(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


I’ll have to try and look tomorrow. It’s 1am here. Time for bed. :wink:


That’s no fun, the nights just starting on the West Coast! Looking forward to the results.


in localization add classes Hunter, Thief, Frostmage, Shaman and Warpriest
have information on them talents and traits?


Nothing for the week of August 27th. Surely a new kingdom event :wink: .


Another priest? :-/

I can give you the release date:

  • Hunter, 8/31
  • Frostmage, 9/28
  • Thief, 11/02
  • other two, it’s not written


Do you know what kingdoms they go with? That would be helpful for kingdom star-planning.


No but according to the weapon spoilers, I will say:

  • Hunter, Pridelands
  • Frostmage, Glacial Peaks
  • Thief, Darkstone
  • Shaman, Wild Plains or Zaejin
  • Warpriest, Leonis Empire


I thought thief was Black hawk


Thief could be Blackhawk.

Pridelands and Zaejin both need classes to unlock 9 stars for people who didn’t have it under the old criteria. So I’d expect that they’d be coming soonest.

After that, the kingdoms below just need a class to become available in order to unlock 9 stars (they already have 16 troops or are scheduled to before September).

Blighted Lands
Drifting Sands
Glacial Peaks
Leonis Empire
Wild Plains

So I’d believe any of these 10.


A tad counterproductive don’t you think?


The last kingdom until we get a new map in 3.6 it would be.


On a scale of 1 to “Divine troop”: I give it a 4… Stealing mana is sort of ok.


can’t steal mana from a tower


I think the devs wanted to give him some utility beyond simply bashing towers… If i’m not mistaken there is another troop with an useless effect against towers, and Mana Steal is at least not the worst effect to be put on a troop’s spell. At least he steals half his mana back.


It’s still hopeless. Who would ever use a tower-killer other than in Invasion, or boss-killer other than in Raid? All these units are single-target nukes with minimal synergies and questionable secondary effects… not one I can remember has any reason to ever touch again after the week ends…

So it’s utterly daft giving a solely tower-killing troop an effect that doesn’t touch towers… yes the effect kinda works in the earlier stages with non-tower enemies, but those stages are a streak of urine anyway…


I can’t tell if this was intentional. Hilarious either way.


I believe they try to appeal to players that would still use those troops for a while until they get something better.

Is it a wasted effort? Yes, mostly because it’s kind of foolish to expect newish players to use thse troops largely and for the veterans there is a loooooooooooong rotation until you have a chance to use those troops again unlike the Bounties… The “leazy” (lazy+easy) decision to make towers immune to everything ruins the feature more than the devs can realize…


Well for what it’s worth, outside of tower fights Sir Mordaynes spell already is about as powerful as the oldest legendary troops while being cheaper so there’s that.


Thief is probably Skeleton Key in Zaejin. Shaman is almost certainly Spirit Staff in Wild Plains. Cane Sword of Darkstone is the only one I don’t know.


So should there be a gnome hunt this weekend?