(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Those cactus-people are positively succulent.


Their pet version is great as well, they all fit well with Wild West theme, except the Legendary which somehow looks like just a desert monster.

Also, I found this troop deep in the game file, so deep in fact that its release date seems to be 7/3/1999. Wierd… :wink:


They are all angry because hugging earned some traumatic experiences for them… They can’t understand why everyone screams and run from them.


Maybe because those people were spineless?



It needs to be said, you are quite spot on on these puns. My style is a little different, but i appreciate yours.


FYI: Today there was 58 changes to troop spoilers and 1 change to weapon spoilers. :slight_smile:


Snake Charmer Troop Description: Troop Description: Krystara’s first Python programmer.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


I like how on Krystara there are apparently only 6 sins – Lust hasn’t made an appearance yet.


Lots have been told here but I am mostly eager for the Nightmare! I always thought that this game is lacking of Flaming Black Horse! And finally I see that it will be soon in game! <3

Any better picture of this troop?



I’m glad we’re finally getting a Cow troop :cow:


If 6 remains… the new Apocalypse ones may signal the troops that would finally replace either the GW reward or the Guardians in guild chests. :thinking:


Did you click on those? They lead to bigger pictures :slight_smile:


Maybe they will be new Mythic, craftable in Soulforge…


Looks like the Demon Horse outside DIA.


That would be cool.

But then to make sure no one owns any of them immediately, they’ll cost a lot of some kind of new currency, 10 mythic ingots, Zuul’Goth, 10 Major Orb of Ascensions and 10 level 20 copies of Pinguin. Pet type will depend on what’s crafted. Then there will be people on the boards that will defend it.

There has to be a nice way to suggest just using ideas already in the game, like more goals similar to Xathenos or Dawnbringer?


I think Lust is missing but we already saw her visual, so that means 8 new mythics. If they cost the standard price of 4k diamonds, it means 32k diamonds.
Not so easy to get.

They could also need 3 weapons to craft a la Xathenos. So 24 new weapons to craft. It could be nice. I’m still waiting for the Transformer weapons…


Just watch, it’ll probably be a divine nightmare…


Lol that would be funny


Looks like we got a spoiler update. Lots of dates just got filled out (which is really nice!!!). :slight_smile:



hey Taran, any idea what the Water talent tree is for heroes?