(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Trait #3: Aura of Power
All Mythics gain 1 Magic on 4 or 5 Gem matches

So this isn’t a typo? Been several revisions now… sincerely hoping it is a typo and it’s “Mystics” not “Mythics”. If it’s actually “Mythics” then I’m just wondering if it means base rarity or rarity…


It’s likely to be a typo, as her spell, aside AoE, revolve around supporting Mystic/Deamon. I hope the dev fix it before she getting released.

For the new spoiler, holy hell! Another 2 kingdom spoiler coming before the next one even released. So 3 kingdom in a row on spoiler! They’re all evil kingdom though, so we might get more Deamon/Undead to deal with Divine after all.

And God damn, that Blackhawk Mythic!! Destroy ALL enemies armor? That’s like Mang on drug! I hope its mana is high enough and not somehow divine/beast, so it doesn’t get half mana boost.


I found his spell meh. It’s somewhat a one-cast spell, aside if the damage dealt is high (I doubt).
Still for a troop named Megavore with no Devour, it’s quite strange…


Is that really a Mythic third trait of ‘50% chance to summon a Tomb Spider on enemy death’?

I like Tomb Spider but wow just Wow… :thinking:


Yeah, its spell alone won’t be that dangerous, aside from troops that use armor to buff damage, like Mech/Whitehelm/Lady Ironbeard, but putting it in the team with high damage, every troops will be a lot more vulnerable.

Also, that Blade of Guilt, the Divine-hater weapon is kinda entertaining! Dealing magic + 40 damage to any yellow Divine Mythic is so spacific.


Looks rather like a Divine-tickler weapon. Going by those numbers it would take three casts to kill a single troop of the current Divine meta defense team. I hope they still throw in some extra other than a wall mount.


Yeah agree. It should be “twice” better than “+10” :stuck_out_tongue: .
So x4 damage on Yellow Divine troops.


Oddly poetic, I’ll take it as the devs finally realising just how much of the pooch they’ve screwed by creating as many divines as possible


No k_35 yet just skips to K_ 36


k35 is Dhrak-Zum.


makes sense


PSA for end-gamers who like planning with spoilers:

You’re going to want to get Pinguin to level 10 by September 24.

Tomorrow’s pet event is Pinguin, so it’s a good chance to lock that Kingdom Star requirement in if you haven’t already.


Today’s event allowed me to do this:


I hope I didn’t take it too far . . .


Wow. Enjoy the enhanced trivial stat gain to your mono-blue teams :grin:


Actually the buff is only for Stormheim teams :stuck_out_tongue:


There you go again, being right… maybe I should actually read the pets - maybe there’s some great ones in there?


Why is so important, i mean the date.


Try this one:

Jarl Firemantle
Fire Giant
Dawnbringer (Titan Class)
Hyndla Frostcrown
@Bear-Banner (Urskaya)

Enjoy the Bonus-Stats :wink: (If you could take a Screenshot, it would be awesome :slight_smile: )
My Bonus isn’t that high yet, but this Team has the highest possible Pet-Boni in the Game right now^^
(And even higher, when we get those little “Giant”-Pet muahaha)


According to spoiler info, that’s when we can raise our first 10- (& 11-) star kingdom


What name will you put on it?

Mine is called:
An umbrela and a top hat would be nice accessories…